GH Update Wednesday 1/7/09

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/7/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Laurie

Maxie tells Kate that she overnighted the proofs and sent her article to the printer.

Spinelli tells Winnifred that it is awesome to finally meet someone that speaks his language.

Luke and Lulu show up to see Johnny. Johnny assumes that Luke wants him to stay away from Lulu, but Luke says that he gave that up. Lulu says that Luke wants to help. Johnny says that he was framed by the best and Luke tells him to sit down because he is looking at the best.

Sonny says to land the shipment on Pier 52. Max reminds Sonny that Pier 52 is Jason’s territory. Max asks if Sonny would retaliate if he was in Jason’s place.

Luke says that he needs the dirty details. Johnny says that he cut ties with his family and Anthony is going to make it next to impossible for him to walk away. Johnny says that he doesn’t have an alibi and he punched a wall after a job interview that didn’t go well. Lulu says that Luke will be able to turn it around.

Spinelli says that Winnifred is the only person who understands the cyber world. Maxie comes up and says that Winnifred is playing Spinelli. Spinelli pledges to repay Winnifred for helping him whenever she asks. Maxie says that Winnifred probably hacked into Spinelli’s computer herself and that is why she could fix it. Spinelli says that Maxie has gone too far.

Max says that if Sonny keeps pushing Jason, Jason will push back. Sonny says that Jason wants all the power and not to fight. Diane comes in with Sonny’s post-nuptial agreement between him and Claudia and her letter of resignation. Sonny asks if Diane is siding with Jason against him.

Carly says that the spa renovation is complete because the lighting problem has been fixed. Jax says that the Bella Rosa marble will probably end up being paid for by him. Carly asks if that is how he is going to be through their entire disposition of assets. Jax says that he wants to have a meeting with the spa staff and thinks that they should both be there. Carly asks Jax if he is up for a dip in the pool. Jax realizes that Carly pushed so hard for the renovation so that she could race him in the new pool. Carly says that she believes that Jax is scared, but he says that he isn’t. Olivia shows up for her first day of work.

Luke and Elizabeth talk about Johnny being in lock-up. Luke tries to get information from Elizabeth about Carl Pervis. Elizabeth tells Luke and Lulu that Mr. Pervis is in room 1014 and visiting hours just started.

Spinelli and Maxie disagree about Winnifred. Maxie suggests that they go, but Spinelli says that he has further things to talk about with Winnifred. Maxie says that she thought Spinelli was smarter than this and Spinelli says that he thought Maxie was better than this.

Carly says that it is great to have Olivia on board. Jax says that Olivia is working for him directly and is the new operations manager. Olivia says that she wants to double check that the wiring issue has been dealt with before they send guests to the spa. Carly says that it is obvious that Jax is using Olivia to get to her and asks if Olivia is going to let him.

Max says that Diane can’t walk out now because she is the best lawyer that Sonny has ever had. Sonny says that Diane is the best and he will be sorry to lose her. Diane says that Sonny is smart enough to know why she needs to do it. Sonny asks why she is picking Jason over Sonny. Diane say that the conflict arose with Jason. Sonny asks if there is something going on with Jason that he should know about.

Winnifred shows up to see Maxie. Maxie says that Winnifred is delusional if she thinks that Maxie is going to stand on the sidelines while she helps herself to Spinelli.

Lucky says that he really needs Liz’s help. Lucky says that he is trying to do his taxes. Liz goes through Lucky’s receipts and says that some of them are from 2004. Liz says that they will tackle the situation together and Lucky thanks her.

Olivia says that everyone is using someone for something. Carly says that she and Jax are at the point in their divorce where they are splitting everything up. Carly says that it bothers her that Jax is trying to take her friendship with Olivia away. Max comes in and tells Carly that there could be some trouble with Sonny.

Diane says that she can’t say anything about Jason without violating attorney-client privilege. Sonny says that he was shut out and didn’t have anywhere else to go, so he made an alliance with someone else. Diane says that Jason is the easier client.

Ric says that he is there monitoring Johnny’s situation and hoping that he would be reasonable. Johnny says that he hasn’t changed his answer and he isn’t crawling back to his father. Ric gets a call from Carl Pervis. “Carl” says that if Ric doesn’t meet him at the Elm Street Pier in 15 minutes, he will tell the cops what really happened.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Winnifred was there and definitely has ulterior motives. Maxie says that Winnifred told her that if she tries to come between them, she would regret it. Spinelli says that it is disheartening that Maxie would come up with such a terrible and hurtful lie.

Liz and Lucky talk about him claiming Jake on his taxes.

Carly asks if Sonny is in some kind of trouble. Olivia says that she is going to check out the specs. Max says that trouble could be coming to Sonny tonight because he is landing another shipment on Jason’s piers. Carly says that she caused it because she convinced Jason to help get the boys away from Sonny. Carly says that she will talk to him and Max thanks her. Carly tells Olivia that she has to take care of something and asks Olivia not to offer up information about Max coming to talk to her about Sonny because it would make things worse.

Liz and Lucky play a video game.

Luke says that he wants Carl to remember that someone else beat him up or he will take it to the D.A. Ric and Luke argue about what the D.A. would think.

Maxie says that Winnifred was there and threatened her. Spinelli says that the lies are unbecoming. Maxie asks why anyone would want to be Spinelli’s grasshopper and Spinelli asks if it is really so impossible to fathom. Maxie says that she wants Spinelli to stay away from Winnifred.

Jax and Olivia talk about him not telling Carly that he hired her. Olivia tells Jax that Carly won’t be at the spa staff meeting because she got called away and that there should be a message at the front desk. Jax says that there are only 2 reasons that Carly would miss the staff meeting and that is either something happened to Morgan or she went to see Sonny.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s. Carly says that she wants to talk to him about a project she is working on to honor Michael. Carly says that they need to talk about what is going on between him and Jason first.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she is going to win this round. Sam comes in and leaves and Lucky tries to stop her.

Maxie swears to Spinelli that Winnifred was there and did threaten her. Spinelli says that Winnifred has given him no reason to doubt her. Maxie says that if Spinelli were really her friend, he would believe her and stay away from Winnifred. Spinelli says that he doesn’t choose her friends and she doesn’t choose his. Maxie says that it is time for Spinelli to choose, her or Winnifred.

Jax tells Olivia to go to the boutique and get a bikini and meet him at the pool, but she refuses. Jax says that the spa was just completed and the pool needs to be inspected before it’s open to the public.

Carly says that Sonny can make peace with Jason by walking away from the alliance with the Zaccharas. Sonny says that all Jason has to do is allow him back into the organization. Sonny says that it is pretty clear where Carly’s loyalties lie and that either she is with him or against him.

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