GH Update Monday 12/29/08

General Hospital Update Monday 12/29/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the Metro Court, Jax interrupts Carly during an important business call. Jax says that Carly is upset because today is Michael’s birthday. At Sonny’s home, Jason asks Sonny to walk away from the Zacchara business. Sonny wants to know if Jason will hand him back the organization.

Robin and Patrick’s wedding is about to begin. Everyone stands as Robert walks Robin down the aisle. Father Coates thanks everyone for coming to the wedding. Father Coates announces that the exchange of vows will begin. Robin says that she always hoped for a ‘happily ever after’ ending, ever since she was a little girl. Robin admits that she never thought she would find that. Robin tells Patrick that she has been in love with him for a long time. Robin says that she is grateful that she found Patrick. Robin promises to love Patrick forever.

Jason cannot believe that Sonny can’t walk away from the Zacchara organization. Jason is furious. Jason tells Sonny that there is no way that he (Sonny) can trust Anthony or Ric.

Carly thinks that Jax has some hidden agenda. Carly can’t believe that Jax would be nice to her for no reason. Jax tells Carly that his mother thinks that him and Carly were good together.

Patrick tells Robin that he is very blessed. Patrick admits that his life is so much more than he could have ever imagined. Patrick says he loves Robin and their precious daughter very much. Patrick adds that he will love them forever.

Sonny and Jason argue back and forth. Jason justifies that he did the best he could with Sonny’s business. Jason admits that he doesn’t want to come after Sonny because of Sonny’s alliance with the Zaccharas. Sonny makes a phone call to have a shipment made in Jason’s territory. Jason is shocked that Sonny would betray him like that.

The exchange of rings begins. Father Coates pronounces Robin and Patrick married. Patrick kisses Robin. Everyone claps. The guests stand as the newlyweds walk down the aisle.

The wedding reception is held at the Metro Court. Robert tells Anna that they were not traditional parents, but that Robin still turned out great. Maxie can’t believe that Jason didn’t show up for the wedding. Robin and Patrick arrive at the reception, where they are greeted with applause.

Jax pays Sam a visit. Jason tells Sonny that he won’t stop Sonny’s shipment this time. Jason adds that if it happens a second time, Jason won’t hesitate in coming after Sonny.

Robin can’t believe that Patrick is her husband. Maxie tells Spinelli that Robin has everything now. Spinelli wants to know if that is what Maxie wants.

Robin and Patrick dance. Everyone watches as Patrick kisses Robin. The guests applaud.

Robin asks her father for a dance. Patrick dances with Anna. Anna says that this is one of the happiest moments of her life. Patrick says he will always cherish Robin.

Matt asks Maxie to dance. Maxie is reluctant, but agrees to one dance. Spinelli is bothered. Matt thinks that Maxie is dating Spinelli. Maxie explains that Spinelli is only a friend.

Robin tells Robert that she is excited about married life, but admits that she is scared, too. Robin says that she doesn’t blame Robert or Anna for her mistakes.

Sam explains to Jax what happened to Jerry. Sam says that Jerry planned on double-crossing Karpov and faking his own death. Sam thinks that Jerry didn’t survive the explosion. Unlike Sam, Jax thinks there is a chance that Jerry could still be alive. Jax apologizes for what Jerry did. Sam reveals that Jerry only spoke good things about his brother.

Robin asks Mac if he was upset that he couldn’t walk her down the aisle. Mac says that he is so proud of Robin. Mac brings up different milestones in Robin’s life. Mac adds that he is grateful that he got to be there for all of them.

Robert says that he wants to make a toast. Robert announces that Robin has turned into a beautiful woman. Robert applauds Patrick for standing by Robin and loving her. Anna talks next. Anna tells the newlyweds to be honest with each other. Anna says that Robin and Patrick need to listen to each other, as well.

Carly goes to see Michael. Sonny is already in Michael’s room.

Edward wants Luke to convince Tracy to let him move back into the Quartermaine mansion. Edward tells Luke that he has to woo Tracy.

Anna and Robert think back to when they told Robin that he was her father. Maxie announces that it is time to cut the cake. Patrick and Robin share a piece of cake.

Sonny doesn’t want Carly to be upset because he came to see Michael. Carly says that it is okay because Michael would want him there. Carly brings up one of Michael’s birthday memories. Carly admits that Michael loves his father very much. Sonny thanks Carly for saying that. Sonny is sorry for all the loss they feel. Carly says that making mistakes is a part of life. Carly says that nothing can change what happened to Michael. Carly tells Sonny that she forgives him. Sonny starts to cry. Sonny says he forgives Carly, too. Sonny says that healing is going to take a while. Carly takes Sonny by surprise when she hugs him.

Jason shows up at Sam’s place. Jason says that he was offered a deal to betray Sonny. Sam says that the agent wanted info on Spinelli, which Jason finds suspicious.

Spinelli daydreams that he and Maxie are dancing. Maxie brings him back to reality by asking him to dance. The guests cheer as Robin and Patrick leave the reception.

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