GH Update Monday 11/24/08

General Hospital Update Monday 11/24/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Jax informs Carly and Nikolas that not only has he bought Spoon Island, but he wants Wyndemere as well. At Sonnyís house, Claudia tells Olivia that she and Sonny are engaged.

In the meantime, Sam says to Liz that someone followed them to the secluded cabin. Elizabeth tries the telephone, but there is no dial tone. Sam says that they are on their own, with no help from anyone else. Elizabeth brings the boys into another room while Sam turns off all the lights and puts a chair up against the front door. Sam loads her gun and checks on Elizabeth and the boys. Elizabeth has a made-up fort set up for Cameron and Jake to play in. Elizabeth and Sam put a mattress up against the door for protection.

Mac interrogates Jason at the police station. Mac says that his daughter was attacked due to her friendship with Jason. Mac tells Jason he is going to pay this time. Mac vows to take down Jasonís organization once and for all.

Nikolas says that he isnít going to let Jax buy Wyndemere. Jax is adamant that he is going to develop on the land. Carly says that it would be difficult for Jax to build a resort and spa there. Jax wonít listen to Carly or Nikolas. Nikolas says he will buy back the lease. Carly tells Jax he is being unreasonable. Nikolas wonders if Jax is doing this because he wants to punish Carly. Nikolas threatens that if Jax doesnít back down, he (Nikolas) wonít give up without a fight.

Olivia tells Sonny that she is disappointed in him. Olivia canít believe that Sonny would hurt Kate this way. Sonny says that it would have never worked with Kate because he is in the mob. Olivia finally agrees with him. Olivia leaves. Claudia asks Sonny if he is in love with Kate or Olivia.

Carly says that Jax and Nikolas need to back off. Jax says he owns Spoon Island and will build a resort there. Carly apologizes to Nikolas for Jaxís behavior. In the meantime, Maxie and Kate discuss work and the new Crimson issue. Olivia walks in on their conversation. Kate wonders what Olivia wants. Olivia informs Kate that Sonny is engaged to Claudia.

Sonny asks Claudia to treat Kate and Olivia with respect. Claudia says that Kate is a snob. Sonny says if she canít handle the marriage, then Claudia should walk away now.

Elizabeth, Sam, and the boys hide in the fort. Sam goes to check out a noise. There is a loud bang, and Cameron asks where the noise came from. Elizabeth tells Cameron to keep an eye on his brother. Elizabeth goes to check out where the noise came from. Sam says that she dropped something, causing the noise they heard.

Diane checks in with Jason at the police station. Diane says that it is clear that someone is trying to retaliate against Jason. Jason pleads with Diane to get him released. Jason says he doesnít have time to sit in jail while people are retaliating against him and his loved ones.

Claudia says that she still wants to marry Sonny but she has one condition: Sonny needs to treat her with respect. Claudia says she is marrying Sonny because of Johnny. Sonny says that their marriage of convenience is going to be difficult. Sonny gives Claudia a ring, which he says is a sign of respect.

At Jakeís, Olivia and Carly run into each other at the bar. Olivia updates Carly on the engagement of Sonny and Claudia. At the police station, Mac tells Alexis that she needs to get everything under control with the mob war situation. Diane asks for Jason to be released, but Mac tells her that isnít going to happen. Alexis says that she is looking out for Diane. Alexis says that Diane needs to distance herself from the case because Jason has gone too far this time.

Sam shows Elizabeth how to shoot the gun. Elizabeth asks how many men Sam saw outside. Sam says that the men probably want to make sure that she and Liz are alone before they try to break in. Elizabeth checks on Cameron and Jake. Sam is keeping guard by the window. Elizabeth asks Sam to make sure that the boys will be safe. Sam says she will do her best to make sure that the boys arenít in danger. Elizabeth realizes now why Jason said a relationship between them would never work.

Kate gives Maxie a hard time about the Crimson issue. Maxie says she understands that Kate is upset but Maxie thinks she did a pretty good job on the issue while Kate was in the hospital. Kate says that Maxie shouldnít be commenting on her personal life. Kate tells Maxie that she needs to concentrate on being her first assistant. Jax pays a visit to Kate. Maxie leaves. Kate says she wants to forget about her problems.

Carly tells Olivia that she will always care about Sonny. Carly says that she is a fool when it comes to Sonny. Carly admits she always ends up helping Sonny and ruining her relationships in the end. Sonny says to Claudia that he blamed the Zacchara family for what happened to Michael. Claudia says that her family had nothing to do with it. Sonny says that he doesnít hold Johnny or Claudia responsible now for Michaelís shooting.

Jax and Kate drink some champagne and end up kissing. Olivia tells Carly she should pick the man who is in her heart. Carly admits that Jax has her heart. Carly says that Jax doesnít want her. Carly asks Olivia if she still cares about Sonny.

Claudia asks Sonny if she will be living in Sonnyís home. Sonny says she can have any room she chooses. There is silence, and then Claudia asks when they should get married. Sonny says he wants to get married tonight.

Diane tells Alexis that she canít keep Jason in custody without any evidence. Alexis is tired of hearing Dianeís excuses. Alexis says she is done letting Jason off the hook. Alexis announces that she will do whatever she can to find evidence to convict Jason.

Sam admits that she is scared but she is ready to fight back if she has to. Elizabeth is worried. Sam thinks the men have left, but suddenly the window breaks. Pieces of glass fall all around them.

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