GH Update Monday 12/22/08

General Hospital Update Monday 12/22/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

At her apartment, Robin tells Robert that she wants him to walk her down the aisle for her upcoming wedding. Robert says that he loves Robin very much, but unfortunately, he can’t do it.

Sasha dies in Jason’s arms before she can tell him Sam’s location. In the meantime, Sam dreams about when she saw Jake get taken in the park. In her dream, she does the right thing this time and stops the woman from kidnapping him.

Sonny is happy to be able to see Morgan for Christmas.

Robert says he is flattered but doesn’t think that it’s fair for him to walk Robin down the aisle. Robert says that Mac was there for Robin when he wasn’t. Robert doesn’t want to take the honor away from Mac. Robert asks Robin to run it by her uncle first. Robert leaves abruptly.

Claudia views a DVD that Jerry left at Sonny’s home. Jerry leaves her a clue – ‘window to your soul’ - as to where to find the next hidden DVD. Ric shows up at Sonny’s. Claudia is caught off-guard. Ric asks if Claudia needs help finding something.

Carly tells Sonny that she wanted him to spend some time with his son for Christmas. Sonny talks about Michael and past Christmas memories. Carly is emotional seeing Sonny talk about Michael. Carly and Sonny both say that they want Morgan to have a good Christmas this year, despite everything.

Jason runs away from the warehouse. Sam continues to dream about the event in the park. In her dream, Sam hands Jake to a relieved Elizabeth. Suddenly, Sam wakes up.

Spinelli calls Bernie to find out where Jason is. Jason comes back to the penthouse. Jason asks Spinelli for help finding Sam.

Luke calls someone on his cell. He finds Sasha’s dead body. Robert shows up a few seconds later. Robert thinks Luke had something to do with Sasha’s fate.

Claudia makes up an excuse so she doesn’t have to tell Ric about Jerry’s DVD. Ric thinks she is acting strange. Claudia lies and says she is downloading some Christmas songs for Ric. Claudia leads Ric upstairs.

Sonny apologizes for not bringing Morgan a Christmas present. Sonny asks why Carly called him. Carly says that she didn’t want Morgan to wake up Christmas morning thinking about Michael. Carly says that Morgan needs his father this Christmas. Carly adds that this is the time to start healing. Sonny asks if that means he can start spending time with Morgan again.

Anna pays a visit to Robin. Robin updates her mom on her asking Robert to walk her down the aisle. Robin takes Anna by surprise by asking her to be her matron-of-honor.

Robert informs Luke that he is in remission. Luke explains that Sasha was already dead when he showed up at the scene. Robert says he can still drink. Luke suggests that they get liquored up.

Claudia brings Ric to her bedroom. They start to undress and begin kissing.

At the Metro Court, Kate questions Jax about him spending the holidays in Australia. Kate was led to believe that she would be spending Christmas with him.

Carly justifies her reasons for keeping Sonny away from his children. Sonny brings up that Carly still sees Jason, who is in constant danger, so Sonny doesn’t understand why he can’t see Morgan. Sonny can’t believe that Carly still blames him for Michael’s shooting.

Police officers show up at the scene where Sasha’s body is found. Jason asks Spinelli to check out different places in the area. Spinelli thinks that an abandoned quarry might be where Sam is trapped.

Sam is still unable to walk around on her bad leg. Claudia and Ric sleep together. Ric thinks that Claudia is crazy to believe that Sonny will let her have some control in the business. Ric explains that once a person betrays Sonny, that person is nothing in Sonny’s eyes. Ric warns Claudia to watch out for Sonny’s erratic behavior. Claudia says there is no way she can leave now.

Carly admits that she was in denial about the danger that comes with Sonny’s business. Morgan comes downstairs with a homemade decoration. Morgan puts it on the Christmas tree. Sonny and Carly both agree it looks good on the tree. Morgan says that Michael is looking out for them.

Mac interrogates Luke and Robert, but he doesn’t believe they had anything to do with Sasha’s murder. Mac asks Robert why he isn’t in Switzerland. Robert divulges that he is in remission. Robert adds that Robin asked him to walk her down the aisle. Mac tells Robert that he needs to walk Robin down the aisle. Mac says this is a second chance for Robert to play an important role in Robin’s life.

Robin explains that Anna has been a pivotal person in her life and that she loves her very much. Robin states that it would make her happy if her mom was her maid-of-honor. Anna agrees to be Robin’s maid-of-honor.

Kate says to Jax that she doesn’t want to fight. Kate wants Jax to stay in Port Charles for Christmas.

Jason manages to find Sam in the quarry. Sam is asleep, but Jason wakes her up. Jason promises that Sam will be okay.

Robin, Patrick, Anna, Robert, and Mac sit down and enjoy a meal. Robin reveals that her mother is her maid-of-honor. Robin proposes a toast to everyone at the table. Robin admits that they have all shown her what the meaning of family is.

Spinelli yells down to Jason. Spinelli says that help is on the way. Sam can’t believe that Jason found her. Sam confesses that she and Jason make a good team. Jason asks how long Sam has been trapped in the quarry. Sam says that she dreamt about the day in the park when she witnessed Jake being kidnapped. Sam apologizes for not doing the right thing at the time.

Sonny returns home. Ric has already left. Claudia is sitting in the living room. Claudia pours Sonny a drink. They wish each other a merry Christmas.

Carly and Morgan run into Jax at the Metro Court. Carly and Jax end up under the mistletoe. Morgan says that they should kiss. Carly and Jax share a passionate kiss under the mistletoe.

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