GH Update Friday 12/19/08

General Hospital Update Friday 12/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax stops by Carlyís and asks her about her decision to move out of the hotel. Carly says that she and Morgan decided to spend Christmas at home. Jax says that he wishes she would have told him so that he knew where to bring Morganís present. Carly says that she didnít want to have another argument about their divorce because this Christmas is going to be hard enough. Morgan comes running out to Jax. Jax says that Morganís present will be under the tree as soon as the tree is decorated. Morgan asks if Jax is going to spend Christmas with them.

Claudia remembers Jerry telling her that there are several DVDs hidden throughout Sonnyís house and grounds that contain clues to the location of the next DVD. Jerry says that the last DVD reveals Claudiaís part in Michaelís shooting. Sonny asks what Claudia is hiding.

Jason asks Sasha where Sam is and Sasha says that if Jason doesnít find Sam soon, she wonít survive at all.

Sam screams.

Anna says that she got the stuff that Robin wanted from London. Anna and Robert are reunited.

Jax tells Morgan that he is spending Christmas with Lady Jane. Morgan asks if Lady Jane can come there and Carly says that Lady Jane wants to be at her house for Christmas. Jax suggests that Morgan could open his present now and Carly says that it is a great idea. Jax tells Morgan that it is a video game system and helps to set it up.

Claudia tells Sonny that her computer is off limits and tells him to stay out of it. Claudia says that she doesnít want Sonny to see it because it is about the Christmas present that she is getting him. Sonny says that he is not celebrating the holidays this year. Sonny asks Claudia what she has done.

Sasha tells Jason to meet her in an hour at Pier 52. Spinelli tells Jason that Sasha must be holding Sam captive. Spinelli tries to convince Jason not to go and Jason says that unless Spinelli finds Sam, he has no choice. Spinelli asks what good Jason will be to anyone when he gets hit by a sniper bullet.

Morgan plays with his video game. Carly says that it was a thoughtful gift and Jax says that Morgan is an incredible kid. Carly asks Morgan to do something while she talks to Jax. Carly thanks Jax for being such a great stepfather. Jax says that he loves Morgan and will never abandon him. Jax and Carly reveal that they will be thinking of each other on Christmas.

Sonny asks Claudia who gave her permission to dig out the ornaments. Sonny says that he doesnít need a Christmas tree to remind him that Michael was shot because of him.

Patrick tells Epiphany that a patient is stable, but still critical and that he is to be notified of any changes. Patrick says that if it happens on Christmas he is still to be notified, but Matt says that if it happens on Christmas, they are to call him instead of Patrick. Patrick says that Matt is not taking his patients and Matt asks Patrick if he wants to start traditions with his family. Patrick agrees to let Matt take care of the patient on Christmas day, but the day after Matt is busy because he has a wedding to go to. Patrick suggests that Matt be his best man and his pager goes off.

Robert tells Anna that he is in remission and that he fooled everyone by walking away from it. Anna says that if Robert has compromised his treatment and his life she will personally sedate him and get him back to the Swiss Alps herself. Robert says that he is in remission and the only thing the clinic will tell her is that he was the worst patient on record. Anna and Robert argue about who remembers what. Robin comes in and sees Robert. Robert tells Robin that he is there because she is getting married. Robin asks if Robert is really well enough to travel. Robert says that they will talk about it later and says that he wants to meet his granddaughter. Robin introduces Emma to Robert and says that he will be her hero. Robert says that Emma was definitely worth him fighting for his life.

Jason tells Spinelli that if he canít get a lead on Samís location, he has to meet with Sasha. Spinelli says that most of Jasonís rescues are done grudgingly, but that isnít the case with Sam. Jason reminds Spinelli that Sam saved Jake.

Carly says that she doesnít know how she is going to get through the holidays and Jax says that Morgan will help her. Morgan comes out with a card for Lady Jane. Jax tells Morgan that he will come visit as soon as he gets back. Carly tells Jax to have a safe flight and a merry Christmas and Jax tells her to have a merry Christmas too and says goodbye to Morgan.

