GH Update Friday 12/26/08

General Hospital Update Friday 12/26/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick is with Emma at home. Maxie arrives and sends Patrick off to the church.

Sam wakes up at GH calling for Jason. Lucky is there instead.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Spinelli is there. Jason says the Russians are on their way out of town.

Sonny is at home making plans to put a Zacchara shipment in Jason’s territory.

Robin is home with the baby and Maxie. Mac arrives to shuttle Robin to the church. Maxie runs out and leaves Robin with Mac and the baby. Mac has a flashback of Robin’s younger years. Mac remembers Robin first telling him that she was HIV positive. Mac says Robin’s wedding day is “precious.”

Back at GH, Lucky says Sam will be fine. Sam says she last saw Jason so that’s why she called out his name. Lucky gets upset with Sam for going after the Russians on her own. Sam says she won’t “apologize” for her actions. Lucky leaves.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli praises Jason for driving the Russians away. Spinelli brings up Robin’s wedding. Jason says he won’t be attending. Spinelli goes upstairs to get ready. Spinelli wonders if Jason can “reconcile” with Sonny. Jason says it may be impossible due to Sonny’s deep involvement with the Z’s.

At home, Sonny tells Claudia Jason is too distracted to notice what he’s doing. Sonny says he’s off to attend Robin’s wedding. Claudia thinks it’s a bad idea. Sonny thinks Claudia is keeping close tabs on him. He then brings up Claudia’s strange behavior while looking at her computer. Sonny wonders what Claudia is “trying to hide.” Claudia claims she’s “being forced to sneak around” with Ric. Claudia says Ric “still believes in true love.” Claudia says that kind of love doesn’t exist. Sonny tells Claudia the story of Robin and Stone. He says their love was “true and undying.” Feeling like he’s disclosed too much, Sonny heads off to the church.

Mac gets Robin to the church where Anna is waiting. Mac leaves the ladies alone. Anna helps Robin get ready.

Mac finds Robert in the church. Robert is nervous, at best. Robert says he’s “grateful” to share the day with Robin. He thanks Mac for filling in as Robin’s father during her childhood.

Maxie goes to the penthouse to pick up Spinelli. Maxie is nervous about something going wrong at the wedding. Spinelli tries to be reassuring.

Patrick waits at the church. Sonny is the first to arrive. Sonny says he won’t stay for the ceremony because of the possible danger. Sonny tells Patrick what “a leap of faith” Robin is taking by getting married. Patrick admits to being lucky and he promises to give Robin all that she “deserves.”

Claudia sits at home and watches Jerry’s DVD yet again. She doesn’t understand what Jerry means by “the window to her soul.” Claudia says the eyes are the “window to the soul.” Claudia looks for the DVD in picture frames. She gets a bit frantic and climbs up above the fireplace. Jason arrives and catches Claudia obviously looking for something.

Robert and Patrick sit in the church together. Robert tells Patrick to imagine that he’s talking with the man who is about to marry Emma. Patrick tells Robert what he wants to hear. Patrick promises to “value and honor” Robin. Robert seems satisfied with Patrick’s words.

Robin is still getting ready for the wedding. Anna returns to help. Anna leaves to retrieve something from the car. Robin flashes back to her and Stone. The memory makes Robin emotional. Sonny arrives.

Alexis brings Sam home from GH. Sam tells Alexis about her dreams down in the pit. Lucky is at Sam’s when she gets there. Alexis is curious so Lucky tells her the truth about their breakup. Alexis leaves. Sam wonders if she and Lucky are “still together.”

Matt arrives at the church, frantic because he’s late. Patrick says they have plenty of time. Matt wonders why Patrick doesn’t seem to be “nervous.” Patrick says he only stands to gain by marrying Robin.

Robert waits in the church. Luke arrives. Robert says they haven’t been the best fathers. Luke tells Robert he has much to be proud of. Robert says Luke will understand when Lulu gets married. Anna arrives. She and Robert talk privately about Patrick’s relationship with Emma. Anna says she should have given Robert time with Robin when she was young. Maxie arrives, frantic that a disaster is looming.

Robin tells Sonny about her memory of Stone. Sonny says Robin is deserving of her happiness. He says Robin has become “the most amazing woman.” Sonny gives Robin his best wishes for her and Patrick.

At Sonny’s house, Jason wonders what Claudia is up to. Claudia doesn’t answer. She tries to turn the tables on Jason and accuses him of being up to something. Jason wonders what Claudia is “looking for.”

Edward, Epiphany, Dr. Winters, and Dr. Lee are at the church with Matt and Patrick. Spinelli assures Maxie that the weather is on their side. Maxie is still nervous that something will go wrong. Spinelli tries to reassure Maxie as best he can.

At the church, Robert has a flashback of his first meeting with a young Robin. He heads in to check on Robin who is ready and waiting. Robert is taken aback by Robin’s beauty.

Lucky is still at Sam’s. He talks to Cam and Liz on the phone. Lucky says he still has strong feelings for Sam. Sam says she feels the same.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia says she’s busy and takes her computer and leaves. Jason looks at the picture of Michael on the tree. Sonny returns home and says he spoke to Robin. Jason tells Sonny that the Russians are no longer a threat. Jason asks Sonny to “walk away” from the Z’s.

Robin gets ready to make her entrance at the church. Anna and Robert stand with her. The guests await the bride’s entrance. Robin takes Robert’s arm. Anna walks down the aisle first. Robin makes her entrance as all the guests stand. Robin takes her place next to Patrick.

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