GH Update Tuesday 12/16/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu tells Spinelli that they thought he was in the bedroom with Maxie. Maxie giggles. Spinelli wonders who Maxie is in her bedroom with.

Sam calls Jason. Jason answers and Sasha says that Sam is a constant thorn in her side.

Diane shows up Jason’s and asks about what Agent Rayner said. Jason says that Agent Rayner told him he could have blanket immunity if he gives up Sonny.

Claudia says that their marriage of convenience is going fine and asks for her mail. Sonny asks how he can convince her that he wants their partnership to be real. Claudia says that she doesn’t want to go to bed with him one night and wake up the next day to realize that he was using her.

Jax tells Luke that he heard that the Haunted Star was being reopened. Luke says that he is sure he can accommodate Jax because he is Luke’s favorite customer. Jax says that he misses the Haunted Star. Jax says that if Luke needs some help getting the place up and running, to let him know. Luke says that he might be ready to talk about that soon. Luke says that right now he is trying to convince Tracy that he is suicidal.

Maxie continues being very loud in her bedroom. Spinelli and Lulu speculate on why Maxie is doing it. Lulu says that Maxie is trying to prove a point. Spinelli says that he is going to go, but Lulu says that he isn’t going anywhere. Spinelli and Lulu walk in on Maxie in her bedroom by herself.

Claudia tells Sonny that kissing isn’t going to get him what he wants. Sonny says that he wants them to get along so they can grow in their partnership. Claudia says that the reason she was opposed to marrying Sonny was because she hated the idea of being bonded for life to someone who despises her. Sonny says that his intention is to treat her as an equal.

Diane says that Agent Rayner went to Jason alone so that he would have deniability of the meeting. Jason says that all he has to do in exchange for blanket immunity is provide information against Sonny and the Zaccharas. Diane tells Jason that if he does give up the information, then peace finally comes to Port Charles.

Sam says that Sasha needs to let her go. Sasha says that a simpler solution would be to eliminate Sam and Sam says that if she ends up dead, Jason will retaliate. Sasha says that Jason is desperately fighting to hold on to his territory and that he doesn’t have time to avenge old girlfriends.

Jax tells Luke that he and Carly are getting divorced. Jax says that maybe he should blame Luke because he facilitated Carly buying into the Metro Court. Luke says that he blackmailed her into it. Jax says that trying again with Carly is a waste of time and that life is too short for that. Olivia shows up and says that she was hoping to pick up a card game. Jax agrees to play too.

Maxie says that if Lulu and Johnny don’t have noisy sex, she won’t either. Lulu and Johnny go to eat their dinner. Maxie says that living with Lulu is going to be a complete disaster. Spinelli says that Maxie didn’t take her pleasure so vociferously with him as she did with the wall. Maxie says that she faked it and Spinelli asks if she faked it with him or with the wall.

Claudia says that she didn’t think Sonny saw them as a long-term situation and Sonny asks why he would bother otherwise. Claudia says that if Sonny is serious about being the long-term head of the Zacchara organization, then it makes it easier for her to believe that he is sincere about things working out between them.

Jason says that he already took care of Liz and Jake and they don’t have to be afraid of their association with him ever again. Diane says that Jason tried that before and his absence might not be enough to keep them safe. Diane says that Jason is unbelievable because after everything that has happened, he is still willing to ignore what is in his best interest to protect Sonny. Jason says that Sonny was like a father to him and the least he owes Sonny is his protection.

Lulu says that she is starting to think that moving in with Maxie was a very bad idea. Lulu suggests that she and Johnny should show Maxie what real loud sex sounds like. Johnny asks if that is a challenge or an invitation and Lulu says that it is whatever works.

Maxie tells Spinelli that having sex with him was the most selfish thing she has ever done because she used him. Maxie says that it is too bad they can’t do it again because the sex was wonderful. Maxie says that she was just putting on a show for Johnny and Lulu and that is why she was so loud. Spinelli realizes that Maxie has faked it with partners in the past. Maxie says that is another reason they can’t have sex again because she never wants to have to fake it with him.

Milo tells Jason that Sonny isn’t home. Claudia greets Jason and Jason congratulates Claudia. Claudia says that she thinks marrying Sonny was the smartest move she ever made.

Luke says that if he has to call it short it will be only because his wife walked in and he is supposed to be distraught. Jax tells Olivia that Luke is scamming his wife. Sonny walks in and criticizes Olivia for being out gambling so soon. Sonny tells Jax that he can leave now because he needs to talk to Luke. Jax offers Olivia a ride home and she accepts his offer. Luke tells Olivia to stop in anytime. Sonny fills Luke in on what has happened since Luke has been gone. Sonny says that since Johnny bought into the Haunted Star, it looks like he and Luke will be partners again.

Johnny and Lulu talk about Maxie and Spinelli.

Maxie says that her room is all wrong. Spinelli helps Maxie move the furniture around. Maxie says that too many sounds like that will make Lulu think they are messing around. Spinelli says that if that is what Maxie wants, he can accommodate her. Maxie says that driving Lulu nuts isn’t even a good enough reason to use him again. Spinelli tells Maxie that he never felt like she was using him.

Jax and Olivia talk about her “accident” and the conversation changes to Sonny. Olivia suggests that Jax is jealous because Carly still has feelings for Sonny.

Sonny tells Luke about Kate getting shot at their wedding. Sonny tells Luke that he is going to pay for damages to Kelly’s. Sonny says that the deal with Anthony gave him power and he doesn’t want to see anyone else get hurt. Luke says that a conflict with Jason is inevitable at some point. Sonny says that Luke is under no pressure from the Zacchara organization no matter what happens. Luke says that it is a relief because he has problems of his own right now.

Claudia and Jason talk about the past couple of weeks.

Johnny says that he bought a new couch as his contribution to the household. Johnny says that he will look for a job tomorrow. Johnny and Lulu suggest that they go to their room. Maxie reminds them of the deal and Lulu says that she and Johnny didn’t agree to a deal. Spinelli says that he got them a Zen garden for a housewarming gift because it promotes peace and harmony.

Sonny and Luke talk about Laura’s recovery. Luke says that Tracy went to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce, but didn’t and he isn’t supposed to know that she didn’t get the divorce. Tracy shows up and Luke tells her to come closer.

Claudia suggests that she have Sonny call Jason, but Jason says that it is better if they talk in person. Claudia says that she and Sonny are starting to find some common ground.

Sam tells Sasha that if she wants to ambush Jason, she should use Sam as bait. Sasha says that they tried that with Jake, but her way is cleaner.

Tracy and Luke argue. Luke says that he meant every word of his marriage vows. Tracy says that she is going to hire a real manager who can turn the Haunted Star around and make a profit.

Sonny gets home and Jason says that he thought they should talk, but he doesn’t think there is anything to say. Jason tells Sonny that he appreciates him holding off going against the Russians while Jake was being held. Sonny says that he is glad Jason got Jake back and Jason leaves. Sonny says that he has no choice, but to move into Jason’s territory.

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