GH Update Thursday 1/8/09

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/8/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

On the docks, Ric warns Luke to keep away from Anthony.

Lucky stops Sam as she storms off after seeing him at home with Liz. Lucky explains the reason for Liz’s visit. Sam seems to understand. Sam leaves. Lucky goes back into the house.

At the hotel, Jax pressures Olivia about “testing” the pool.

Carly is still at Sonny’s. Sonny says he’s “hurt” because Carly and Jason “shut” him out.

Back on the pier, Ric continues to warn Luke. Luke threatens to tell Anthony about their present conversation. Ric advises Luke to keep out of Anthony’s “way.” Ric leaves so Luke tells Lulu to come out of hiding. Luke promises the fight to save John is not over.

Jax continues to flirt with Olivia at the hotel. He suggests they take an airplane trip. Alexis arrives.

Back at Sonny’s, Carly suggests that Sonny “work things out with Jason.” Sonny says it’s very complicated. He says he felt slighted because Carly turned to Jason when Michael was shot. Sonny says he’s still hurt that Carly and Jason worked together to take the kids away from him.

Nadine and Nik wait for Alexis at her office. Alexis arrives and says Nadine has a hearing in Washington in a few hours with two senators. Alexis says Nadine just has to explain her side of the story. Nadine says she “can’t” do it.

Liz goes through Lucky’s receipts at the house. Lucky’s organization leaves a lot to be desired. Liz wonders the status with Sam and Lucky. Lucky fears Sam and Jason are “involved” in something dangerous. Lucky says he isn’t interested in living through another “crisis.” Liz wonders if Lucky has “doubts” about his relationship with Sam.

Sam goes to see Maxie at the apartment. Maxie confides in Sam about Winnifred. Sam seems a bit suspicious but she wonders if Maxie is simply jealous. Maxie is sure her suspicions about Winnifred are correct.

Sonny and Carly continue their talk at his house. Carly apologizes for making Sonny feel “hurt and alone.” She admits to blaming Sonny for the shooting. Sonny clearly still blames himself for the shooting. Carly says everyone is to blame and they must all find forgiveness. Carly regrets that she and Sonny couldn’t turn to each other back then. She offers to try and “help” Sonny in the present. While helping Carly retrieve something she dropped, Sonny finds a DVD on the floor.

Back in Alexis’ office, Nadine is nervous about the meeting. Nik promises to help as best he can. Nik says he will accompany Nadine to Washington. Alexis says Nadine will seem credible since she’s bypassing all the money she’s been offered for the patent. Nadine heads to GH before the Washington trip. Nik offers to buy Nadine a suit for the meeting. Nadine thanks Alexis and leaves. Alexis asks Nik about his relationship with Nadine.

Maxie tells Sam she will use sex to fight Winnifred. Sam suggests that Maxie confide her fears in Jason. Maxie asks Sam to talk to Jason and Sam agrees. Sam tells Maxie not to do anything regrettable in the meantime.

Spinelli meets up with Winnifred on the pier. Winnifred is giddy, as usual. Spinelli says he doesn’t want to mislead Winnifred.

Sonny puts the DVD back where he thinks it belongs. Carly makes fun of Sonny’s neatness. Carly tells Sonny about a “fund” to help children with head injuries that she plans to start. Sonny agrees to “double” Jax’s contribution. Carly says she’ll be hosting a party soon and all the details will be forthcoming. Carly thanks Sonny and leaves.

Back in her office, Alexis grills Nikolas about Nadine. Nik admits that Nadine helped him accept the loss of Emily. Nik says Nadine “convinced” him to have the brain surgery. Alexis notes that Nadine “is in love with” Nikolas. Nik says he “cares” very much for Nadine. Alexis says she’s not one to give relationship “advice.” Nik says he has no way of knowing where things will go with Nadine. Alexis warns Nik about misleading Nadine. Nik says he may never love another woman.

At the hotel, Jax again asks Olivia to take a jet ride with him. Olivia says Jax is trying to use her for “a distraction” from the divorce. Carly returns and Jax calls her on seeing Sonny.

Spinelli is still with Winnifred. Winnifred says she has no confidence outside of the computer world. Winnifred wonders if Spinelli is already sick of her. Spinelli says he really does like Winnifred. Spinelli says he “admires” Winnifred. He says he enjoys her company but he won’t “ever feel anything romantic” toward her. Spinelli says his heart belongs to Maxie. Just at that moment, Maxie calls and asks Spinelli to come over to the apartment.

At the hotel, Jax says he figured out where Carly went without Olivia’s help. Olivia leaves. Carly tells Jax why she went to see Sonny. Jax feels silly when Carly says she talked to Sonny about “fund” in the name of Michael. Jax says they have a meeting with the lawyers to discuss the divorce.

Diane goes to see Alexis. The ladies bicker about their clients. Alexis says it’s difficult to see Jax so broken hearted. Diane thinks they should try to get Jax and Carly to reconcile.

Trevor goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Trevor calls Luke on the meeting with Ric. Trevor asks Luke to leave things alone with Johnny and Anthony. Sonny arrives as Trevor is giving Luke a warning.

Spinelli arrives at Maxie’s place. Maxie apologizes for upsetting Spinelli. Maxie claims to have newfound feelings for Spinelli. She makes a move on Spinelli and he happily reciprocates.

Back at Alexis’ office, Diane says Carly and Jax will end up together eventually. Alexis hesitantly agrees. Carly and Jax arrive.

Maxie leads Spinelli into her bedroom. Spinelli wonders if Maxie is sure she wants to take this step. Maxie says she is.

Meanwhile on the pier, Rayner tells Winnifred he has proof that Spinelli “hacked his way into classified government data bases,” among other things. Winnifred says she doesn’t think Spinelli is “a threat to national security.” She insists Spinelli is “sweet” and “harmless.” Rayner says Spinelli “is a means to an end.” He says Spinelli will be used to “bring down” Sonny.

Luke explains the Johnny situation with Sonny. Trevor is still there. Sonny and Luke play a game of cards. Trevor says Sonny totally blew it by letting Kate get away. Trevor says Claudia is perfect for Sonny. He says they are both “angry and selfish.” Trevor warns Sonny that Claudia will get the best of him in the end. Trevor leaves the Haunted Star. Sonny wonders why Luke is still in town. Luke says he can’t leave Tracy. Sonny offers to run the Haunted Star if Luke leaves town. Luke asks Sonny about the “rumor” he’s heard regarding pier 52. “Tonight I take back what belongs to me,” Sonny says.

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