GH Update Friday 1/9/09

General Hospital Update Friday 1/9/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax and Carly meet with Alexis and Diane regarding the divorce. Diane says the “process” will be “long and tedious.”

On the Haunted Star, Sonny tells Luke he’s landing a shipment in Jason’s territory. Sonny says Jason will soon “give in” or give up. Sonny says he’ll take over bit by bit until he takes back all that Jason controls.

Claudia goes to the PCPD to see Johnny. Johnny says he wants no “help” from Claudia or Sonny. Claudia says she just wants John to help himself.

Spinelli is at Maxie’s apartment. He seems happy about the night they spent together. Maxie says nobody can “come between” them, especially Winnifred.

Winnifred is with agent Rayner. He assures Winnifred she won’t be sorry for getting the goods on Spinelli.

At Maxie’s, Spinelli realizes he was manipulated. Spinelli says Maxie used him as “a means to a selfish end.”

Nadine and Nik arrive in Washington for the hearing. Nadine is nervous and Nik tries his best to help.

Jax says he doesn’t want to “hurt Carly.” Diane says they must examine the finances “with a magnifying glass.” Jax is surprised that the process will be a long one. Alexis says Jax can make the divorce happen quickly, if he calls Carly on her failures.

Sonny and Luke discuss Sonny’s plan on the Haunted Star. Luke wonders how Sonny will run his organization as well as Jason’s.

At the PCPD, Claudia says Johnny doesn’t have many choices. John says the family won’t control him. The two argue about Lulu.

Back at Maxie’s, Spinelli calls Maxie on her manipulation. Maxie says she was merely “reminding” Spinelli of their “connection.” Spinelli is clearly hurt by Maxie’s betrayal. Spinelli resents that Maxie finds him “childlike.” Maxie says Spinelli doesn’t understand what people are capable of. She reminds Spinelli that the person he looks up to most is a criminal. Maxie insists Winnifred is “taking advantage of” Spinelli’s naivety. Spinelli is hurt and insulted by Maxie’s words.

Back in Washington, Nadine is uncertain about going through with the meeting. Nik says they can cancel the meeting. Nadine says she’d best go through with it.

Jax wonders why Alexis wants him to “drag Carly through the mud.” Alexis says it would be quicker if they “put their cards on the table.” Diane and Alexis bicker. Carly sits quietly. Diane is unhappy that Alexis is doing her best to put distance between Jax and Carly, rather than reconcile them. Alexis brings up Carly’s infidelity. Carly admits to being a failure but insists she loves Jax.

Back on the Haunted Star, Luke tries to advise Sonny on his possible new power. Luke says “the Feds” will be looking closely at Sonny. Luke asks Sonny if he can help Johnny in any way.

At the PCPD, Johnny notices that Claudia is tense. Claudia tells Johnny about the DVD’s Jerry planted. Johnny worries for Claudia’s safety. He advises Claudia to leave the country. Johnny says he will “lose Lulu forever” when the truth about the shooting comes out. Claudia is annoyed that Johnny is only concerned about Lulu. Lulu arrives.

Luke fills Sonny in on the “set up” with Johnny. Luke says he feels loyal to Johnny since they are partners in the casino. Sonny says it’s complicated for him to help out.

At the PCPD, Lulu says she’ll “support” whatever Johnny decides regarding the family. Lulu is suspicious that Claudia needs Johnny to help her out of trouble.

Back in Alexis’ office, Carly insists she never intentionally hurt Jax. She apologizes for her weaknesses regarding Sonny. Carly says she regrets that she “destroyed Jax’s faith” in her and their life. Carly leaves the office.

Spinelli is still with Maxie. Maxie says she didn’t “use” Spinelli. Spinelli says Maxie has continued to manipulate him. He says Maxie “initiated sex” so she could keep Spinelli’s “devotion.” Maxie is hurt by Spinelli’s words.

Back on the Haunted Star, Luke says he “understands” Sonny’s position. Luke says he can figure something out. Sonny says he “owes” Johnny and he has a change of heart about helping.

Maxie says she could find any “computer nerd” if that’s what she wanted. She claims to have “felt sorry” for Spinelli and only “put up with” him because of Georgie. Maxie claims she “slept with” Spinelli because she felt nobody else “ever would.” Maxie says she’s finished with Spinelli and suggests he goes to Winnifred. Spinelli leaves. Maxie sobs after Spinelli closes the door.

Nadine and Nik take the meeting in Washington. Nadine is told she’s caused “a production shut down.” Nadine says no company can use the invention “to kill people.”

Back in Alexis’ office, Diane is not happy. Diane is upset that Alexis made things worse. Alexis says Jax and Carly will most likely reconcile their differences. Alexis fears Carly will never cut ties with Sonny.

Carly runs into Jax at the hotel. Jax apologizes for Alexis’ behavior. Jax says he doesn’t “doubt” that Carly loves him.

At the PCPD, Lulu says Johnny must take care of his own “problems,” not Claudia’s. Johnny is informed that he’s being “released.” Lulu says Luke is responsible. Claudia says Anthony will be furious with Luke.

Back in Washington, Nadine is told she should make sure our soldiers are protected. Nadine says Equinox shouldn’t make money from the war. Nadine is told she is “close to violating federal law.” Nik claims to have “a solution.”

Back at the hotel, Jax says he and Carly can be “friends” once the divorce is final. Carly says she’ll take Jax up on his offer but she will always love him. Carly leaves. Jax phones Alexis and says he’s on his way to see her.

Sonny meets with Claudia. She tells him about Johnny and wonders if he’s responsible. Sonny admits he did it because Luke asked and because he owed Johnny. Claudia warns Sonny about the wrath of Anthony. Claudia says she “owes” Sonny for helping Johnny.

Maxie sits at home and reminisces about the time she spent with Spinelli. She remembers the birthday journal he made for her.

Johnny and Lulu get home. Lulu can see how upset Maxie is. Maxie says she will “fix everything” as she rushes out of the apartment.

Nikolas tells Nadine he can control the patent with her signature. Nik says his “resources” will help him “fight” for what Nadine wants. Nik informs the panel that he is now in charge.

Diane meets with Carly at the hotel.

At the same time, Jax meets with Alexis in her office. Jax tells Alexis to “stall the divorce.”

At the hotel, Carly instructs Diane to “drag the divorce out as long as possible.”

Jax tells Alexis that he doesn’t want the divorce from Carly.

Carly tells Diane she and Jax “need time” to mend things.

Jax assures Alexis that he and Carly are still in love.

Diane reminds Carly that the longevity of the process will be expensive. Carly says her love for Jax isn’t worth giving up.

Tracy visits Luke on the Haunted Star. Tracy says she was upset to see Luke with Sonny earlier. Luke tells Tracy to curtail “policing” his “activities.

Still outside on the docks, Sonny tells Claudia to “support” him “in the organization.” He tells her to continue to cooperate in their marriage. Sonny says that’s all the payback he needs. Claudia notices a ship heading toward Jason’s “territory.” Claudia warns Sonny about “challenging” Jason. Suddenly there’s an explosion out on the water.

Maxie finds Spinelli on the docks. Suddenly two FBI agents appear – they arrest Spinelli for violating the Homeland Security Act and treason. Maxie watches in horror as Spinelli is arrested.

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