GH Update Monday 1/5/09

General Hospital Update Monday 1/5/09


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

On the docks, Maxie wants to know who Winnifred is. Winnifred admits that she has been following Spinelli. Lucky shows up at Lulu’s apartment with a warrant for Johnny’s arrest. In the meantime, Nikolas looks out for Nadine regarding her aunt’s patent.

Claudia kisses Sonny. Sonny pulls back. Sonny thinks that Claudia is playing him. Claudia doesn’t want Sonny to find the DVD behind the mirror. Claudia makes up a story that Sonny doesn’t believe. Claudia is able to hide the DVD before Sonny can find it.

A lawyer brings over a check to use Nadine’s aunt’s patent for another year. Nikolas demands to know what the government is using the equipment for. The lawyer won’t talk; he says that it is classified information. Nikolas tells him to leave.

Lulu sticks up for Johnny. Lulu says that Johnny became frustrated during a job interview. Lucky doesn’t want to listen to Lulu’s excuses.

Winnifred irritates Maxie. Spinelli tries to explain how he met Winnifred. Maxie tells Winnifred to leave. Winnifred brings up a cyber game she likes to play, which interests Spinelli.

Jax talks to Carly. Jax wants to know how she is doing. Carly says that it was tough going to see Michael on his birthday. Carly explains that Sonny was in Michael’s room when she went to see him. Carly admits that she enjoyed spending New Year’s with Jax. Jax divulges that Sonny walked in on him and Kate working. Jax says that Sonny might think that him (Jax) and Kate are seeing each other. Carly asks Jax if he is dating Kate.

Robin wonders why Emma is crying. Robin jumps to conclusions and thinks that something is wrong with her daughter. Patrick thinks that Robin is being paranoid. Robin says that she is going to bring Emma to the hospital. Patrick gives her a puzzled look.

Winnifred and Spinelli converse about a cyber game. Maxie is bored and tells Spinelli that they should get going. Winnifred leaves.

Carly and Jax argue about Kate. Carly doesn’t trust Kate. Carly brings up that Jax slept with Kate. Jax can’t believe that she is bringing up the past. Jax admits that he never wanted to hurt Carly.

Claudia thinks that her and Sonny should sleep together. Sonny thinks that it isn’t a good idea for them to get intimate. Claudia is mad, so she leaves with her laptop. The DVD is still in Sonny’s living room.

Nadine explains to Nikolas her relationship with Bruce, an old flame. Nadine says that Bruce went into the military. Nadine explains how Bruce died. Nadine thinks that she should let the government continue to use her aunt’s patent as a weapon.

Claudia returns to the living room. Claudia watches one of Jerry’s DVD. Ric shows up at Sonny’s. Ric says that he needs to tell Claudia something.

Jax and Carly discuss their divorce. Carly wants to know if she still has a chance with Jax. Jax doesn’t want to get Carly’s hopes up.

Sonny pays Patrick a visit. Sonny explains that there is no change in Michael’s condition. Sonny says he’ll do anything to get his son back. Patrick tells Sonny that Michael’s condition is permanent. Sonny isn’t willing to give up on Michael. Patrick thinks that Sonny should get a second opinion. Patrick adds that Sonny needs to accept Michael’s prognosis. Sonny says that it is hard to accept Michael’s condition.

Jax says that Carly should give up on them. Carly can’t believe that Jax doesn’t want to give their marriage another try. Jax says that they can no longer be married, but stresses that he wants to remain friends with Carly. Carly brings up an idea to put an endowment in Michael’s name. Jax leaves and Carly starts to cry.

Nadine says that she misses Bruce. Nadine thinks that her aunt’s invention could help the greater good. Nadine is unsure of what to do.

Ric announces to Claudia that Johnny was arrested again. Claudia is furious and thinks Lulu is to blame. Ric says that Anthony got Johnny arrested. Ric asks Claudia to stay out of it.

In the interrogation room, Johnny tries to convince Lucky that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Johnny says that he loves Lulu. Lucky doesn’t believe him. Lulu walks in and defends Johnny. Lulu pleads with her brother to stop harassing Johnny. Lucky says that he isn’t the one to blame for Johnny’s arrest. Lucky says that he is only trying to protect Lulu. Johnny explains that he was framed.

Claudia says that Johnny doesn’t want to be part of the Zacchara business anymore. Claudia is mad that Ric would help Anthony.

Sonny thanks Patrick for being honest about Michael’s prognosis. In the meantime, Maxie and Spinelli return to her apartment. Spinelli makes some searches on his laptop. Spinelli asks Maxie if she is jealous.

Robin returns to the apartment to find Sonny waiting. Sonny explains that Patrick left to do some errands. Robin says that she brought Emma to the doctor and nothing is wrong with her. Sonny holds Emma. Sonny tells Emma that she is lucky to have a mother like Robin.

Ric walks into the interrogation room. Lulu and Johnny are surprised to see him. Johnny thinks that Anthony sent Ric. Johnny believes that Anthony set him up. Johnny tells Ric that he won’t be returning to the Zacchara business.

Maxie thinks that Winnifred has an agenda. Spinelli is unsure, but Maxie says that her instincts are usually correct.

Claudia watches Jerry’s DVD. As Claudia is closing her laptop, Carly walks in. Claudia is startled. Carly asks if she is interrupting.

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