GH Update Tuesday 12/23/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu shows up to see Lucky. Lulu suggests that they order a pizza and hang out. Nikolas shows up and says that Mike is taking Spencer to the hospital Christmas party. Nikolas says that he watched Emily play an elf for the children so many times and isn’t ready to go yet. Lulu says that he can join them for pizza.

Patrick brings Robin a eggnog latte. Robin complains about the apartment being a mess and Patrick forgetting to pick up the dessert that she ordered.

Edward, Monica and Tracy talk about the hospital Christmas party and Monica and Tracy both say they aren’t going.

Santa tells Spinelli that he is having trouble with the gadget that Mrs. Claus gave him. Santa says that he needs Spinelli’s help and that they don’t have much time. Spinelli says that it looks like Santa deleted a lot of data. Santa says that somehow he erased the Christmas list for most of Port Charles. Santa says that he will be back at 11:59 and tells Spinelli to find out what everyone wants. Santa says that if Spinelli can fix the PDA there might be something extra in his stocking. Maxie leaves and Spinelli tells her that Santa was there, but she doesn’t believe him. Spinelli says that Santa left his jacket.

Diane tells Max that she was looking at the sky and could have sworn she saw something flying over Jason’s building. Max says that the booked them a room at the Metro Court. Diane says that it was supposed to be an “at home” Christmas and Max says that there were complications in the form of out of town business associates. Diane says that Max doesn’t want to spend Christmas with her and it is fine because she doesn’t want to spend it with him either.

Luke delivers the pizza. Luke asks where the tree is and reveals that there is one outside in the driveway. Luke says that a flatbed came flying around the corner and the tree fell off the back of the truck and rolled up to the door. Nikolas brings the tree in and asks why nobody is helping. Lucky helps Nikolas with the tree. Spinelli and Maxie show up. Maxie says that they are going around wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and asking what they are wishing for. Spinelli gives Lulu a key and says that it will guarantee her a very merry Christmas. Maxie and Spinelli leave. Lucky says that the decorations are in the attic.

Diane vents about Max to Bernie. Bernie asks Diane if she has ever asked about Max’s customs and how he likes to spend the holiday. Diane says that she thought he wanted to spend it with her.

Patrick says that he will help Robin clean, but she says that she is looking for a necklace. Robin and Patrick end up arguing over where it could be. Robert and Anna show up. Anna suggests that they have dessert first, but Robin says that there won’t be any dessert. Maxie and Spinelli show up and Maxie asks what they want for Christmas. Robin says that they have everything they need. Spinelli gives Robin a present and he and Maxie leave. Robin opens the present and finds her grandmother Filomena’s Christmas cookies.

Lucky suggests that Luke help them, but Luke says that they are doing fine. Luke tells Lucky about the first Christmas he and Laura spent in Texas.

Edward and Monica talk about Lila and Emily loving the holiday traditions. Edward says that he can’t bear to have a tree without Lila and Emily. Tracy talks to Alan and Monica says that it is very insensitive. Spinelli and Maxie show up and Edward tells Alice to throw them out. Spinelli asks not to be turned away until he has delivered his gift.

Patrick finds Filomena’s necklace for Robin.

Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu talk about Laura’s angel tree topper. Lulu finds the angel. Luke answers the phone when Laura calls and says that they were just talking about her.

Tracy and Edward decide to go to the hospital Christmas party. Spinelli says that since everyone else has left, the gift must be for Monica. Monica says that she isn’t interested in the gift because she has nothing to celebrate this Christmas. Spinelli leaves the glasses under the tree in case Monica changes her mind. Alan realizes that the glasses look like a pair he threw when they were having one of their fights. Monica and Alan realize she can see him. They talk about the Christmas miracle. Monica says that she has missed him so much.

Max tells Maxie that he is worried about Diane. Spinelli gives Max a pawn ticket.

Maxie and Spinelli show up to see Bernie and Diane. Spinelli tells Diane to call Max. Diane talks to Max and says that she is on her way then hangs up and thanks Spinelli, Maxie and Bernie. Spinelli gives Bernie a gift and Bernie says that it was just what he was wishing for.

Monica and Alan argue about who would be chief of staff better and Monica says that she is already doing it better than Alan did. Monica and Alan wish each other a merry Christmas.

Max gives Diane a present and says that it came from a pawn shop.

Maxie and Spinelli sing Jingle Bells.

Lucky, Nikolas and Lulu wish Laura a merry Christmas.

Santa appears to Maxie and says that it was very kind of her to help Spinelli. Spinelli says that he fixed Santa’s PDA, but they only made it to 3 houses. Santa says that he already knows what everyone wanted for Christmas. Spinelli suggests that they take a picture with Santa. Santa leaves and Maxie says that she has to visit Mac in the station. Spinelli thanks Maxie for going with him.

Spinelli’s phone rings. Maxie tells him that she thought she was having a really wild dream and woke up to find a gift by her bed. They open the gifts and find their picture with Santa.

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