GH Update Wednesday 12/3/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Nikolas asks about Nadine and a man says that he must be the freeloader that was trying to con Nadine into marriage.

Sam says that she is okay, but her back hurts a little bit. Jason says that they canít stop because he has to get Jake.

Liz tells Lucky that she didnít see the faces of the men who ambushed them. Liz recognizes Karpovís attorney when she is brought in for questioning.

A cab driver tells Tracy that she can get a divorce in a shack. Tracy walks into the shack and Luke welcomes her to the Dominican Republic.

Patrick tells Robin to try to take a nap while Emma is asleep. Robin says that she has to clean house first, but Patrick convinces her that the housework can wait. Patrick says that they can still get a nurse to help with Emma, but Robin says that the point of taking maternity leave was so that she could do it herself. Patrick leaves and Emma starts crying.

Nikolas and Bo are formally introduced. Nikolas says that he has nothing but respect for Nadine and would never take advantage of her. Nadine comes out and says that she is glad to see him.

Tracy asks if Luke is stalking her. Luke says that Tracy said she was going to the Dominican Republic, so he got on the next plane.

Lucky says that Sasha Donev is probably there for questioning because of her connections to Karpov. Liz says that Sasha must know where Jake is. Sasha tells Mac that she canít be much help. Lucky says that to save herself, Sasha has to tell them where Jake is being kept.

Sam and Jason talk about the Russians having Jake.

Tracy tells Luke that by the time that the rain stops, he will be begging for a divorce.

Nikolas gives Nadine the flowers he got her. Bo leaves. Nikolas says that he came because she sounded really upset on the phone. Nadine tells Nikolas that her Aunt Raylene is really sick.

Patrick shows up at the hospital and shows pictures of Emma to Epiphany, Matt and Leyla. When they fail to convince Patrick to not work, Epiphany asks Matt to accompany Patrick on his rounds. Leyla answers the phone and says that a severe head trauma coming up from the ER and they want Patrick to operate. Patrick tells them to page Dr. Morucci because he doesnít trust himself.

Robin tries to get Emma to calm down, but she keeps crying. Maxie shows up to see Robin and convinces her to take a shower. Maxie offers to stay with Emma while Robin takes a shower and changes her clothes. Maxie talks to Emma and Spinelli shows up. Maxie asks Spinelli to do something about Emma crying.

Leyla brings Patrick some coffee and Epiphany has him sign some papers. The conversation changes to how often Emma cries and what they were like as babies. Matt says that his mother always told him that he was a good baby from the get-go and Patrick says ďSo much for personality revealing itself early.Ē Patrick gets a call and agrees to scrub in because Dr. Morucci is in trouble. Patrick says that Matt is helping. Epiphany says that no matter how little sleep Patrick has gotten, he is way too arrogant to ever botch a surgery.

Sam and Jason talk about the Russians reasons for taking Jake.

Mac questions Sasha about the ambush and Jakeís kidnapping by some Russians. Liz asks Sasha where Jake is. Sasha says that she doesnít know and that Liz is angry at herself for not being able to keep her children safe.

Spinelli tells Emma a story and she falls asleep. Spinelli says that he will tell Emma the story over and over during the upcoming weeks and Maxie can keep them company. Jason calls Spinelli for help. Robin comes out and asks what is going on and Maxie says that Spinelli is helping Jason. Jason and Sam talk about what to do next.

Nadine and Nikolas talk about her Aunt Raylene. Nadine tells Nikolas about her parents. Nadine introduces Nikolas to her Uncle Vance. Vance says that he is glad Nikolas is there because now he can find out why he wants to marry Nadine.

Luke and Tracy argue about their life together. Tracy says that nothing is going to erase the fact that he chose Laura over her. Luke says that he didnít choose Laura. Tracy tells Luke to give up.

Robin tells Maxie that talking about guns and ammo isnít the most appropriate cradle talk. Robin convinces Maxie and Spinelli that she and Emma will be fine. Maxie and Spinelli leave and Emma starts crying again.

Patrick says that the patient should make a full recovery. Epiphany tells Patrick that he is going home.

Liz tells Lucky that she has no one to blame for the men taking Jake, but herself. Lucky tells Liz that she is being too hard on herself. Liz says that she loves that Lucky is Jake and Cameronís father because he protects them.

Sam and Jason talk about the possibility that it could be a setup to ambush him. Sam says that she is technically on the payroll because she worked for Karpov, so she is going to go in and order a drink. Jason says that they need to be sure that Jake is there first.

Robin tries to calm Emma down. Patrick walks in and Emma quits crying. Robin asks why Patrick is so good at parenting and how she can learn.

Tracy says that she is praying that God stops the rain so that she can get out of there. Luke says that he brought a deck of cards.

Vance and Bo question Nikolas, while Nadine defends him. Vance says that Nikolas will have to marry Nadine and soon because it is Rayleneís fondest wish to see Nadine married before she dies.

Sasha and a man talk about Jake and Jason. The man says that when Jason shows up, he is to be killed.

Jason tells Sam that they will have to get Jake themselves.

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