GH Update Friday 1/2/09

General Hospital Update Friday 1/2/09


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nik and Nadine are at Wyndemere discussing riding. Nadine babbles about superstitions.

Sam calls Jason when she finds a card from Agent Rayner. Lucky arrives at Sam’s apartment. Sam drops Rayner’s business card on the floor but Lucky doesn’t see it. Lucky says he wants to be open with Sam about his absence on New Year’s Eve.

Maxie is with Spinelli at Crimson. Spinelli is helping Maxie with her computer. Spinelli discovers a “disaster’ on his own computer.

Lulu helps Johnny prepare for a job interview. Lulu has “positive” thoughts for Johnny as she helps him get ready.

Claudia is at home once again looking at Jerry’s DVD. Claudia gets frustrated with Jerry’s clue. She climbs above the window to search as Sonny comes in.

Back at Wyndemere, Nadine says it’s a potentially “bad day.” Nik tells Nadine about a Greek tradition. Nadine is anxious to hear back on her aunt’s patent. Nik offers to have his “legal team” help out. Nik makes a call to assist Nadine.

At Crimson, Spinelli says his computer has been “hacked.” Maxie works on her article. Spinelli thinks he knows who’s responsible for his computer emergency.

At Sam’s, Lucky explains that Liz needed his help with her water heater on New Year’s Eve. Sam understands. Lucky says he went from Liz’s house to work. Sam is evasive. Lucky wonders what Sam is up to.

Claudia claims she is making window measurements. Sonny doesn’t believe Claudia’s story. He can see that she’s nervous. Sonny thinks Claudia is on the look out for security cameras in the house. Claudia brings up Kate.

Sam claims she’s not up to anything “illegal.” Lucky starts to give her a lecture on staying within the law. Sam assures Lucky that she isn’t jealous of Liz.

At Crimson, Spinelli works on his computer while Maxie writes her article. Spinelli is under the weather so Maxie suggests he goes home. Lulu arrives. The girls hear Kate and Jax so they hide Spinelli. Kate knows Spinelli is there anyway.

Claudia shifts the conversation away from herself. Sonny says he “landed the shipment” in Jason’s territory without any trouble. Sonny tells Claudia about Michael’s birthday the previous day. Claudia is sympathetic. Sonny leaves the house.

Back at Wyndemere, Nadine is still nervous about her phone call. Nik’s attorney calls. Nik says the patent is licensed to a “defense contractor.”

Back at Sam’s, Lucky wonders if Sam wants him to “have faith” in anything she does. Sam says she understands how important the kids are to Lucky. Lucky gets a call and says he has to leave. Sam is frustrated.

Spinelli is on the dock when he runs into a young woman having computer troubles. The woman knows of the Jackal but doesn’t think Spinelli is he.

Claudia continues to search Sonny’s house. Ric arrives. Ric notices Claudia’s odd behavior.

Kate and Jax are still at Crimson discussing models and photographers. Kate says the magazine needs “a new face.” Jax suggests they hold a “contest.” Kate considers the idea. Jax tries to be silly with Kate as Sonny arrives.

Nadine doesn’t believe the news about the patent. Nadine’s call finally comes through. The man, Mr. Corday, offers to meet Nadine in person.

Spinelli fixes his new friend’s computer. The young woman believes he is indeed the Jackal. The woman thanks Spinelli for his help then vanishes.

Ric tells Claudia she can leave her marriage to Sonny anytime. Claudia disagrees. Claudia says her marriage has given her “real power.” She refuses to leave Sonny. Ric claims to want what’s best for Claudia. Claudia asks Ric to let her in on any of Anthony’s secrets he’s privy to. Ric claims to know nothing. Claudia warns that Anthony can’t be trusted. She insists Anthony cares only about Johnny. Claudia says she can help Ric “maneuver” Anthony. Ric claims to know nothing and leaves Sonny’s house.

Johnny goes to his job interviews. He answers many questions about his family. Eventually Johnny gets frustrated and flies off the handle.

Sonny comes to Crimson to speak with Kate. Sonny says Jax is sleeping with Kate for revenge. Sonny asks Kate if they can talk privately. Kate says she’s not interested. Sonny leaves. Maxie apologizes for Sonny bursting into the office. Kate says she hopes Sonny won’t be back for another visit.

Nadine meets with Mr. Corday at Wyndemere. He says he wants to “renew the license on the patent.” Mr. Corday hands Nadine a check and says he will see her “in four years.” Nik says he has some questions before the deal is sealed.

Lulu arrives home and Johnny is there. Johnny says he hit a wall in frustration. He says everyone rejected him because of the Zacchara name.

Spinelli goes to see Sam. He tells Sam about being hacked. Sam wonders if Spinelli can see if Rayner is “investigating” her. Spinelli says he can help but it’s merely a bad time for him. Spinelli tells Sam about the woman he helped. Frustrated, Spinelli leaves Sam’s apartment.

Claudia looks at Jerry’s DVD yet again. She searches around a mirror as Sonny returns home. Again, Sonny wonders what Claudia is up to.

Spinelli is on the docks talking to his computer. The young woman is watching him. Maxie approaches and questions what the woman is doing.

Lulu tends to Johnny’s hand. Lulu is confident that Johnny will “find a job.” Lucky arrives at the apartment to arrest Johnny.

Nik tells Mr. Corday that Nadine has to consider her options. Nadine wonders what the patent is being used for. Mr. Corday says he can’t say due to “national security.” Nadine says she won’t give him the patent. Mr. Corday says, “it’s not that simple.”

Claudia is obviously nervous. Sonny says he must “trust” Claudia a little bit if they are to succeed. He wonders why Claudia keeps “sneaking around” the house. Sonny warns Claudia she better not “be trying to hid something” from him.

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