GH Update Friday 12/12/08

General Hospital Update Friday 12/12/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny and Claudia discuss their marriage over lunch at the house. Claudia wonders what Sonny’s “agenda” is.

Spinelli is against Johnny staying a the apartment with the girls.

Lucky is at Sam’s. She pulls away when he kisses her. Sam says she injured her hip. Lucky is concerned but Sam says she’s fine.

Liz and Jason are at the courthouse. Jason wants to make the danger in his life clear. He says he and Liz are over for good.

Back at the girl’s apartment, Johnny says he needs to be self-sufficient. Spinelli is jealous of Johnny.

Claudia and Sonny discuss “trust.” Sonny says he needs Claudia on his “side.” He promises to “treat” Claudia “better” than anyone else has. Sonny heads to GH to visit Mike.

Sam tells Lucky the charges against her and Jason were dropped. She says the Russians will seek revenge. Lucky wants Sam to steer clear of the Russians.

At the courthouse, Jason apologizes to Liz. Liz blames herself for continuing her relationship with Jason in spite of the danger. Liz says she “ignored reality” and risked her kid’s lives. Jason says they are “both responsible.” Jason says, “there will be no contact” between he and Liz in the future.

Nikolas is still at the Crowell farm. He helps Nadine with the funeral arrangements for her aunt. Nik tries to be supportive of Nadine.

Back at Sam’s, Lucky voices his concern for Sam. Lucky says the police should “handle the Russians.” Sam insists on continuing her work against the Russians. Lucky is in total disagreement. The two agree to discuss the situation more over dinner. Lucky heads to the courthouse to check on Liz.

At the courthouse, Jason informs Liz that he put five million dollars aside for her. He says he bought Liz her house as well. He says everything is in “trust” for the boys and it was set up to look as though it came from Emily. Jason promises to “never” see Jake again. He asks Liz to allow him to “provide for” Jake’s “future.” Liz promises not to contact Jason. She says she understands the way it must be. They both apologize before Jason walks away from Liz.

Maxie says it’s no big deal if Johnny stays at the apartment temporarily. Spinelli wonders why someone as wealthy as John has no place to live. Johnny and Lulu leave the room while Maxie assesses how to fix the place up.

Ric goes to Sonny’s to see Claudia. He questions her about Sonny and “trust.” Ric says he has no clue what Claudia is up too. He calls her “complicated.” Claudia says she must “make the best of” her situation. Ric says Sonny won’t “share his power” or anything else with Claudia. Ric thinks Claudia should live with Sonny and carry on a relationship with him (Ric) at the same time.

Sonny goes to see Mike at GH. Kate is there. Kate and Sonny bicker. Sonny insists he married Claudia to find the person who shot Kate. Kate says Sonny married Claudia to gain “power.”

Lucky arrives at the courthouse to find Liz. Liz tells Lucky about her conversation with Jason. Liz says she and Jason won’t be seeing each other again. Liz says she “can’t justify” a relationship with Jason.

Jason is at home taking his frustrations out on a punching bag.

Lulu and Johnny discuss redecorating her new bedroom. Lulu understands Johnny’s difficulty in starting over. The two fall onto Lulu’s bed.

Back at the Crowell farm, Nadine has a visitor named Eric.

Carly stops at the penthouse to see Jason. She can tell something is wrong and offers to help. Jason tells Carly his relationship with Liz and Jake is over. Jason admits to seeing Liz “in secret.” He tells Carly what happened with the Russians. Carly offers Jason a sympathetic shoulder.

Back at Sonny’s, Ric suggests that Claudia treat her marriage as one of “convenience.” He says he won’t “stand by” and watch Claudia’s misery. Ric wants Claudia to “trust” him because they are “alike.” Claudia wonders if Ric is simply motivated to take her from Sonny. Ric leaves after Claudia admits the two of them “can be good together.”

At GH, Mike tries to smooth things over between Kate and Sonny. Kat says her life and Sonny’s life “don’t fit.” She says she “wasted a year” on Sonny. Kate admits to sleeping with Jax. The news upsets Sonny. Kate says Sonny should admit he married Claudia for his own reasons – reasons that have nothing to do with her. Kate leaves.

Spinelli and Maxie discuss the bedroom situation at the apartment. Spinelli wants Maxie to be happy with her decision to move. Johnny and Lulu are carrying on loudly in the other room. Spinelli suggests he and Maxie go out for coffee. Maxie declines. The noises from the other room make Spinelli uncomfortable so he leaves.

Nadine introduces Nik to her attorney friend, Eric. Eric wants to discuss the will. He says Nadine inherited “something very important.”

Mike tries to console Sonny at GH. Sonny tells Mike the real reason he married Claudia. Mike is concerned for Sonny. Sonny says he has things under control. Sonny confides his plans in Mike. Sonny says he hopes to win Kate back in the end

At the penthouse, Jason tells Carly everything that happened when the building Jake was in exploded. He says it was a reality check on how dangerous his life is. Carly tries to console Jason.

Liz talks with Lucky at the courthouse. Liz says she’s been given another chance to be a good mother. She promises to put her kids first. Lucky is in agreement. Liz wonders why Lucky isn’t “furious” with her. Lucky says he’s been forgiven many times in the past. Liz tells Lucky about the trust Jason set up. Lucky agrees to let the trust stand. Liz says it will be difficult but life must go on. Lucky says he’s available to “catch” Liz whenever she needs him. Lucky takes Liz home.

Sam sees Sasha and another man out on the street. She breaks into their vehicle and looks for clues.

At the apartment, Maxie gets frustrated listening to Johnny and Lulu carry on in the other room. She bursts in on them and they are simply moving furniture.

Sonny comes home. Claudia asks about Mike. Sonny asks about Ric’s visit. Claudia says she “can’t tolerate being told what to do.” She tells Sonny they must work together. Sonny kisses Claudia.

Spinelli arrives home. Jason asks him to get info on the Russians. Spinelli gets to work. Jason says, “it might be time for” Spinelli to find a place of his own. Jason is worried about Spinelli’s safety. As Spinelli’s computer is copying files on the Russians, Sam is in their vehicle looking at the files. Sam hears Sasha coming back into the vehicle. Sam hides in the back and overhears Sasha mention “eliminating” Jason.

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