GH Update Thursday 12/4/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/4/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Patrick tries to reassure Robin about motherhood. Robin feels like a failure with Emma. Patrick wonders if Robin should return to work early.

Nikolas and Nadine are at the Crowell farm. Nadine apologizes for her family’s rudeness.

Carly is at the Metro Court with Marty. Carly learns Crimson is holding a party at the hotel that evening. Jax approaches and says Crimson info is off limits to Carly.

Sonny is at home discussing business with Max and Milo. Claudia arrives and wonders why Sonny has started the meeting without her.

Back at their apartment, Robin and Patrick continue their discussion of parenthood. Robin wonders why she can’t be like other moms. Patrick’s words of wisdom don’t help Robin to feel better. Patrick is confident things will get better.

Back on the farm, Nik says he was “moved” by Nadine’s offer of marriage. Nik says he won’t take advantage of Nadine by having a marriage of convenience. He says he appreciates Nadine’s offer.

At the hotel, Carly blurts to Mary that Jax is having a relationship with Kate. Kate arrives to discuss the party with Marty. Carly calls Kate on her fake identity. Carly and Kate bicker. Kate heads off with Jax to discuss the party.

Sonny asks Max and Milo to give him some alone time with Claudia. Claudia thinks she and Sonny should be married in every way, not just in name.

Epiphany and Leyla are surprised to see Robin come into the hospital. Matt says nothing, but he notices that Robin is tense.

Tracy and Luke are in the Dominican Republic playing cards. They argue over their relationship.

Lulu arrives at the Crimson office. Maxie has things under control, but she seems happy that Lulu is back at work.

At Sonny’s house, Claudia wonders if she and Sonny can have a physical relationship. Sonny says they must keep their emotions out of their relationship. Claudia wonders what Sonny is so afraid of.

Back at the Crowell farm, Nadine says she couldn’t tell her aunt the truth about the wedding. She hopes Nik will forgive her since the wedding is still on in her aunt’s eyes.

Back in the Dominican Republic, Luke and Tracy continue to disagree. Tracy admits she “admires” Luke. Luke insists he wants to stay married to Tracy. Tracy wonders what will happen when Laura eventually returns.

Kate and Jax welcome Lulu back to work at Crimson.

Carly meets with Olivia at the hotel. Olivia says her loyalty is to Kate because they are family.

Back at the house, Claudia threatens to find another man to “satisfy” her if Sonny is unwilling. Sonny doesn’t seem to care. Max interrupts to say that Sasha has arrived to see Sonny. Sonny calls Sasha on all the destruction the Russians caused in the city. Sonny tells Sasha of his new position in the organization. Sonny threatens Sasha if people he cares about are hurt. Sasha claims to be powerless when Sonny tells her to relay the message of his new power to her superiors. Sonny says, “Any further aggression will be met with blanket retaliation.” Sasha is escorted out of Sonny’s house.

Matt pays Patrick and Emma a visit. He offers to watch the baby if Patrick has something to do. Matt takes the baby while Patrick heads to the kitchen. Patrick tries to teach Matt how to entertain the baby.

Back at GH, Robin is clearly stressed. Lainey approaches Robin. The two take a break. Lainey says Robin has “the baby blues.” Lainey advises Robin to take a step back and take some time for herself. She suggests a walk in the park for starters.

At the Crowell farm, Nikolas finally meets the famous Aunt Raylene. Nadine’s aunt is very welcoming to Nikolas. She asks to speak with Nikolas alone, so Nadine obliges. Aunt Raylene asks Nik what his intentions toward Nadine are.

Tracy and Luke continue their discussion and their card game in the Dominican Republic. Both are fairly drunk. Tracy wants an answer regarding Laura’s return. Luke admits he will always have “feelings” for Laura. Tracy tells Luke to “choose.” Luke insists he already did.

Nikolas assures Aunt Raylene that he deeply cares for Nadine. Nik says he may not be “ready to love again.” Nik says he “will always honor and respect” Nadine. Aunt Raylene seems to like Nikolas.

Robin arrives at home and finds Matt with Patrick and the baby. Matt leaves shortly after Robin arrives. Robin says her wish is to be “a better mom.”

Johnny goes to see Claudia at Sonny’s house. The two talk outside so Sonny can’t hear them. Claudia warns that the Russians will soon make a move against them. Johnny worries that Sonny will soon learn the truth about Michael’s shooting. Johnny wants Claudia away from Sonny.

Back at the Crowell farm, Nikolas finds Aunt Raylene to be “wonderful.” Nadine rambles on about her aunt. Nadine is afraid to disappoint her aunt. Nik says they should go through with the marriage to please Aunt Raylene.

Back at Crimson, Kate barks orders at Maxie. Olivia arrives and suggests a break. Kate gets upset when Olivia calls her “Connie.” Kate says she plans on attending the Crimson party on Jax’s “arm.”

Carly runs into Lulu at the hotel. Lulu plans to “stay professional” regarding Carly’s feud with Kate. Carly asks Lulu about Kate’s outfit for the party. Jax intervenes on the conversation before more is said.

Johnny does his best to convince Claudia to leave Sonny. Claudia says it’s best that she stays put. Claudia goes inside Sonny’s house so Johnny’s presence won’t be discovered. Sonny tells Claudia he just learned Jake was taken hostage. Claudia agrees that Sonny “can’t make a move” against the Russians for fear of harming Jake. Sonny is surprised by Claudia’s compassion and wonders if she’s “talking from experience.”

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