GH Update Tuesday 1/13/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/13/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie

Nadine talks about taking on the Equinox Corporation and actually winning. Nadine asks Nikolas if he believes that the IRS will drop the audit. Nikolas says that the senators promised to take care of everything.

Claudia says that Sonny can have everything as soon as he gets rid of Jason. Sonny asks Claudia if being at his right hand is a good place to run things.

Diane tells Bernie to find out everything he can. Maxie tells Spinelli that Jason will fix it and they will get him out of there.

Jason tells Agent Rayner that if he wants to come after him, then leave Spinelli out of it. Agent Rayner says that they want Jason to give them Sonny and Anthony or Spinelli goes away for life.

Emma starts crying and Patrick gets up with her. Patrick says that they can’t keep doing it.

Nadine says that she couldn’t have done any of it without Nikolas. Nikolas asks Nadine what she would do if she were offered a position by the transition team.

Anthony shows up to see Sonny. Anthony says that he was about to get Johnny back home and Sonny blew it, and he lost a valuable shipment. Sonny says that shipments don’t belong to Anthony anymore and that he is just along for the ride. Anthony says that Sonny has 24 hours to take care of what has to be done and Sonny says that he does things on his time table. Anthony says that Sonny has to kill Jason because it is the code they live by in their business.

Agent Rayner says that Spinelli can walk out a free man if Jason provides them with the information they need on Sonny and Anthony.

Diane says that she is certain that Spinelli isn’t the FBI’s primary target. Maxie says that Diane has to get Spinelli out of there. Maxie apologizes to Spinelli for what she said to him. Spinelli says that he brought this entire disaster upon himself.

Agent Rayner says that they want to know whatever it takes to bring Sonny and Anthony down and then Spinelli would be free and clear while they decide their next assignment. Agent Rayner says that Spinelli is about to be transferred to a federal prison and they can hold him indefinitely, so this is Jason’s only chance to save him.

Nadine says that she would have to consider the position because it’s not often that they get a chance to serve their country, but she isn’t holding her breath. Nadine says that she likes her life the way it is. Nadine asks Nikolas to be her date to the hospital fundraiser that Carly is spearheading. Nikolas says that he would love to, but he wasn’t planning on going. Nikolas says that normally he would jump at a fundraiser, but it falls on Emily’s birthday. Nikolas says that Emily would tell him to do something positive to remember her, so he would love to take her to the benefit.

Lucky helps Carly get her groceries into the house and they talk about Jax. Lucky says that he and Liz are taking the boys to watch the Parade of Lights. Carly gives Lucky a bag of cookies to take to the boys. Lucky leaves and gets back to Liz and tells her that Carly gave them cookies. Liz says that she hopes that Carly and Jax can work things out.

Anthony says that Jason has to die. Claudia says that she has been calling for Jason’s head too. Anthony says that Claudia is useless and tells her to get out. Sonny tells Anthony not to talk to his wife like that. Sonny says that he will take care of Jason when he thinks it is best. Anthony suggests that Sonny is trying to sabotage him.

Jason says that he will give a full confession and will go to prison, but Spinelli is to be let go. Agent Rayner says that Jason is no good to them in prison. Jason says that he will give them Anthony, but not Sonny. Agent Rayner says that now that Sonny is working with Anthony, what condemns one condemns the other.

Maxie says that they can’t take Spinelli to prison. Diane comes up and says that she is getting a court order because the evidence they have was obtained illegally. Agent Rayner comes up and says that Spinelli is free to go.

Patrick says that Emma went right to sleep after her bottle. Robin says that Emma always behaves for her daddy. Robin says that it is all about being a new mom and that she read about a school of thought that you should let a baby cry for a reasonable amount of time. Patrick says that you should when they are going to sleep, but when they are waking up they either need to be changed or fed, or just held. Patrick tells Robin to get a checkup because if it isn’t postpartum, it might be something else. Robin says that she thinks they should move.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he doesn’t need monitoring or supervision. Maxie says that she doesn’t want Spinelli to be alone. Maxie says that Spinelli goes out of his way to help people, especially her. Spinelli says that he is afraid he has put Jason in a most untenable and compromised position.

Sonny says that the last thing he is going to do is jeopardize his own interest, which happen to be Anthony’s interests too. Sonny says that he knows enough about when to handle Jason. Sonny says that he isn’t going to let Anthony waste valuable resources trying to bring Johnny home, when he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Sonny tells Max that Anthony is ready to go home and spend some quality time with his flowers. Anthony leaves and Claudia says that her father isn’t going to stop until Sonny gets rid of Jason.

