GH Update Tuesday 11/25/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/25/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps


Olivia and Carly talk about Sonny and Jax.

Sonny tells Claudia that he wants to get married immediately because it is a business deal and not a romance.

Alexis and Diane talk about the explosions and killings. Diane says that Alexis didn’t work that hard to build a case against Jerry and Alexis says that it is a different subject entirely.

Sam and Liz hide from some gunmen. Liz freaks out at the gunshot breaking the glass and says that she has to go. Sam tells Liz not to move.

Claudia and Sonny talk about the business deal. Claudia says that she has to go home and change into something more bridal, but that she will be right back.

Coleman flirts with Carly and Olivia. Carly explains that Olivia is under Jason’s watchful eye. Coleman says that he isn’t giving up on either of them. Carly and Olivia talk about Sonny’s relationship with Kate/Connie.

Kate and Jax talk about their second kiss.

Diane and Alexis talk about Jason’s crimes. Spinelli shows up and says that he can provide Jason with an alibi.

Sam tells Liz not to move and explains that they want the gunmen to believe they are dead so that they will come in and check. Cameron calls out for Liz. Sam explains that the Russians know that the boys are with them and tells Liz to stay close because it isn’t over.

Spinelli and Jason talk about Maxie. Spinelli tells Jason that he hacked into agency communications and created an official version of events surrounding the warehouse explosions and shootings. Spinelli explains that Interpol suspects a rival Slavic gang of gun runners and that all evidence is being seized. Spinelli says that without evidence, Alexis can’t hold Jason.

Kate and Jax talk about their failed relationships with Sonny and Carly. Sonny shows up at Kate’s and tells her that he is marrying Claudia immediately. Sonny assures Kate that he loves her and not Claudia and she says that he can leave.

Carly and Olivia talk about Michael’s shooting and how it changed Sonny. Carly says that someone should talk Sonny out of marrying Claudia. Olivia says that she will flip a coin and if it’s heads , Carly will talk to Sonny, but if it is tails, she will do it. Carly agrees to those terms and says that she likes the game.

Elizabeth and Sam wait. Sam says that she is protecting Liz’s children and that Liz needs to trust her. Sam talks about her father using her for his cons and about the first time she pointed a gun at someone at age 8. Cameron calls out for Liz again and Liz says that she has to go to him. Sam says that she will give her life to protect Liz’s children.

Spinelli assures Jason that he left no traces of an intrusion in the Interpol computers. Diane comes in and says that Spinelli’s alibi won’t be necessary because Interpol is taking over the case and that a rival drug cartel is now suspected. Alexis says that Jason is free to go.

Claudia tells Anthony that she and Sonny are getting married tonight. Johnny shows up and says that if Claudia marries Sonny, he will walk away from the family for good.

Kate and Jax talk about her going after Sonny. Kate makes a toast to Carly and Sonny.

Max tells Sonny that Anthony wants the wedding to be at the Zacchara house. Carly shows up.

Claudia, Johnny and Anthony talk about the marriage. Johnny says that if they go through with it, he is out and will walk away from all of it and all of them. Anthony leaves and Claudia tells Johnny that she has to do it. Johnny says that he won’t stand by and watch. Claudia says that she needs Johnny there with her and he asks her if she is mourning her choice already because she is wearing black.

Carly and Sonny talk about why he is marrying Claudia. Sonny tries to get Carly to take the gun to protect herself and Morgan. Sonny says that he went over to Kate’s to tell her and she was with Jax.

Kate tells Clarice to look harder. Jax and Kate make small talk. Jax says that they should move on to something more fun and Kate says that living well is the best revenge.

Alexis and Diane talk about Jerry.

Liz says that she got the boys calmed down the best she could. Sam says that Liz has 3 bullets left, while she has none, and tells Liz to go back with the boys. Sam says that if things start sounding rough, Liz needs to take the boys and jump out the window and that Sam will make a diversion. Liz shoots a man to save Sam’s life.

Jason talks to Bernie about the Russians and the call is cut short.

Ric and Claudia talk about the wedding. Trevor comes over and says that Claudia finally decided to make herself useful. Claudia says that Johnny couldn’t make it. Claudia meets Walter, the man who was going to marry her and Jason. Claudia says that it is the same bride, but a different groom. Sonny walks in and Claudia asks him if he is ready to get married.

Jax says that he feels like he is taking advantage of Kate, but Kate says that he is helping her and she would like to think that she is helping too.

Lulu and Johnny talk about him walking out on his family and Claudia marrying Sonny. Johnny says that he wants to get as far away from his family as he can and asks Lulu to go with him.

The wedding starts. Anthony tells Walter to make sure it is legal. Claudia says I do.

Liz calls out for Jake. Jason asks what happened and Sam says that the Russians took Jake.

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