GH Update Friday 11/21/08

General Hospital Update Friday 11/21/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Johnny meets Claudia at their penthouse. Claudia says she’s moving in with Sonny “soon.”

At the Zacchara house, Sonny agrees to run Anthony’s organization. Sonny also agrees to marry Claudia.

Spinelli and Jason are at the penthouse. Jason is worried about Elizabeth. He’s glad she’s out of town with the kids.

Sam and Liz are driving to the cabin. Liz swerves because of a blown tire.

Jax arrives at Wyndemere. He plans on making the island into a resort. Nikolas says his lawyers will stop the sale. Jax smugly tells Nikolas about his plans for the island. Carly arrives.

Jason tells Spinelli that Sam was in the warehouse during the attack. Jason discusses his strategy with Spinelli. Spinelli tells Jason the truth about confronting the Russians.

Sam changes the tire on the car. Liz is glad to have Sam’s company. The two get a little nervous about their situation. One of the Russians watches from afar.

Johnny is against Claudia’s marriage to Sonny. Claudia blames Johnny because he saved Anthony. John says Sonny has no respect for Claudia. Claudia says she’s helping Johnny in the long run. John says Claudia is more important than “power.”

Sonny insists he will be the man “in charge” in the Zacchara organization. Ric is unhappy with the situation. Sonny says he’s out if Ric stabs him in the back. Anthony calls Sonny “family.”

Tracy is at the Q mansion with Alan. Tracy is upset. Edward and Monica arrive. Alice and Lulu arrive next. Monica asks Tracy to keep her marital problems on the Haunted Star. Luke arrives.

At the penthouse, Jason gets upset with Spinelli’s confession. Spinelli tells Jason about Johnny’s arrival. Jason says Spinelli is “too smart to use a gun.” Olivia arrives.

At the penthouse, Claudia says a marriage to Sonny will “benefit” her. Johnny wonders what happens if Sonny learns their role in Michael’s shooting. Claudia says she has no choice but to marry Sonny. Claudia admits she will “sleep with” Sonny during their marriage.

Sonny is still at the Zacchara house. Sonny says his eyes will be “wide open” with Anthony’s organization. Anthony says it’s Jason’s fault Sonny has to turn to him for help.

At Wyndemere, Carly says Jax is out of line. Carly says Jax is “projecting his anger” at Nikolas. Nik says the sale can be tied up for months. Jax smugly says he’s “won.” Jax leaves.

Jason dismisses Spinelli from the penthouse. He advises Spinelli to “run” if he finds trouble. Olivia questions Jason about the Russians. She tells Jason to let Sonny “back into the mob.”

Johnny and Claudia visit with Anthony. He tells Claudia to pay Sonny a visit. Johnny is still against the marriage. Johnny says he wants no part of the family business.

Max and Milo are at Sonny’s house. They discuss their father. Sonny comes home. Sonny confides in Max about the new Zacchara deal. Max advises against it. Sonny tells Max he’s “playing” Anthony.

Alice gives Luke a massage at the mansion. Edward tells Tracy to divorce Luke. Tracy says that’s her plan. