GH Update Tuesday 1/6/09

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/6/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Spinelli complains about someone violating his computer. Winnifred comes up and says that he looks very intent on his task.

Ric tells Johnny that the only options are either to serve time for assault or reconcile with Anthony. Lulu tells Johnny not to trust Ric because he is working on Anthony’s orders.

Patrick comes back with a present for Emma and asks Robin what she is doing. Robin says that she is never getting her body back and will be fat and ugly for the rest of her life. Patrick says that Robin is beautiful and asks her what is wrong.

Jax argues with an engineer about the power outage. Jax says that he can’t afford for it to happen again and Olivia asks if they checked for plumbing leaks.

Jerry tells Claudia that she will sleep sounder when she has found the DVD. Carly walks in and says that she is there to see Sonny. Claudia asks who told Carly that she could come barging into her house.

Luke tells Mike that he and Bobbie would like him to oversee the rebuilding of Kelly’s. Luke and Mike talk about Sonny paying for the diner being rebuilt. Luke asks Mike if they can make the diner a mob-free zone. Mike says that the mob is the least of their problems.

Johnny and Ric talk about him allegedly assaulting some guy after an interview. Johnny says that he got the bruise on his hand from punching a wall. Johnny says that he wishes he would have hit the guy who was interviewing him because it would have hurt a lot less. An officer says that he needs to take Johnny for fingerprinting and processing. Ric tells Johnny that he is the ticket out of there.

Sam says that if Maxie needs to talk about a relationship thing, she may do more harm than good. Maxie says that it isn’t about romance, it is about Spinelli. Maxie says that Spinelli is such a good target for Winnifred because he is so sweet and innocent. Maxie tells Sam that Winnifred is stalking Spinelli.

Winnifred realizes that there is a real “stone cold” and not just the star of the video game. Spinelli tells Winnifred about Jason. Spinelli says that certain events in the game imitate the disaster at the Metro Court.

The engineer says that the problem is electrical and has nothing to do with pipes. Olivia says that when she ran the parts department at the auto dealership they had 3 power failures and it was a leaky water pipe causing the wires to short out. Jax says that he is sure Olivia won’t be wrong. Alexis comes in and talks to Jax about the divorce.

Carly says that the house is more hers than it will ever be Claudia’s. Claudia says that she just got off the phone with the Salvation Army because she is redecorating and getting rid of the drapes. Carly asks if Claudia cleared it with Sonny because he is picky about how his house is decorated. Claudia tells Carly to get out.

Nikolas says that he has a board meeting and thought he would stop in and say hello to Nadine. Nikolas sees a notice from the IRS saying that anything owned and assigned to Nadine has been frozen and she is being audited. Nikolas says that he will get his attorney’s to handle it. Nadine says that she is not giving the Equinox Corporation the patent.

Maxie and Sam talk about Spinelli and Winnifred. Sam says that Maxie should be happy for Spinelli and maybe it isn’t such a bad thing. Maxie says that it is a disaster and that Winnifred is too needy. Sam says that Maxie might end up pushing Spinelli right into Winnifred’s arms. Maxie says that she cares about Spinelli and doesn’t want to lose him.

Robin says that when she was watching Sonny holding Emma, it reminded her of how fragile children really are and about Michael when he was a little boy. Robin says that she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened to Emma.

Luke says that Kelly’s was never as mob-free as Bobbie would like to pretend. Mike suggests that hiring him back might be counterproductive, but Luke says that he and Bobbie are both very happy about the way he run the place. Mike says that he will do his best to keep it mob-free, but can’t promise that there won’t be the occasional situation. Mike asks about Luke’s wife and Luke says that Tracy forgave him and let him back in the house. Mike says that he meant Laura and Luke tells him to go to work.

Carly says that she is going to sit on the couch she picked out because she is there to talk to Sonny. Claudia says that Carly can’t stand the idea of Sonny with another woman.

Nadine and Nikolas talk about her being audited. Alexis shows up and Nikolas asks her how she would feel about taking on the U.S. Government.

Winnifred says that The Jackal is extraordinary. Spinelli reveals that he has been hacked. Winnifred suggests that they could devise a means to find Spinelli’s hacker’s intent. Maxie comes up and says that the stalking has to stop.

Patrick and Robin talk about her hormones and Patrick suggests they talk to Kelly about it. Patrick suggests that maybe Robin is suffering from postpartum depression because she has been all over the place emotionally. Patrick says that he is concerned and Robin tells him to drop it.

Claudia and Carly talk about Carly’s loyalty to Jason. Claudia says that Carly manipulated Jason into taking over so that she could punish Sonny for what happened to Michael. Carly tells Claudia not to bring Michael into it. Claudia says that Sonny is in a position to take Jason down and Carly is running around panicked trying to stop it from happening. Carly says that Sonny only married Claudia to gain access to the Zacchara muscle and that Sonny would never be able to hurt Jason. Claudia says that Sonny will eliminate Jason. Claudia says that Carly is the reason that Sonny and Jason are enemies.

Olivia talks to Jax about being able to check out job listings, send her resume and set up an interview without leaving the lobby. The engineer tells Jax that Olivia was right and a leak shorted out the power line. Jax hires Olivia!

Ric says that it will be a while until Johnny is processed and that Lulu might want to leave and come back later. Lulu says that Ric helped Anthony set Johnny up. Lulu reveals that she and Johnny both want him to be an ordinary guy. Ric says that Johnny will never be ordinary. Johnny comes back and tells Ric that he has asked for a public defender. Ric leaves. Johnny says that Ric and Anthony have done a near-perfect job of framing him, but Lulu says that no frame is perfect and they can fix it.

Nikolas and Nadine tell Alexis about the case. Alexis says that it won’t be easy to fight them because it will be a matter of national security.

Maxie tells Winnifred to stop wasting her time and get lost. Spinelli tries to stop Winnifred from leaving, but she leaves. Maxie says that Spinelli is better off without Winnifred.

Patrick gives Robin a present for their one-month anniversary. Robin says that she doesn’t feel very sexy and Patrick tells her to try it on and maybe it’ll change because Emma is still asleep. Robin says that she isn’t ready for that and apologizes.

Sam leaves a message for Jason about Spinelli. Lucky asks what Sam needs to talk to Jason about.

Lulu visits Luke and asks his opinion about Johnny’s predicament. Lulu asks Luke for help in getting Johnny released.

Alexis leaves a message for a friend of hers in Washington and tells Nikolas and Nadine that there is no guarantees.

Jax says that he needs a plant manager at his hotel. Olivia and Jax discuss the details of her employment.

Sam says that she was calling Jason about some things that came up when they were questioned by the feds. Sam and Lucky argue about her friendship with Jason and his with Elizabeth. Sam says that she wants Lucky to trust her and Lucky says that she isn’t making it easy. Lucky says that he is tired of being on the outside looking in.

Lulu and Luke talk about helping Johnny. Luke says that they have to expose the frame-up first.

Jax says that he wants to work with Olivia because she is obviously as smart as Kate is. Olivia accepts the job.

Claudia and Carly argue about Sonny. Claudia says that Carly is not getting back in Sonny’s life. Carly says that she needs to figure out a way to get rid of Claudia.

Maxie says that she brought Spinelli a soda. Spinelli says that Maxie doesn’t owe him an apology or a consoling beverage, but she owes both to Winnifred. Maxie says that maybe Spinelli is too sweet and gullible to notice that Winnifred has some weird cyber-obsession with him and can’t be trusted.

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