GH Update Wednesday 12/10/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick thanks Robin for the breakfast and she tells him to drink his juice because flu season is coming. Robin says that she has a new confidence in her mothering abilities, because it went well the day before. Robin is looking forward to another day with Emma.

Nikolas feels ready for the ride around the property that Nadine promised him. Nadine says that they can go as soon as she finishes her chores so he offers to help.

Lulu tells Johnny that they are never watching a horror movie again and Johnny teases her. Lulu admits that she had fun being able to spend the whole night with him. Jax shows up and says that he is going to need his place back.

Jason tells Spinelli that he wants an updated search on the properties acquired by the Russians and about any activity in the harbor and on the docks. Spinelli tries to warn Jason and Maxie comes out and says good morning.

Alice welcomes Luke home, but Edward wants to know why Luke isn’t in the Dominican Republic reuniting with Tracy. Luke is surprised to learn that Tracy isn’t home yet. Edward says that Luke is hung over. Luke says that he last saw Tracy the previous night when they were playing cards and he passed out. Edward says that Tracy has probably found a courtroom in the Dominican Republic and has a divorce by now.

Robin says that maybe all the crying was just Emma’s stomach and intestines completing their development. Patrick asks if Robin will be okay by herself and Robin says that she will be fine. Patrick says that his phone is on if she needs him and that he will be at the hospital. Robin asks Patrick to have Epiphany check on Mrs. Jessup because she is receiving an experimental treatment and Robin wants to make sure that she is on track. Robin tells Patrick that she and Emma are going to the park! Robin checks on Emma and says that she is going to change her clothes while Emma sleeps. Emma starts crying.

Nadine says that she can get through her chores quicker on her own, but Nikolas says that it is bad manners to sit around while the lady does all the work. Nikolas admits that he has never done chores, but says that he is eager to learn and tells her to teach him. Nikolas says that it will be a way to get to know her better because she grew up doing these things.

Johnny and Lulu complain that Jax wants to throw him out of the apartment. Jax says that he has the right to revoke the lease at anytime and he will be refunding the deposit. Jax says that the penthouse represented a life before Carly and that he would like Johnny to vacate as soon as possible.

Spinelli tries to explain why Maxie is there, but she keeps interrupting. Jason says that Maxie can’t stay with them and that she needs to leave today.

Nadine makes fun of Nikolas and says that he can go back in the house if he wants, but he says that there is no chance of that happening. Nikolas asks how to milk a cow.

Jax says that if Johnny can be out in a week, it would be great and Johnny says that he will be out today and Jax can take possession that afternoon. Jax says that he will have his office cut Johnny a check for the deposit and that he will have the check sent by messenger. Jax leaves and Lulu says that Jax is being unfair. Johnny says that he can’t afford to pay rent there and that he doesn’t know what he is going to do.

Jason says that he doesn’t want what happened to Jake to happen to Maxie. Maxie says that Jason doesn’t have a problem with Spinelli staying there, but Spinelli says that Jason has frequently expressed concern. Maxie says that she feels safe with them. Jason says that Maxie won’t be able to do any of the things she wants to do when she catches a bullet and that Mac is right about the danger surrounding Jason. Jason says that he wouldn’t want his child anywhere near someone like him.

Patrick shows up at the hospital and tells Matt and Epiphany how well Robin is doing. Patrick says that he was taking care of an outpatient the night before when Robin and Emma came to the hospital looking for him.

Alexis and Sam talk about Jerry. Sam talks about Jerry’s plan to blow up the freighter with her onboard, to cover his disappearance and how Jason showed up in time and freed her.

Patrick, Epiphany and Matt talk about the differences in parenthood for Robin and Patrick. Patrick explains that Robin was trying for perfection and he kind of winged it. Patrick tells Epiphany that Robin is taking Emma for a stroll in the park as they speak.

Robin tries to get Emma to calm down so they can have their day at the park. Maxie shows up and gets Emma to stop crying. Robin says that everyone has a gift with her child except for her.

Nadine explains milking a cow to Nikolas. Nikolas suggests that they start with feeding the chickens, but Nadine says that the cow needs milking. Nikolas changes his mind about helping. Nadine mocks Nikolas.

Jason apologizes to Spinelli for making Maxie leave. Jason tells Spinelli that if Sam hadn’t dove out the window with Jake in her arms, he would have killed Jake by triggering the explosion.

Edward goes off on Luke for not winning Tracy back. Edward says that now life with Tracy is going to be pure, unadulterated torture and it is all Luke’s fault. Alice tells Luke not to give up because Tracy is a sucker for him. Alice says that Luke just needs to be subtle and tricky to win Tracy back. Tracy walks in and Luke says that it is far from the end.

Nadine says that no actual work got done, but that she isn’t complaining about his technique. Nadine admits that they have a milking machine and Nikolas realizes that she almost tricked him into milking a cow by hand. Raylene comes out to the barn and says that she needed a change of scenery. Raylene asks if they have decided on a date for the wedding.

Maxie and Robin talk about Emma crying all the time. Maxie admits that she was stuck for a place to stay when she walked out of Mac’s and so she stayed the night at Jason’s, but he kicked her out. Robin suggests that Maxie go back to Mac’s, but Maxie says that it would be sending the wrong message. Maxie tells Emma to be nice to Robin and leaves.

Spinelli and Jason talk about why Sasha would stay in town. Jason says that he would have to make it even more expensive for them to stay there since they have invested too much to pull out now. Diane shows up and says that Jason has an appointment to be questioned by the federal government.

Luke tries to convince Tracy that he loves her, and she reminds him that he made his pitch for reconciliation in the Dominican Republic. Tracy says that Luke can stroll down memory lane by himself because she has the papers to prove that she is out of the marriage. Tracy says that Luke is out of the house and Luke says that she will miss him. Alice helps Luke get his things. Edward realizes that Tracy is still married to Luke. Tracy says that she would never divorce Luke Spencer, but he doesn’t need to know that yet.

Raylene keeps talking about the wedding and Nikolas says that he is happy she approves of him. Nadine says that she can’t do it and confesses to Raylene that Nikolas never asked her to marry him.


Maxie and Lulu look at the same apartment and try to convince each other why they wouldn’t want it.

Diane assures Jason that the house and the money legally came from Emily and that there is no way to trace it back to him. Jason says that they need to set up a meeting. Diane tells Jason that he needs to tell the authorities exactly what happened when he is questioned by the federal agent.

Emma starts crying and Robin says that she needs to be fed. Patrick takes Emma and she stops crying. Patrick tells Emma that she needs to give Robin a little bit of a break. Robin says that she is a total screw-up. Patrick says that he has a present for Robin and she says that a present won’t fix it. Robin says that they need to hire a baby nurse and face the fact that she is a terrible mother.


Nadine says that Nikolas is about the sweetest man alive because he was ready to marry her to please Raylene. Nikolas says that it wouldn’t have been a terrible hardship. Nikolas says that they won’t get married now, but if she feels the need to marry him in the future to just let him know.

Maxie and Lulu discuss who needs the apartment more. Lulu suggests that they live together and split the rent. Maxie agrees that they could share the apartment.

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