GH Update Wednesday 12/17/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny tells Max that they are unloading a shipment at Jason’s pier. Claudia talks about Christmas things and suggests that they should get a 10-foot tree to make the room look more festive. Sonny says that he doesn’t want a tree this year.

Nikolas asks Nadine if she is ready to go to the church and she says that she can’t find the eulogy that she wrote. Nadine says that she is worried that she will make a mess of things and disappoint Aunt Raylene. Nikolas promises Nadine that he will get her through it.

Maxie tells Kate that she will work on finding something warmer than the silver crystals. Maxie tells Johnny that after what happened the previous night the sooner he moves out the better. Lulu asks what happened the previous night.

Luke tells Epiphany that she has to admit him as a heart patient.

Robin and Patrick talk about Emma sleeping for 4 or 5 hours. Patrick and Robin start enjoying the moment and Emma starts crying.

Nadine says that every time she stood in front of the mirror to rehearse her eulogy she couldn’t get through the first line without crying. Nikolas tells Nadine not to be afraid to cry. Nikolas says that if Nadine feels herself starting to break, all she has to do is look for him because he will be right there.

Maxie tells Lulu that nothing happened, but Lulu doesn’t believe her. Johnny says that he and Maxie came through the living room at the same time and surprised each other the previous night. Johnny leaves to find a job.

Luke tells Epiphany that she needs to admit him and it would help the entire hospital staff with Tracy. N

Sonny tells Claudia that if she wants a tree she can put it at her father’s house. Sonny tells Claudia to do whatever she wants and she asks Max’s opinion. Max says that he is going to make some business calls that Sonny wanted made. Sonny says that he doesn’t need a tree to remind him that he can’t spend Christmas with his children. Claudia tells Sonny about the “Grinch.” Claudia tells Sonny about getting a dollhouse for Christmas and her father smashing it with a hammer. Claudia tells Sonny that she is getting a tree.

Patrick and Robin talk about Emma. Patrick says that he has already shopped for Robin and Emma’s presents and that he is keeping them at Matt’s because he doesn’t trust Robin with presents. Robin says that she is going to hide her presents in Emma’s closet and tells Patrick that he can’t peek. Robin suggests that they go out and get some decorations and Emma’s stocking.

Monica asks Tracy what she wants. Tracy says that Monica could at least show up for her job as Chief of Staff. Monica says that she was at the hospital all day and Tracy asks if there are any new patients that she should now about.

Luke and Epiphany talk about his plan to win Tracy back. Luke tells Epiphany to make sure the machines make him look feeble because Tracy will know that he is faking if the details aren’t right.

Lulu and Maxie argue about Johnny. Johnny calls Lulu and tells her that he got a job and will tell her about it later.

Maxie shows up at Robin and Patrick’s and brings up wedding details. Patrick and Robin assure Maxie that they trust her with the preparations for the wedding.

Lulu visits Luke in the hospital and he tells her that he is faking a heart problem so that Tracy will take him back. Luke tells Lulu to go tell Tracy how scared she is that Luke isn’t going to make it and Lulu points out that she would be calling Laura first. Luke says that Lulu should tell Tracy that she didn’t want to interrupt Laura’s recovery. Luke asks Lulu to tell Tracy that she is the only one who can make him live and Lulu tells him to do it himself.

Claudia and Milo go Christmas tree shopping and see Johnny dealing with an irate woman. Claudia says who she is and the woman says that she must have made a mistake. Claudia tells Milo to take the woman’s tree to her car. Johnny tells Claudia that he is working there and Claudia reminds Johnny that she married Sonny so that he would get his inheritance.

Alexis shows up to see Sonny. Alexis brings up the recent violence in Port Charles and says that it is her job to stop it.

Robin and Patrick go to pick out a tree. Patrick and Emma stay back while Robin decides on a tree.

Johnny and Claudia disagree about his job. Claudia asks Johnny what he is going to do after the holiday season and he says that he will figure it out when he gets there. Johnny says that working there is a lot better than watching Claudia sell herself to Sonny. Claudia says that when the time comes they will get rid of Sonny and Johnny will take over. Johnny tells Claudia that he is done with the family.

Lulu and Luke talk about his plans for Tracy. Tracy walks in and says that she heard that he had a massive heart attack.

Alexis and Sonny talk about their past before they slept together.

Vance tells Nadine that he and Raylene are both proud of her. An attorney comes in and says that Raylene was adamant about her wishes being heard as soon as possible. The attorney plays the DVD and Raylene tells Vance, Bo and Nadine that there is a lot about her that they didn’t know.

Robin and Patrick take their Christmas tree home. Robin tells Patrick directions on where and what rotation to put the tree.

Tracy suggests that she made a mistake when she left him at the Haunted Star when he passed out. Luke says that he doesn’t want to lose her and apologizes for hurting her. Tracy reminds Luke that he promised her that he would take care of himself. Monica comes in and asks Tracy to step outside. Monica tells Luke that according to his test results, his condition is dire.

Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina’s Christmas gifts. Sonny tells Alexis that he is just supervising the Zacchara interests.

Raylene gives Bo, Vance and Nadine their inheritances.

Claudia tells Milo where to go with the tree. Sonny says that he doesn’t want anything to do with the tree and Claudia says that she is going to do everything herself.

Lulu apologizes for being late and tells Maxie that Luke is in the hospital. Lulu says that Luke is faking a coronary. Maxie tells Lulu that they need to buy another tree to replace the one at Kate’s house. Lulu suggests that they get a tree for their place while they are out. Lulu and Maxie see Johnny working the Christmas tree lot.

Monica says that she is performing surgery immediately because Luke needs a quadruple bypass, but he says no. Monica tells Luke that he could arrest at any moment. Tracy asks Monica how bad it is and Monica says that there is no time for goodbyes at the moment. Monica tells a nurse to sedate Luke because she wants him asleep by the time they get to the O.R.

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