GH Update Monday 12/1/08

General Hospital Update Monday 12/1/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly walks in on Jax and Kate having sex on Kate’s living-room floor. Carly throws water over them to get their attention. Kate is shocked that Carly is there. Carly asks if Jax and her are even now.

At the Zacchara mansion, Sonny and Claudia are about to be married. In the meantime, Jason shows up at the cabin. Sam gets into the passenger seat of Jason’s vehicle, revealing to him that some Russian guys took Jake. Elizabeth is upset and yelling that Jake is gone.

Claudia and Sonny are officially married. Sonny kisses her, catching Claudia by surprise. Carly is furious that Jax would spend the night with Kate. Carly asks Jax if he feels better now.

Lulu and Johnny are looking up at the sky, staring at the stars. Lulu suggests that they go for a ride and keep driving. Johnny admits he always wanted to be a cowboy. Lulu jokes that they should go work on a ranch. Lulu says that it is her turn to be on an adventure, since Luke and Lucky have had their fair share of adventures together in the past.

Jason is frantic to find Jake. Sam calls to report Jake missing. Her cell phone keeps going in and out. Sam says to Jason that her phone went dead.

Elizabeth sits with Cameron in the cabin. She reassures Cameron that Jake will be found. All of a sudden, there is a knock on the front door. Lucky calls out and Elizabeth is relieved to see him. Elizabeth tells Lucky that someone took Jake. Elizabeth explains the events leading up to Jake’s kidnapping. In the meantime, Sam is explaining the same thing to Jason. Sam tells Jason that they are walking into a trap and Jake is the bait.

Anthony wants the justice of the peace to stay for the wedding festivities, but Sonny pays him to leave. Claudia cuts the cake as Anthony watches. Anthony says he is going to make a toast. Trevor tells Ric not to pout. Trevor pipes in that Claudia and Sonny deserve each other. Anthony says that he hopes that this marriage will bring peace and prosperity to the family.

Carly yells at Jax for sleeping with Kate. Carly threatens that their divorce is going to get really ugly. Carly warns Kate that she made a big mistake sleeping with Jax.

A police officer stops Johnny and Lulu. Lulu explains that her and Johnny were admiring the stars. The police officer starts giving her a hard time. Lulu gets defensive and says that they weren’t doing anything wrong. The officer decides to arrest Johnny. Lulu can’t believe it.

At the Haunted Star, Nikolas pays Luke a visit. Nikolas reveals that Laura is doing great in Paris. Nikolas says that his mother misses everyone, but is on the road to recovery. Luke mentions that he misses his wife. Nikolas asks which one.

Sonny asserts that all business dealings will take place at his home. Anthony is mad about this. Sonny tells Claudia that they need to leave. Ric says that Anthony has an uphill battle to climb now.

Luke asks Nikolas if he ever thought he would love again after Emily. Luke divulges that he fell in love with Tracy, despite his feelings for Laura. Nikolas says that it is hard to live up to the Luke-Laura romance.

The police officer asks to look at Johnny’s ID. Once the officer finds out Johnny is a Zacchara, he admits he made a mistake. Johnny is furious. Johnny can’t believe that he is above the law because he is a Zacchara.

Anthony warns Ric that he shouldn’t be working with Sonny. Ric admits that he is no longer close to Sonny. In the meantime, Jason and Sam are still driving around, looking for the men who took Jake. Sam states that Elizabeth was amazing tonight. Sam declares that Liz would do anything to protect her children.

Sonny and Claudia return to Sonny’s home. Sonny says if Claudia needs anything she should ask Max. Claudia thanks Sonny for sticking up for her after the wedding.

The police officer tells Johnny to back off. Johnny screams that he can do whatever he wants. Suddenly, Johnny hits the officer. Lulu and Johnny quickly get into Johnny’s car and speed away.

Kate asks Jax if he plans on getting back with Carly. In the meantime, Carly pays Trevor a visit. Carly inquires about Trevor’s interest in Kate. Carly says she is curious as to why Trevor won’t give up on Kate. Trevor questions what Carly’s motives are. Carly announces that she can help Trevor win Kate back.

Liz tells Lucky that she is worried about Jake. Sam and Jason look for the Russian men.

Sonny asks Claudia how she already knew the justice of the peace. Claudia reveals that there was a time when she almost married Jason. Claudia wants to see her new bedroom. Sonny says that he wants Claudia to feel at home.

At Kate’s home, Olivia walks in on Kate crying. Kate questions Olivia on why she didn’t stop Sonny and Claudia’s wedding.

Trevor realizes that Carly is really mad at Kate. Carly says that she wants Kate to pay. Carly says she wants Kate’s past to come back to haunt her. Trevor knows that Carly will do anything to get revenge. Trevor states that Carly wants to use him to get back at Kate. Trevor thinks that Carly can’t get revenge without his help.

Kate asserts that Olivia should have told Sonny about Dante. Kate thinks that if Sonny knew he had a son, that Sonny wouldn’t have gotten back into the mob. Kate divulges that her and Jax were together tonight. Kate adds that Carly walked in on them. Kate thanks Olivia for ruining her life.

Sonny holds a meeting at his home. Sonny tells everyone that the first thing they need to do is find the Russians. Claudia comes down the stairs and Sonny stops talking. Sonny doesn’t want Claudia to hear anything about the business.

Liz confesses to Lucky that she put her own needs in front of her children’s. Elizabeth cries out that she made mistakes and now Jake is in danger because of her. Sam and Jason find where the Russians were hiding out. Jason finds a shoe, which belongs to Jake. Jason realizes they just missed the Russians and Jake leaving the area. There is a rumble from above and debris starts falling on them.

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