Jason shows up at Carly’s and says that he needs her help. Jason asks Carly to help him start brokering some type of peace and asks her to set up a meeting with Sonny there tonight.

Robin says that the apartment is smothering her and that if they move, everything will be better and she can breathe again. Robin suggests that Patrick listen to her more instead of trying to fix her and she will be happier and things will be a lot more comfortable.

Spinelli says that he is a dupe because Winnifred was working for the FBI and is now privy to his every deed. Spinelli says that he has never been so scared in his life. Maxie says that she was jealous of Winnifred.

Liz and Lucky spend time with the kids and Sam shows up. Lucky says that he needs to help Liz get Cameron home, but would like to come by Sam’s later. Sam says that he better call first, because she has some things she has to follow up on. Sam says that she is worried about Spinelli and thinks that he might be in trouble with the FBI. Sam says that she will call Lucky later and leaves. Lucky says that he is having a great time and isn’t going to let anything ruin it.

Carly asks if there is any way that Jason can go to Sonny on his own, but Jason says that he can’t. Jason says that Sonny will accept Carly as a go-between. Carly says that she would jump in front of a train to save Jason, but this is her last chance to try and save her marriage. Carly says that it would cost her too much if she canceled with Jax to save Jason and Sonny this time. Jason apologizes for bringing it up and says that it isn’t her problem because she deserves her own life. Carly says that she knows that Jason can fix it. Jax shows up and Carly says that she chose him instead of Jason and Sonny.

Sonny says that Jason couldn’t have picked a worse time to take a stand. Claudia asks if Sonny would go after the person if it wasn’t someone he knew. Sonny says that he would plan an effective response, which is what he is doing right now. Claudia says that if Sonny doesn’t go after Jason, then he becomes the target because that is how her dad works when he doesn’t get what he wants. Sonny asks why Claudia is warning him because they’re not close. Claudia says that what she has is a lot better than what she had before and she would like to keep it that way. Claudia says that Anthony doesn’t want to fight with Sonny because he needs someone that he can trust. Claudia says that the confrontation with Jason is a test and if Sonny passes, he can pretty much write his own ticket.

Jax says that he doesn’t think they will have a very good evening if they can’t talk about what happened with Jason. Carly says that she didn’t want to get sucked into whatever is going on with Jason and Sonny. Carly says that Jason wanted her to set up a meeting between him and Sonny, but it is Jason and Sonny’s problem and they have to fix it. Carly says that her life used to be about Sonny and Jason, but now she wants it to be about them.

Maxie says that she thought Spinelli found someone he liked better than her. Spinelli says that no one could ever replace Maxie in his affections. Maxie says that she overreacted and selfishly tried to undermine his friendship with Winnifred by having sex with him to get attention. Maxie says that she couldn’t imagine starting her day if she didn’t think he would be there to go through it with her. Sam shows up and asks if everything is okay. Spinelli says that he was faced with indefinite imprisonment for crimes that he did commit, but Jason saved him.

Diane says that Agent Rayner owes her an explanation and asks if there will be further action against Spinelli or Jason. Agent Rayner says that they have been released and the investigations are ongoing. Diane asks what deal Jason made to get Spinelli released. Agent Rayner says that Diane’s job is to remind Jason of what is at stake.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks Jason what he is there to say. Jason says that he has made allowance for Sonny, but cannot make excuses for him anymore. Jason says that if Sonny doesn’t step down from the Zacchara organization, Jason can’t save him.

Robin and Patrick look at a house near Elizabeth’s.

Maxie says that after Spinelli was arrested, she wanted to find Jason, so she called Sam. Spinelli suggests that the FBI twisted Jason’s arm into doing something unthinkable. Sam says that Spinelli needs to learn how to let his friends take care of him. Maxie says that Spinelli needs to stop worrying. Spinelli says that if Jason made a bargain with the FBI, it could irrevocably impact their future.

Carly tells Jax that she ordered a meal of appetizers. Jax says that he wants Carly to know that he appreciates Carly turning Jason down. Carly says that she chose what is important in her life, and that is Jax.

Sonny says that he now has to treat Jason like a competitor or an enemy who would put him in a bad position. Sonny says that he knows a lot more than he taught Jason. Jason says that Sonny put himself in the position when he went against his own organization to join the Zaccharas. Jason says that as long as this is Sonny’s choice, he doesn’t owe it to him to protect him anymore.

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