GH Update Wednesday 11/26/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/26/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Patrick comes home and asks Robin if Emma is sleeping. They talk about their days and the conversation changes to Thanksgiving. Patrick says that he hates turkey and Robin suggests that they drop Emma off to Mac and sleep all day. Patrick says that he usually goes on a vacation for a couple of weeks to somewhere tropical for Thanksgiving.

Robin dreams of being greeted by Kelly, Epiphany and Lainey after a trip to Paris. Epiphany, Lainey and Kelly tell her about a new colleague, a neurosurgeon, Patrick Drake.

Patrick dreams about Robin walking in on him and Leyla in the shower.

Robin and Patrick argue about the best way to treat a patient. Robin says that she will not let Patrick get to her because he is a jerk.

Patrick and Coleman talk about life in Port Charles. The conversation changes to Robin. Patrick says that the best thing his father ever did was make him an only child.

Matt tells Leyla that he has an appointment with the chief of staff.

Robin, Kelly and Lainey talk about Patrick. They go to Coleman’s. Coleman says that he will tell Patrick to join the ladies. Patrick and Carly flirt over a game of pool.

Robin tells Alan and Liz that she can’t work with Patrick. Alan introduces Robin and Patrick to Dr. Matt Hunter and says that he is a new neurosurgeon at the hospital. Matt realizes that Patrick doesn’t know him.

Patrick and Carly talk about Matt and their fathers.

Robin and Matt talk about Patrick. Robin asks if the dinner offer is still on the table.

Matt and Maxie meet. Robin says that owes Matt an apology and says that she hopes he will let her make it up to him.

Lainey, Liz and Kelly talk about a spa weekend.

Patrick and Coleman talk about Carly. Liz shows up. Patrick and Liz talk about her day. Patrick says that Carly broke up with him. Patrick and Liz share a dance. Patrick suggests that they go somewhere that isn’t as crowded.

Patrick and Robin argue about patients. Patrick leaves and Liz comes up. Liz and Robin talk about Patrick. Patrick comes in and Liz leaves. Robin and Patrick argue some more. Matt comes in and Robin leaves with him. Robin and Matt talk about her being HIV-positive.

Liz and Patrick talk about Cameron.

Robin and Patrick argue about who should tell a patient’s family. Robin and Matt talk about Patrick.

Patrick and Liz talk about Robin.

Patrick asks about a patient’s file and says that he was looking for Robin’s opinion about it. Robin and Patrick talk about the case.

Liz tells Patrick that they aren’t going anywhere because she has a child. Patrick realizes that he is getting dumped again.

Patrick and Robin complain about relationships and romance. Robin agrees to dance with Patrick. Robin says that they are playing their song.

Emma cries and Robin takes her. Robin and Patrick talk about fate. Patrick asks Robin to marry him. Robin and Patrick decide to get married the week after Christmas.

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