GH Update Thursday 12/11/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/11/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick comforts Emma at home while Robin says she’s “a disaster as a mother.” Robin leaves the apartment to give the baby “a break.”

Olivia is at Sonny’s house. Claudia comes in the room and makes a sarcastic comment. Sonny comes into the room.

Lucky takes Elizabeth and the kids home to their house.

Sam runs into Jason at the courthouse. Both have been called in to make a statement.

Back at Sonny’s, Claudia wonders when Olivia is leaving. Claudia thinks Olivia is “well enough” to leave Sonny’s house. Sonny says Olivia should return to Kate’s if she’s feeling well enough.

Maxie and Lulu rent the apartment together. They discuss cleaning and decorating the apartment. Lulu says they have no money to decorate. Maxie chooses the “bigger bedroom.” Lulu wonders why she can’t have the big room.

At the Q mansion, Edward tells Tracy to reconcile with Luke. Tracy learns the ELQ stock has gone down in value. Luke lurks outside the window and listens in on Edward and Tracy. Tracy wants Luke to think they’re still married. Luke bursts in the door, drunk. Luke says his life “holds no purpose” without Tracy.

Lucky and Liz are together at her house. Liz says she wants Lucky to continue to play dad to the kids. They make plans to take the boys on an outing.

Back at the courthouse, Sam tells Jason she has no problem giving her statement to the authorities.

Robin runs into Mac in the park. She tells him about her “failure” as a mother. Robin confides her frustrations in Mac. Mac lends a comforting ear. He tries his best to advise Robin on parenting.

Maxie says she needs the big bedroom because of the closet space. Spinelli arrives at the apartment and the girls fuss over him. The girls ask Spinelli to settle the bedroom “dispute.”

Liz learns she must go give a statement at the courthouse. Lucky stays with the kids. Liz is uneasy about the situation.

At the courthouse, Jason compliments Sam’s role in Jake’s recovery. Diane sends Jason and Sam in to make their statements. Agent Thomas Rainer questions them. The agent wonders why he shouldn’t charge Sam and Jason “with murder.”

Luke is still at the Q mansion with Tracy and Edward. Edward leaves Tracy and Luke alone. Luke sits down, feeling sorry for himself. Tracy isn’t impressed with Luke’s drama. She suggests Luke go to France to visit with Laura. Luke pretends to be hurt by Tracy’s treatment of him. Luke stumbles into Tracy and tries to kiss her. Tracy notices that Luke doesn’t smell like alcohol.

Olivia is still with Sonny. Sonny advises her to “be more careful.” Olivia says she’s “sad” and “disappointed” with Sonny and the choices he’s made.

Sam and Jason are still at the courthouse answering questions. Sam explains what happened at the cabin. Jason explains the happenings as well. Both Sam and Jason take responsibility for not calling in the authorities for assistance. Sam says they had no choice. The agent isn’t convinced. Sam recounts her story of how she recovered Jake from the burning building. The forensic evidence shows that Sam and Jason acted to defend Jake so the charges are dropped.

Spinelli is in the middle of Maxie and Lulu at the apartment. He tries to remain neutral. Spinelli suggests the girls set some “rules.” Johnny arrives.

Luke is still with Tracy at the Q mansion. Tracy has no interest in what Luke has to say. Luke wonders why Tracy has “completely” turned on him. Luke thinks it’s because he was “honest” about his feelings and intentions with Laura. Tracy tells Luke to leave. Luke announces he’s going on a “bender to end all benders.” Luke storms out of the mansion. Alan appears and calls Tracy on her feelings for Luke.

Max and Sonny discuss business at the house. Sonny tells Max he wants to make things work with Claudia. Sonny is suspicious that “one of the Zaccharas” shot Kate. Sonny plans to win Claudia’s “trust” so he can learn the truth.

Jason and Sam are still at the courthouse. Both want Sasha to pay for what she did. Sam vows to “handle” the Russian lawyer. Sam heads off, leaving Jason at the courthouse.

Maxie and Lulu draw cards at the apartment for the big bedroom. Spinelli draws a Jack for Maxie. Johnny draws an Ace for Lulu. Spinelli isn’t happy to learn that Johnny will be staying with the girls temporarily.

Mac and Robin are still in the park. Robin says she’s feeling better. Mac warns there will be more difficult moments to come. He says parenthood is “the biggest, most important job” Robin will have in her life. Patrick and Emma arrive. Patrick pays Robin a much-needed compliment.

Sam goes home. Lucky arrives.

Diane is still at the courthouse with Jason. Liz arrives. Diane says it’s not a good time “for a heart to heart with Elizabeth.” Jason asks Liz about Jake. Jason wants Liz to learn the details of how the four men died at the Russian hideaway.

Patrick and Robin arrive home with the baby. Patrick holds the baby while Robin gets a bottle. Robin watches Patrick’s ease with Emma.

Claudia is surprised to learn that Sonny cooked for her. The two sit and eat together at the house. Claudia is “impressed” with Sonny’s cooking. Claudia tells Sonny about her time in Italy. She wonders what the meal with Sonny will “cost” her.

Lucky tells Sam that Jake is doing well. Sam says Jake is a “calm” child. Sam says she “owed” everyone for her past mistakes. Lucky says nobody “blames” Sam anymore for what happened with Jake before. Sam pulls away when Lucky kisses her.

Jason talks with Liz at the courthouse. Jason says, “Jake would have died the same way” as the others. Jason says Jake was very close to “the blast point.” He says Jake would “be dead” if Sam had failed to get him out of the building.

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