GH Update Tuesday 12/2/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Johnny and Lulu find a place to hide out. Lulu criticizes him for hitting the cop. Johnny says that it felt really good and Lulu says that it put them right back where they started, running from the law.

Trevor and Carly talk about ruining Kate. Carly says that they should quit making things easy for Kate. Trevor asks why Carly is so intent on hurting Kate and Carly says that it is about time that Kate gets exactly what she deserves.

Sonny confronts Claudia about interrupting his meeting and telling him when to end it. Claudia says that Sonny did everything he needed to by stepping up and taking the reins.

Johnny and Lulu talks about what the cop said about her. Lulu says that Johnny is going to have to use the Zacchara influence to get out of this situation and Johnny says that he isn’t asking anyone in his family for help ever again.

Alice, Monica and Edward talk about the situation at the mansion. Alice says that she just got done talking the gardener out of filing a lawsuit against them. Edward says that there is no way in hell he will beg Luke to move back in. Tracy comes in and confronts Monica about moving the charity guild meeting. Tracy declares war on Edward and Monica. Edward, Monica and Alice leave and Alan appears. Alan says that it is fortunate that he is dead because she is making life miserable for everyone around her.

Ric says that if the meeting is going to continue, he would like to bring Sonny up to speed as far as the year to date profits. Sonny asks Ric to give him a minute with Claudia and Ric agrees. Claudia asks Sonny to let her sit in on the meeting because she knows the Zacchara business better than anyone. Sonny says that the meeting will continue the following morning at 9am. Ric says that he will stay and brief Sonny on the men that he will be meeting with the following day. Sonny asks why he should trust Ric or Claudia. Claudia says that she is his wife and their interests are joined in unholy matrimony.

Edward invites Luke to move back in because Tracy is making their lives hell. Luke agrees to move back in and says that his bag is in the car. Tracy tells Edward to get Luke out of there before she has him arrested.

Johnny says that Lulu is under no obligation to stay. Lulu says that she loves him and that if he is on the run, so is she. Lulu says that the reason behind the punch was her problem. Lulu says that Johnny would have walked away if he hadn’t cowered at the mention of the Zacchara name.

Claudia says that a great place for them to meet halfway would be for him to respect her opinion and the contributions that she can make. Sonny apologizes for giving her the impression that he was dismissing her. Sonny says that his deal with Anthony was that he would run the organization the way he sees fit with no input. Ric comes in and says that Claudia just got shut out and that Sonny does it with everyone.

Edward says that he will leave so that Tracy and Luke can work things out. Tracy says that she is thinking about having Edward committed because he is senile. Tracy insists that she doesn’t want him back or miss him. Luke tells Tracy that he loves her and Tracy says that she is resigning from being the back-up wife. Tracy tells Luke to get out. Alice, Edward and Monica come out and Monica says that Luke can stay as long as he would like.

Johnny asks Lulu if being on the run will work for her. Lulu says that her place is with him. Spinelli and Maxie show up. Lulu says that she was hoping that Maxie could get them some clothes that are a little more down-scale from the latest designer wear. Johnny says that they need fake ids and car registration.

Carly meets with Nikolas and says that he will help her make sure that Jax and Kate both pay.

Sonny, Ric and Claudia talk about business. Sonny says that he is going to Kate’s because he and Claudia are married only for business reasons and they can do whatever they want in their personal lives.

Carly and Nikolas talk about Diane.

Claudia says that she can’t make out with Ric there because it is her house with Sonny now. Claudia says that continuing their relationship would be a very risky proposition. Ric suggests that Claudia thinks she has a real relationship with Sonny.

Sonny apologizes for hurting Kate and says that he regrets that they didn’t get married. Kate says that she doesn’t think he really loves her.

Lulu and Johnny talks about cars. Johnny admits that he doesn’t know how to hotwire cars and Lulu says that it is a good thing she is there because Luke made sure she knew how to hotwire a car before she was done with the 4th grade. Johnny says that she doesn’t have to go through with it, but Lulu says that they already agreed that they are in it together.

Carly and Nikolas talk about Jax. Nikolas tells Carly to be absolutely sure how far she wants to take her plans for revenge.

Claudia and Ric argue about Sonny. Claudia suggests that Ric is worried she will fall in love with Sonny. Ric says goodnight to Claudia and calls her Mrs. Corinthos.

Sonny asks Kate not to negate what they had and what he feels and Kate says that it wasn’t real. Sonny says that he is going to find out who is responsible for shooting Kate and Kate tells him not to use her as an excuse.

Edward gives up his slippers for Luke. Luke decides on lobster for dinner. Tracy says that she doesn’t have time for dinner and makes a call to get the company jet ready for a flight to the Dominican Republic so that she can get a divorce.

Lulu thanks Maxie and hugs her. Lulu asks about the fake ids and Spinelli says that they aren’t necessary because the assault on the cop wasn’t reported. Maxie says that Lulu can stay.

Carly talks about dismantling Crimson piece by piece. Carly tells Nikolas that Jax’s only real homes are the businesses he runs, which in Port Charles are the Metro Court and Crimson. Nadine calls Nikolas and tells him that they will have to postpone the marriage because she won’t be back when she planned.

Claudia asks about Sonny’s visit with Kate and he says that it is none of her business. Claudia tells Sonny goodnight.

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