GH Update Monday 12/8/08

General Hospital Update Monday 12/8/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jason is in the middle of a shootout with the Russian mob. Sam tries to get away from Sasha, who is holding a knife to Sam’s throat. Sam tries to get to Jake, who is playing with some toys in another room. Jason is about to go find Jake when the building explodes. Jason calls out for Jake.

At her studio, an angry Elizabeth is destroying her artwork with a knife. Lucky shows up and comforts Elizabeth, who is crying.

At the Crimson party, Kate is horrified to see that her and Carly are wearing the same dress. A guest tells Kate that she looks better in the dress than Carly. Kate says that someone tampered with the elevator. Jax announces to the guests that Kate has done a great job with the magazine and she should be applauded for Crimson’s success.

Sonny finds Claudia and Ric kissing. Sonny says he needs to set down some ground rules. In the meantime, Elizabeth worries that Jake is in danger. Elizabeth can’t believe that Jason was right this whole time – that being with him (Jason) would put everyone in the line of fire. Lucky tries to console her, but Elizabeth is adamant that Jake’s kidnapping is her fault. Elizabeth realizes that Jason will always be in the mob. Elizabeth decides that she doesn’t want to be a part of that kind of life.

Jason is frantic and worries that Jake was in the building when it blew up. Suddenly, Sam shows up, holding Jake. Jason is relieved and takes his son in his arms.

Maxie tells Lulu that Kate is obviously mad about the dress fiasco. The guests tell Kate that her current issue of Crimson was great. Carly pipes in that most women can’t wear the clothes that are in Crimson. Kate is furious and calls Carly out. Carly fires back by announcing to everyone that Kate slept with her husband.

Lucky reminds Elizabeth that she is an awesome mother and has rebuilt her life despite everything. Epiphany calls Liz, who tells her that she needs to pick up Cameron at the hospital.

Sonny states that Ric should stay away from him and Claudia. At the hospital, Patrick thanks Epiphany for calling Liz. Patrick notices Matt is keeping Cameron busy in the lobby, playing with toy cars. Lucky and Elizabeth show up. Elizabeth tells Patrick she hasn’t heard anything about Jake.

Sam explains that she jumped out a window with Jake right before the explosion. Sam says that Sasha managed to get away. Jason is relieved that his son is unharmed.

Kate tells everyone that Clarice helped her immensely when she was in the hospital. The guests leave. Kate tells Carly that she sabotaged her party by wearing the same dress. Kate is furious and says that she will be the laughingstock of the fashion industry. Kate warns Olivia not to call her Connie in public. Olivia has heard enough. Olivia says that Kate is always going to be Connie and not some glamorous fashion magnate. Olivia leaves the party. Kate says that she is disappointed in Lulu. Maxie sticks up for Lulu.

Sonny wants Ric to stay away. Sonny insists that Ric isn’t going to get in the middle of his business plans for the Zacchara family. Sonny states that Ric isn’t supposed to come around unless he hears from him (Sonny). Claudia asks Sonny what happened to them leading their own lives.

Jax thinks that Carly had something to do with the elevator. Jax says that Carly never fully gave him her heart. Jax is done with Carly and walks away.

On the docks, Sasha calls someone to talk about the Jake situation. Olivia overhears the conversation and Sasha asks her how much she heard.

Sam calls Elizabeth to inform her that Jake is safe and sound. Elizabeth is relieved to hear her son’s voice. Jason is fighting back tears as they drive back to Port Charles.

Olivia says she didn’t hear anything. Sasha seems convinced, but then stabs Olivia. Sasha runs away, just as Patrick shows up. Patrick puts pressure on Olivia’s wound.

Maxie tries to explain to Kate that it wasn’t Lulu’s fault about the dress sabotage. Jax walks in on their conversation. Jax thinks that Kate is being too hard on Lulu. Kate announces that both Maxie and Lulu need to be fired. Jax tries to convince Kate that firing them is a mistake. Kate is appalled that Jax isn’t on her side. However, Kate decides not to fire either of her assistants. Kate and Jax leave. Lulu can’t believe that Maxie covered for her.

In the backseat, Sam is holding Jake. Jason smiles. In the meantime, Olivia says that she doesn’t want her family to know that she got stabbed. Patrick says she needs to go to the hospital.

Lulu says that she wanted Carly to get back at Kate, so that’s why she told Carly about Kate’s dress. Lulu thanks Maxie for being a friend. Maxie says that she has a lot of work to do at the office. Maxie tells Lulu that she can handle the work herself, so Lulu leaves.

Elizabeth can’t believe that Jake is okay. Liz says to Lucky that she should have had more faith in Jason. In the car, Sam is talking to Jake, who is playing with her phone. Jason is listening to their conversation as they approach Port Charles.

Spinelli informs Sonny and Claudia that Jake was found unharmed. Claudia says that now that Jake has been found, they can continue their plans to get back at the Russian mob.

At the Metro Court, Jax says to Carly that Maxie and Lulu were almost fired by Kate. Carly thinks the Crimson party was a success. Carly is proud of herself for destroying Kate’s night.

Spinelli pays Maxie a visit at the Crimson office. Mac shows up and questions Maxie on why she continues to hang out with Spinelli. Maxie sticks up for her friend and tells Mac that Spinelli is harmless. Mac explains that there was a building explosion and a bunch of Russian men ended up dead. Despite Mac’s warning, Maxie refuses to tell Spinelli to leave.

Olivia shows up at Sonny’s home, injured and bleeding. Claudia has a curious look on her face. Elizabeth is reunited with her son.

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