GH Update Tuesday 12/9/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Mac asks how Spinelli can justify putting Maxie’s life in constant danger if he cares about her. Maxie tells Spinelli not to answer the question and tells Mac that he can’t blame Spinelli for everything that happens in town. Mac tells Maxie that the murders, shootings and now kidnappings are all stemming from the mob. Maxie reminds Mac that Spinelli is a computer guy, not a hit man. Maxie tells Mac that Spinelli is essential to her life. Mac says that Maxie won’t have a life if she keeps hanging around with Spinelli. Mac tells Spinelli to stay away from Maxie or he will be locked up on whatever charges Mac can think of. Maxie asks Mac to stop threatening Spinelli and Spinelli says that he will not be swayed from Maxie’s side.

Jax says that Carly ambushed Kate by wearing the same dress to the party. Carly says that Jax couldn’t take his eyes off her and Jax says that it is a nice dress. Carly asks why Jax would settle for a fake imitation when he could have the real thing anytime he wanted.

Sonny asks what happened and Patrick says that he will fill them in, but first he needs some antiseptic and bandages. Sonny tells Claudia to set up a guest room. Claudia asks what is going on and why it is their problem.

Liz, Lucky and Cameron are excited to have Jake back. Liz asks Cameron to help Lucky make Jake a bottle. Lucky thanks Sam and Jason for saving Jake. Sam says that she is grateful she could help. Lucky asks Cameron if he wants some popcorn. Liz says that her heart is full of gratitude and she doesn’t know how to express it. Jason says that Liz should be thankful to Sam.

Mac forbids Maxie from seeing Spinelli. Maxie reminds Mac that she is over 18 and he can’t forbid her to do anything. Mac says that he can while she is living under his roof, and if she can’t abide by the new rule she will have to find her own place to live. Mac says that if Maxie finds her own place, he is cutting her off and she can’t take the car. Maxie says that she isn’t going to close the door on her friendship with Spinelli. Mac walks away and Maxie says that she won’t let Mac pull her away from the one person she looks forward to seeing everyday. Maxie says that she will move out and that she thinks it is time.

Carly says that the only thing that attracts Jax to Kate is that he knows it will drive Carly crazy, but Jax says that is her world. Jax says that her trying to seduce him isn’t going to work. Carly says that Jax should relax, enjoy it and feel free to take advantage of it. Jax says that she can’t seduce him back and that they are over. Carly asks why Jax is still wearing his wedding band if they are done.

Claudia says that she just wants to know why Olivia is there bleeding all over their couch. Olivia tells Sonny, Patrick and Claudia what happened on the docks. Patrick tells Claudia that he tried to take Olivia to the hospital, but Olivia insisted on being brought there instead. Olivia says that she doesn’t want her to have her son called. Olivia says that all she needs is a quiet place where Patrick can stitch her up and she will be on her way. Sonny says that Olivia will stay as long as she needs to stay. Patrick asks Sonny where the medical supplies are.

Carly says that Jax is still wearing his ring because he still wants them to be married, but Jax says that it is habit. Jax says that he wanted to keep it on until they were divorced, out of respect. Jax says that he slept with Kate once and it represented moving on.

Mac tells Robin what happened and they talk about Spinelli. Mac asks Robin to stop Maxie from moving out.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about Mac. Spinelli says that he has the same concerns that Mac does about her safety. Maxie says that she feels perfectly safe around Spinelli. Maxie says that she is selfish and no one will dictate him out of her life because he makes her a better person. Maxie says that she is sure about moving out and admits that she was only staying with Mac so long because he still really misses Georgie. Spinelli offers to let her stay at Jason’s, but Maxie says that she doesn’t want to interrupt anymore intimate moments between Jason and Sam.

Sam says that Jason is being modest and that she just assisted him. Liz says that if Jason says that Sam is responsible for Jake being home, then she is forever indebted to Sam. Sam says that Liz doesn’t owe her anything. Liz says that she is going inside to be with the boys, but will send Lucky out so that he can thank her too. Lucky comes out and says thank god that Sam is safe.

Maxie shows up and tells Mac that she is moving out and nothing he or Robin says can change her mind. Mac says that she doesn’t have to leave and that he was wrong to give her an ultimatum. Maxie says that it is about time she stood on her own.

Jax tells Carly that he didn’t sleep with Kate to get back at her for sleeping with Sonny, and admits that he doesn’t have feelings for Kate. Jax says that sleeping with Kate was about him and about going back to an adult relationship without the risk of emotional devastation. Jax says that he can’t have a life with Carly, but she says that they can make it work. Carly says that she didn’t want their life to be about guilt, blame and regret.

Jason and Sam tell Lucky about finding Jake at the roadhouse. Lucky says that he is very grateful to both of them. Lucky says that he needs to get back inside to his family and that he will call Sam later, and asks Jason to drive her home. Sam tells Lucky to go be with his family.

Sonny and Patrick talk about Olivia’s stab wound. The conversation changes to parenthood. Sonny asks if he should notify Olivia’s son about her being hurt.

Jax says that he can’t stay in the marriage because he can’t keep doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome. Jax says that Carly was right, it is time that he took his ring off.

Sonny and Patrick talk about Olivia and her son. Patrick says that Olivia is fine, but she was obviously a victim and maybe her son deserves to know that, but ultimately it is Olivia’s decision. Sonny tells Patrick to give his love to Robin and Claudia speaks up and says that they are married now and accepting well wishes.

Mac and Robin talk about Maxie moving out. Maxie asks and Robin says that she has nothing to say. Mac says that Maxie doesn’t have to leave in the middle of the night, but Maxie says that there is no time like the present. Maxie says that she will come back for the rest of her stuff when she figures out where she is going. Mac gives the car back to Maxie. Maxie says that maybe it is time for Mac to have the house to himself. Maxie leaves and Robin tells Mac that it is for the best. Mac says that he can’t wait to hear the song Robin will be singing when Emma is walking out the front door hitching her wagon to some junior mobster and Robin thanks him for putting the picture in her mind.

Sam says that jumping from the window made her hip flare up and she needs to get home and rest. Jason says that he doesn’t want Jake to be like him and he hopes that Jake doesn’t remember who he is.

Mac tells Robin that Jake turned up in a roadhouse shootout and that Jason saved the day. Robin says that using work as a distraction is permissible, but if he takes it too far then she will have to intervene. Mac asks Patrick to make sure that Robin and Emma get home. Patrick tells Robin that he saved Olivia after being at Liz’s.

Sonny and Claudia argue about Olivia staying there. Sonny reminds Claudia that their marriage has nothing to do with love and that he is still in love with Kate.

Sam says that Jason isn’t giving himself any credit for saving Jake. Jason says that he also set off the explosion that almost killed Jake. Jason says that it will be the last time he puts Jake in danger.

Carly talks to Michael about her marital problems with Jax.

Claudia says that she will try not to speak disrespectfully about Kate if Sonny will try not to throw Kate in her face. Olivia comes downstairs and sits on the couch. Olivia says that she couldn’t sleep and thought she would come down and spend some time with the happy newlyweds. Sonny says that he is going to take care of whoever stabbed Olivia. Olivia and Claudia agree that Sonny doesn’t need any more trouble with the Russians.

Lucky finishes a story. Liz says that she likes the 4 of them sitting on the couch in the middle of an ordinary nightly routine and that is what life is all about.

Jason says that he needs to thank Sam for saving Jake. Sam says that she owed Jake, Jason and Liz. Jason says that it is done now and Sam thanks Jason for the ride.

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