GH Update Monday 12/15/08

General Hospital Update Monday 12/15/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Maxie walks in on Lulu and Johnny, expecting to see them in bed together. Instead, Lulu and Johnny are moving furniture around in their new bedroom.

Sam hears Sasha say that Jason Morgan needs to die. Jason talks to Spinelli about retaliation against Sonny’s enemies.

Sonny kisses Claudia. Claudia wonders what Sonny is up to. In the meantime, Sasha tells her henchmen that they need to change their strategy. As Sam is eavesdropping, Alexis shows up. Alexis announces to Sasha that she is a person of interest in the Jake Spencer kidnapping. Lucky shows up at Sam’s with dessert, but she’s not home.

Maxie explains that she doesn’t want to listen to Lulu and Johnny having sex. Lulu can’t believe that she is making a big deal out of it. They get into a shouting match. Lulu says that Maxie should buy some earplugs.

Jason tells Spinelli that the Russian mob is targeting all of Sonny’s alliances, which puts Jason at the top of the list. A message comes up on Spinelli’s laptop, but it goes unnoticed.

Claudia brings up retaliating against Jason. Sonny questions her as to why he would go after Jason. Claudia reminds Sonny that Jason took over his business and refused to give it back. Sonny says that Jason was protecting Carly and her children.

Lucky pays Luke a visit at the Haunted Star. Luke says that he is pretending to drink to win Tracy back.

Sasha explains that she is looking out for her client’s best interests. Sasha says that Elizabeth confronted her about the kidnapping, but that she didn’t know anything about it. Sasha says that Alexis is harassing her because Alexis is trying to cover up Jerry’s mistakes.

Jason says that a lot of things have changed and he doesn’t think he can trust Sonny again. Jason adds that he never thought that Sonny would align with the Zaccharas. Jason admits that he doesn’t know what he’ll do if Sonny decides to come after him. There is a knock at the door. An FBI agent shows up and demands to speak to Jason. Spinelli leaves.

Sasha says it’s common knowledge that Sam is Alexis’ daughter and that Alexis was in a relationship with Jerry. Sasha brings up that at one time Sam was arrested for possession of pharmaceutical drugs. Alexis warns that Sasha should back off or she will call the police.

Lucky divulges to Luke that Sam doesn’t know how to stop getting into dangerous situations. Sonny says he blames himself for what happened to Michael. Sonny tells Claudia he had no choice but to sign away his parental rights. Sonny says that once he met Carly, his friendship with Jason started to change. Sonny reveals that he used to trust Jason with his life. Sonny admits that he was hurt that Jason always took Carly’s side. Claudia states that Sonny wants their marriage to work out because he needs the Zacchara family’s help. Anthony shows up. Anthony wants to know what Sonny is going to do about the Russian mob situation. Sonny says that there is no way that Jason can come after him (Sonny) and the Russian mob at the same time.

The agent brings up Jason’s accident, which left him with a brain injury. The agent says that Sonny took Jason under his wing. He adds that the FBI is willing to offer Jason immunity. Jason asks him what he wants in return.

Luke says that Laura wanted to settle down in Port Charles after all their near-death adventures. Luke explains that Sam likes danger and that Lucky is the complete opposite of her. Luke can’t picture Sam settling down any time soon. Lucky says he doesn’t know how Sam really feels about him.

Alexis warns Sasha that the best thing for her to do is to leave town. In the meantime, Sonny receives a phone call. He leaves the room. Anthony discloses that Claudia is clueless as to his plans for Sonny.

The FBI agent asks Jason to provide shipping locations and dates. The agent says that Sonny and Anthony are more dangerous than Jason. He adds that Jason could wipe the slate clean and start over. Jason realizes that to save himself, he has to betray Sonny.

Alexis goes to see Luke. Luke says that Tracy is mad at him. Luke says that it should be obvious that he picked Tracy because he didn’t follow Laura to Paris. Alexis admits that when it comes to relationships, she always picks the wrong men.

Johnny says he will put in some money for rent. Maxie agrees to this, but Lulu refuses to have Johnny pay.

The agent says that Jason should speak to his lawyer about the FBI’s offer. He adds that the deal won’t be on the table for long.

Sonny says that he is okay with Claudia being in the room while him and Anthony discuss business. Alexis admits that she knew that Jerry was a criminal, but still got involved with him anyway. Alexis says that Jerry was witty and fun to be around, but now he is dead. Alexis thinks that Luke is still in love with Laura.

Claudia thinks that it is strange how Sonny disrespected her in the past and now he is being nice. Sonny apologizes for his past behavior. Sonny brings up that maybe their marriage will work out after all. Milo brings in Claudia’s mail. Sonny asks Claudia what they need to do to make their marriage work.

Lulu and Johnny return to their apartment and can hear Maxie yelling from the other room. Lulu thinks that Maxie is in the bedroom with Spinelli. Spinelli comes through the front door. They all wonder who is in the bedroom with Maxie if it isn't Spinelli.

Lucky returns to Sam’s apartment and she is still not home. Lucky leaves her a message on her voicemail. In the meantime, Sam is calling Jason, but he isn’t picking up. Sam realizes that Sasha’s men have found her and she is trapped.

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