GH Update Thursday 12/18/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/18/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At GH, Monica insists that Luke needs surgery. Tracy and Leyla are there. Luke says he won’t be operated on.

At the Crowell farm, Nik protests that Nadine is only given an envelope in the will.

Jason takes out his frustrations on a punching bag.

Sam has fallen into a deep pit. It appears that there’s no way out. Sam is clearly in pain.

Back at GH, Luke says he doesn’t trust Monica. Luke asks for a minute to discuss things with Tracy. Leyla says Luke is in “bad shape.” Tracy agrees that Luke should have the operation. Luke says he has “a confession to make” to Tracy. Luke admits that the monitors and tests have been “faked.”

At the farm, Nadine’s family is offended that Nikolas is intruding on the viewing of the will. Nik says he’s sorry to have interjected his opinion. The remainder of the will is viewed on video.

At the tree lot, a customer disrespects Johnny as Maxie and Lulu look on. Johnny remains surprisingly composed. Lulu and Maxie decide to leave before Johnny notices them. Spinelli arrives looking for a tree. The girls try to talk Spinelli into shopping elsewhere. Spinelli insists on looking around and they all run into Johnny.

A frantic Lucky comes to Jason’s penthouse looking for Sam. Jason wonders when Lucky last saw Sam.

Sam is still stuck in the pit. She calls out for help then tries unsuccessfully to climb out. Sam continues to call out for help.

Spinelli and the girls are still at the tree lot. Spinelli finds a tree in a pot to take back to the penthouse. Maxie wonders if Jason gave his approval on a tree. Spinelli is unable to lift the tree he chooses. Maxie picks a smaller tree but Spinelli still can’t lift the pot without lots of effort. Spinelli and Maxie leave. Lulu compliments Johnny on finding “honest work.”

Claudia brings a box of holiday decorations into Sonny’s living room. She sorts through them and sees that some of them belong to the kids. Milo interrupts, wondering if Sonny knows what Claudia is up to. Milo gives Claudia her mail. Claudia has second thoughts about decorating and tells Milo they’re going on an errand.

Nikolas is still at the Crowell farm. After Nadine’s uncle and cousin leave, Nadine asks Nik to open the mysterious envelope. Nik opens the envelope.

Luke admits to altering his test results at GH. Tracy tells Monica to call the police and report Luke. Monica says Tracy’s “mood” won’t improve if Luke goes to jail. Monica suggests that Tracy make up with Luke. Monica leaves Luke’s room. Tracy remains stubborn. Luke tells Tracy he knows they aren’t divorced.

Nadine’s envelope contains some sort of “patent for a plow.” Nadine is excited by what she’s found. Nikolas says Nadine can probably make a lot of money from the plans.

Claudia goes to the tree lot to see Johnny. Claudia apologizes to her brother. Johnny says he’s determined to start a new life. Claudia tries to hand Johnny some money.

Lucky is still at the penthouse with Jason. Lucky is worried that he hasn’t heard from or seen Sam. Lucky admits to fighting with Sam before she disappeared.

Sam is still stuck at the bottom of the pit.

At the tree lot, Johnny refuses to take money from Claudia. Claudia insists the money is not from their father. Johnny makes his feelings about Claudia’s marriage clear. Claudia says the family has “too much history” and Johnny can’t get out from under them. Johnny says he has no interest in Claudia’s money. Johnny goes off to help a customer.

Back on the farm, Nadine wonders if all her aunt’s money came from the patent. Nik wonders if the “invention” is used on an international scale. Nadine is thrilled that her aunt “trusted” her to “safeguard her vision.”

Back at the penthouse, Jason orders Spinelli to view Sam’s telephone records. Spinelli brings up the living situation at Maxie’s apartment. Spinelli collects Sam’s phone records on his computer.

Meanwhile, Sam is still in the pit. She hallucinates and sees Lucky.

Jason worries that Sam got tangled up with the Russians again. Jason is certain Sasha is in control of the Russian activity in Port Charles. Spinelli finds that Sam’s last outgoing call was to Jason. Spinelli keeps looking. Maxie arrives to drop off a gift for Spinelli. Maxie leaves quickly.

At GH, Luke apologizes to Epiphany for involving her in his personal problems. Tracy is close by. Epiphany warns Luke not to involve her in one of his “schemes” ever again.

Tracy says she’s “happy” Luke made the “effort” to win her back. Tracy worries that she will take a back seat when Laura returns.

Lulu goes back to the tree lot to see Johnny. She offers to help him but Johnny is cautious of losing his new job. Johnny tells Lulu about his visits from Claudia. Lulu says Claudia was “wrong” about Johnny. She’s confident they will be just fine.

Claudia returns home and opens a small envelope that contains a DVD.

Luke and Tracy are still together at GH. Luke says he can’t “pretend” that Laura was never a part of his life. Luke says he never “anticipated” falling in love with Tracy. Luke says he can’t go back to his old life with Laura. He says he would help Laura in any way if she needed him. Luke insists he wants “a life” with Tracy. Tracy still thinks Luke would return to Laura if the situation arose. Tracy leaves.

Back at the penthouse, Spinelli opens his present from Maxie. He shows Jason the Superman ornament Maxie gave him. Spinelli says he’s no longer worried about Johnny living with Maxie. Jason gets a call from Sasha.

Sam is still in the pit. She can’t seem to find a way out. Sam tries to climb up higher but falls instead.

At home, Claudia plays the DVD, which is from Jerry. Jerry taunts Claudia. It’s clear the DVD was made before Jerry’s boat blew up. Jerry starts to talk about Michael’s shooting. Jerry says he’s made another DVD “detailing” Claudia’s part in the shooting. Jerry says the DVD is somewhere in Sonny’s house. He advises Claudia to find the DVD before Sonny does.

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