GH Update Tuesday 12/30/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/30/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu complains about her shoes. Johnny says that they are supposed to go out and that he wants to give the most beautiful woman in Port Charles a good time on New Year’s.

Nadine tells Nikolas that normal people don’t have butlers named Alfred announce the dinner guests. Nikolas says that he didn’t think she would be in the mood for a New Year’s celebration, but a quiet evening at home would be nice. Nadine says that it was very considerate and generous of him. Nadine says that she doesn’t think she would get through it if she was with anyone else.

Maxie asks Spinelli what took him so long. Spinelli says that no one should be there because the building is abandoned. Maxie says that she needs Spinelli desperately and that she doesn’t care if they have to stay there all night because he has to fix her computer because it won’t turn on. Spinelli tells Maxie that there is no power and Maxie says that he has to fix her computer because her life depends on it.

Jax tells Carly that they are closed for the evening. Jax and Carly talk about the party that was planned and Jax says that if they had power the place would be rocking. Jax asks Carly if she climbed 25 flights of stairs because she didn’t believe Marty or because she wanted to see him.

Johnny says that he will take a shower and change and they can leave because they should start celebrating. Lulu says that the restaurant is really expensive and she will understand if Johnny doesn’t want to spend the money. Johnny says that they will figure it out. Johnny says that if he is going to blow his money on anything it is going to be giving Lulu a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Maxie says that Kate finally gave her the first article to do and it was ready to send to the printers when they lost power. Spinelli says that he would move mountains for her if he could. Maxie says that it is a disaster. Spinelli realizes that Maxie didn’t back up her work. Maxie says that Spinelli should tell her how to fix the problem.

Luke tells Tracy that she was the only guest for the New Year’s party. Luke says that they are there to put the “new” in new year.

Lulu says that she is seeing how much cash she has on her because she can pay for the cab. Johnny says that he will drive, but Lulu convinces him to take a cab. They both realize that neither of them wanted to go out. Johnny asks how she would spend her New Year’s if she could spend it any way she wanted.

Carly says that she and Marty both thought that Jax went home. Jax asks if Carly came up there for the tiramisu. Carly suggests that they pretend that everything bad that happened this past year didn’t happen.

Maxie says that she doesn’t understand why they had to steal the battery out of Jason’s car, but Spinelli says that it isn’t stealing because Jason told him he could use his car for the evening. Spinelli says that they have to boot the computer up to the network that it was already connected to.

Tracy says that getting her drunk is not going to change his mind. Luke says that Tracy didn’t go through with the divorce and Tracy says that she thinks things through. Tracy asks how hard Luke would fight for her if Laura came back.

Johnny says that he can’t believe that Lulu would rather have pizza and beer than champagne and caviar.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about getting the article back and about him having an earthquake kit. Maxie says that the problem is that she is a procrastinator and she finally met a deadline. Spinelli suggests that Maxie should just explain the situation to Kate and more time would be granted. Maxie says that she should get started on Robin’s wedding. Spinelli gets into the Crimson network and tells Maxie that her article is gone.

Nadine says that she can’t get anyone to return my phone calls. Nikolas tells Nadine that she can eat with her fingers if she would like. Nadine asks why Spencer isn’t with them.

Jax says that he was going to drink alone because he came up there to be alone and think. Jax and Carly talk about her idea for the night and about their life.

Nikolas says that Lesley loves having Spencer around for the holidays. Nikolas admits that he is worried that he is raising his son wrong. Nadine says that Nikolas is great with Spencer. Nikolas tells Nadine about Laura. Nadine says that she resolves to be worthy of his trust, eat with her fingers and not obsess over the things she doesn’t have control over. Nikolas says that he resolves to obsess a little less, laugh a little more and accept that the best father Spencer can have is one who loves him. Nikolas asks Nadine to spend the night with him.

Luke tries to get Tracy to play a game with him, but she refuses. Luke says that he doesn’t want to lose what they have.

Lulu asks how you are supposed to learn from your mistakes without looking back at the past. Johnny says that loving her could never be a mistake. Lulu and Johnny promise to never start the new year with regrets. Lulu says that it looks like it is going to snow. Johnny says that he is glad the snow waited until after Christmas. Lulu says that they are leaving immediately and tells Johnny to get in his snow clothes.

Nikolas thinks that Nadine is having second thoughts and promises her that Alfred will not be coming in with breakfast in the morning. Nikolas says that Nadine is the best thing to happen to him all year.

Spinelli says that Maxie will write another story because she is extraordinary. Maxie says that she doesn’t think whatever she writes is going to be as good as the article she lost. Spinelli tells Maxie that William Shakespeare had to rewrite the manuscript of “Romeo and Juliet” because his dog ate the original. Maxie says that she can’t think of anyone she would rather start the new year with.

Carly says that life is full of happy accidents. Jax says that Carly reminded him that he is one of the most fortunate men on the planet. They toast to the year to come.

Lulu makes fun of Johnny. Johnny says that he was hoping for the spontaneity that would take them in the other room where they get to take off their clothes. Lulu says that they aren’t going inside until the snow falls.

Tracy wins again and says that Luke is letting her win. Luke says that it could be Tracy’s lucky night and she says that she doesn’t believe in luck. Luke says that Tracy is the one who is obsessed with Laura. Luke tells Tracy to stop sulking around like a teenager. Luke says that he loves her and wants her to come back to him. Tracy says that she threw him out and he has to come back to her. Luke says that if it lands on 6, Tracy takes him back and Tracy says that if it lands on 21, he gives her a divorce and leaves the country.

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