GH Update Monday 1/12/09

General Hospital Update Monday 1/12/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Laurie

Spinelli is arrested. Maxie tells the FBI agents to let Spinelli go. The agents tell Spinelli that he is a threat to national security.

Nadine signs over the patent to Nikolas. Nikolas tells the Senate panel that he doesn’t want to allow Equinox to use the patent anymore.

Claudia tells Sonny that he should stay away from Jason’s territory. Claudia threatens that Anthony won’t be too happy. Jason appears and tells Sonny to back off.

Maxie goes to the police department. Maxie yells at Mac for having Spinelli arrested. Mac says that he doesn’t know what Maxie is talking about. Mac says that it is an FBI matter. Winnifred shows up. Maxie thinks Winnifred set up Spinelli.

Jax and Alexis discuss his divorce. Jax wants to stop the divorce so he can work things out with Carly. Carly tells Diane the same thing - that she wants to work on her marriage with Jax. Alexis tells Jax that she doesn’t want him getting hurt again.

The Senate panel isn’t interested in Nikolas’ immigration problems. They want Equinox to be able to use the patent. The panel questions Nikolas’ motives.

On the waterfront, Sam runs into Elizabeth and Cameron. Elizabeth says that she is meeting Lucky here. They hear an explosion and look out towards the water.

Jason asks Sonny what he is doing. Sonny threatens that Jason should back off because he is not going anywhere.

Carly tells Diane that she has no intentions of going back to Sonny. Diane isn’t convinced. Jax shows up. Jax tells Carly that he wants to delay the divorce, which pleases Carly.

Sam asks Elizabeth if she is worried that Jason was on the ship that blew up. Elizabeth states that her and Jason are over. Sam leaves.

Claudia thinks that they should leave before the cops show up. Jason asks Sonny for a compromise. Jason doesn’t want to jeopardize his men. Claudia announces that everything is Jason’s fault. Claudia explains that Jason helped take Sonny’s children away from him. Claudia says that Jason shouldn’t be surprised that Sonny wants his territory back.

Maxie confronts Winnifred. Spinelli is led into the interrogation room. Maxie begs Mac to help Spinelli. Spinelli realizes that Winnifred is there. Winnifred explains to Maxie that Spinelli is a threat to national security. Outraged, Maxie slaps Winnifred. Winnifred says that she was just doing her job. Maxie is disgusted that Winnifred would take advantage of Spinelli’s friendship. Agent Rayner tells Spinelli that he is accused of espionage and high treason.

Lucky shows up at the waterfront. Elizabeth tells him that Sam went to go find out about the ship explosion.

Sonny tells Jason that he offered him a sign of peace, but Jason doesn’t want to hear it. Jason thinks that Sonny betrayed their alliance. Maxie calls Sam. Maxie says that Spinelli is in trouble. Sam finds Jason. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli needs his help.

Tracy questions Luke about her bank account. Luke looks confused. Tracy brings up Sonny and the imminent mob war. Tracy says that she doesn’t want Luke to get involved in the matter.

Carly admits that she told Diane to stretch out the divorce proceedings. Jax states that he still loves Carly. Carly comments that they have a lot in common. Carly begs Jax to give their marriage another try. Jax says that they need to be honest with each other.

Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli is at the police department. Jason promises Maxie that he will fix the situation. Sam explains that Agent Rayner was asking about Spinelli. Maxie runs into Diane. Maxie wants Diane to get the charges against Spinelli dropped.

Sonny questions why Claudia wants to go after Jason now. Claudia brings up that Sonny will look weak if he doesn’t send Jason a message.

Luke states that he isn’t involved in Sonny’s business dealings. Tracy admits that the reason she’s worried is because she cares about Luke. Tracy adds that Luke is the best thing that ever happened to her and she doesn’t want to lose him. Luke is touched by her loving words. Luke and Tracy kiss.

Sonny explains that him and Jason weren’t fighting until Claudia pushed him (Sonny) to make a move. Claudia says that she is cunning. Claudia mentions that her father expects Sonny to retaliate against Jason. Sonny is unsure of what to do. Claudia tells Sonny that he has no choice but to retaliate if he wants to be in charge of the Zacchara family business.

Winnifred explains to Maxie that this was her first field assignment. Winnifred says that she had no idea how it would end up. Maxie defends Spinelli.

Spinelli asks Agent Rayner why he is being detained if the agent doesn’t want a confession. Alexis tells Diane to look out for Spinelli, her client. Jason shows up at the police station. Alexis says that Spinelli is in big trouble. Diane says the same thing.

Nikolas is mad that Equinox is profiting from the war. The Senate panel thinks that Nikolas will sell the patent for a huge payoff. Nadine interjects.

Jax and Carly talk about their favorite memories together. Carly suggests that they have dinner together. Jax wants to know if Carly is cooking, which makes the two of them laugh.

Nadine reveals to the Senate panel that her former boyfriend served in the military. Nadine doesn’t want Equinox to profit from her aunt’s patent. Nadine asks the panel to protect her rights as a US citizen. The panel agrees with Nadine and decides in her favor.

Elizabeth, Lucky, and Cameron enjoy a family moment.

Claudia tells Sonny that Jason is taking advantage of him. Claudia thinks that Jason is a threat and needs to be taken care of.

Maxie wants Spinelli to be released. Agent Rayner says that he needs to speak to Jason. Maxie promises Spinelli that he will be okay. Spinelli admits that he is scared. Jason is furious that Spinelli is arrested. Agent Rayner tells Jason that he can help Spinelli if Jason gives up some information.

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