Claudia reminds Sonny that he was the intended target, not Michael. Sonny says that he should have had guards and maybe reacted differently when he saw the rifle. Sonny says that he knows he canít change what happened, but he can take back control and punish the people who continue to hurt innocent people. Claudia apologizes for making things worse for Sonny. Sonny says that the only gift he wants is to find out if Devlin had an accomplice in Michaelís shooting. Claudia says that Devlin paid for what he did with his life and Sonny says that it isnít enough.

Matt asks Patrick what happened to Coleman and Patrick says that Coleman will understand if he wants his brother there. Matt says that he had big plans that day that involved a six-pack, television, football and some cheerleaders. Patrick says that is why they invented DVRs. Patrick says that becoming a father changed things for him and he says that family became important again. Matt says that Patrick doesnít have to keep making up for what Noah did to him and his mother. Patrick says that he isnít asking Matt to stand up out of guilt or redemption. Patrick says that he wants Matt there and asks if Matt can do that for him. Matt agrees to do it for Patrick.

Robert and Anna argue a little bit. Robin says that Robert has been very sick and that gives them all the right to get sappy and teary eyed over him. Anna says that seeing Robert with his granddaughter for the first time was a lovely moment. Robin says that she wants Robert there, but she doesnít want him to risk his life over her wedding. Robert promises Robin that the doctors signed off on his trip. Anna talks about Emma looking just like Robin when she was a baby and apologizes to Robert because he didnít know her then. Robert says that Anna did what she had to do. Robert says that they sound like grandparents and Anna tells him to hush.

Jason shows up to meet Sasha and asks where Sam is. Sasha says that they were driving Sam out of town and she escaped, but she fell and got trapped. Sasha says that they can all get out of it in one piece. Jason realizes that Sasha wants to trade Samís location for her ticket out of there.

Sonny remembers a Christmas with Michael, Morgan and Carly. Carly calls Sonny and asks him to come over to her house because she needs to see him. Sonny tells Claudia not to wait up for him.

Robert asks about the wedding. Robin tells Robert that they picked the 26th because they couldnít wait any longer and it gave her time to get a new dress. Robert asks what he can do to help. Robin says that Maxie is arranging the whole thing and all Robert has to do is show up. Robert asks about Patrick and Robin says that Patrick is so good with Emma. Patrick shows up and says that he didnít know if Robert was well enough to come. Robert asks how he could have stayed away when he and Patrick have a father-in-law to son-in-law chat to have.

Sasha says that she gets paid well for what she does, but she draws the line at taking a toddler hostage. Sasha says that Jason is going to finance her escape and she is going to tell him where to find Sam. Sasha tells Jason that he has hurt the syndicate and they are beginning to question the wisdom of setting up shop in Port Charles. Sasha asks if they have a deal.

Sam imagines Alexis talking to her and telling her that she canít go to sleep because she will freeze to death. Sam says that Alexis is only in her mind. Alexis says that Sam can save herself, but she has to get up and keep moving.

Jerry says that it is amusing that the truth about Michaelís shooting is right under Sonnyís nose. Jerry says that the first DVD is hidden in the window to Claudiaís soul and says that he will see her on the next DVD, or not.

Robert says that the clinic had no sense of humor because he couldnít find the booze if there was any. Patrick goes to get food and Robin asks Anna to go with him to make sure he can remember everything. Robert says that Robin is a raving control freak. Robin and Robert talk about her childhood. Robin says that when she found out that Robert was her father, she felt like she was the luckiest kid in the world. Robin says that she is really glad that he is there. Robert says that he is about 90% and the other 10% he is writing off to being on the wrong side of 40. Robin says that she was hoping that since Robert is there, that he would walk her down the aisle when she and Patrick get married.

Alexis tells Sam that the more she sleeps, the closer she comes to dying. Sam says that she wants her mother to save her, but Alexis say that she canít. Alexis says that Sam knows how to save herself and that is by getting up and moving around.

Jason tells Bernie to send the money now and asks Sasha where Sam is. Sasha gasps and coughs. Jason asks Sasha where Sam is.

Sonny shows up at Carlyís and asks her what is going on. Sonny says that the tree looks nice and Morgan comes out and tells Sonny Merry Christmas.

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