GH Update Friday 12/5/08

General Hospital Update Friday 12/5/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the Metro Court, Jax accuses Carly of trying to pump Lulu for information on Kate.

Olivia is at Crimson with Kate. They discuss the situation with Jax. Kate accuses Olivia of “picking Carly over” her.

Claudia and Sonny are at home discussing children being harmed the way Michael was harmed.

Sam and Jason find the Russian hideout and Sam offers to try and get “inside.”

Back at the hotel, Lulu tells Jax she’s free to socialize with Carly any time she wants to. Lulu seems to favor Carly over Kate. Jax doesn’t want to discuss the situation anymore so he walks away. Carly says Jax is being “cruel.” Carly promises to “teach” Jax and Kate “a lesson.”

At Crimson, Kate tells Olivia that Carly hated her “on principle” because she had a relationship with Sonny. Kate continues to badmouth Carly. Olivia says both Kate and Carly have made mistakes. She says a feud with Carly could end up costing Kate a lot.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia admits to visiting Michael in the hospital. Claudia says she suffered her own “injuries” because of her father’s crimes. Claudia says she will never have kids of her own. Sonny says no movement will be made “against the Russians” until Jake is released.

Liz gets a visit at home from Patrick. Liz says she called the police and received no information on Jake. Liz blames her association with Jason for Jake’s abduction. Patrick gives Liz some model cars for Cam.

Jason and Sam discuss their plan for recovering Jake. Jason agrees to let Sam try and get inside the building. Inside the hideaway, Sasha makes plans for Jason’s demise.

Sam is approached by one of the Russians when she walks up to the building where Jake is being kept.

Sonny is at home trying to get info on Jake. Claudia informs Sonny she isn’t a “domestic goddess.” She also admits to being “an excellent chef.” Claudia is surprised to learn that Sonny cooks as well. Rather than accept Claudia’s cooking challenge, Sonny heads off to a meeting.

Johnny meets Lulu at the Metro Court. Lulu says she has to attend Kate’s party. Anthony arrives at the hotel. Anthony insists that Johnny comes back home. Johnny says he wants “nothing to do with” his family or their “business.”

Liz is still at home with Patrick. Liz worries about the affect Jake’s abduction may have on Cam. Patrick is sympathetic to Liz’s emotional reaction to the situation. Liz says Cam feels guilty for Jake’s kidnapping. She says the situation was her fault and Cam is too young to feel responsible.

Sam is taken at gunpoint into the Russian hideaway. She pretends to be looking for work. One of the men says he can find something for Sam, as he looks her up and down. Jason stays outside and watches. Sasha suddenly appears and wonders what Sam is up to.

Back at the hotel, Anthony tells Lulu about Johnny’s childhood adventure of running away. Anthony makes an offhanded threat to Johnny. Sonny arrives. John tells Sonny to keep Anthony away from him. Anthony says Johnny “inherits everything in the end.” Anthony asks why Sonny isn’t with Claudia. He also questions why Sonny isn’t handling the Russians. Sonny says he won’t endanger children. He asks the guards to escort Anthony home.

Claudia is home looking at pictures of Sonny’s kids. Ric arrives. Ric claims to have come to alert Sonny about Jake. Ric advises Claudia to keep her “guard” up with Sonny.

Lulu and Maxie meet at the Metro Court Crimson party. Jax is there looking for Kate. Olivia arrives and introduces herself to Jax. Olivia brings up the relationship between Jax and Kate.

Patrick lends Liz a sympathetic ear. Liz says she wasn’t realistic about Jason. Liz says she was “delusional” about Jason’s protection. Liz thinks she was a “target” because she insisted on seeing Jason. Patrick tries to relieve Liz’s guilt. Liz tells Patrick to put his kids “first.” Liz asks Patrick to stay with Cam so she can step out briefly.

Back at the hideaway, Sasha questions Sam’s motives. Sam tells Sasha how much she dislikes Jason. Sam asks Sasha for a job. Sasha wonders why Sam is interested in working for her after the shooting at the warehouse. Outside, Jason looks through the window at Jake.

Kate arrives at the Metro Court. Carly waits until Kate gets on the elevator then makes sure the elevator gets stuck between floors.

Jax is at the Crimson party socializing. Olivia approaches the group Jax is talking with. Carly steps off the elevator and into the party.

Sam tells the Russians thanks but no thanks. Sasha stops Sam and says she may have a job for her. Sam sits down for a drink. Jason waits outside. A man approaches and shoots Jason. Jason falls to the ground.

Kate finds herself stuck on the hotel elevator. Finally the elevator starts to move. Carly approaches when Kate enters the party. Both women are wearing the same dress. Maxie gets nervous about what might happen.

Ric is still at Sonny’s house. Claudia tells him she just wants “a workable truce” with Sonny. Sonny comes home in time to catch Ric and Claudia kissing in his living room.

Lucky arrives at Liz’s house. Patrick is still there babysitting. Patrick says Liz wants to “punish herself” about what’s happening. Lucky heads off to look for Liz.

Liz goes to her studio. She has some flashbacks about Jason. Liz picks up a sharp object.

Sam waits for Sasha to return with the job offer. Sam pretends to head to the lady’s room so she can search for Jake.

Jason fights off his attacker outside as Sam searches inside for Jake. Sam creates a diversion then goes into another area of the building and finds Jake playing quietly on the floor. Sasha comes up from behind Sam and holds a knife to her throat. Jason makes his way into the building as Sam fights with Sasha.

Liz trashes her studio. Lucky arrives in the middle of it all and tries to comfort Liz.

Jason has a shootout with the Russians. Sam manages to defeat Sasha for a minute. Sam then tries to get to Jake. Suddenly Sasha comes back for more.

Jake is still playing on the floor as the building suddenly blows up. Jason watches in horror as the building burns with Jake still inside.

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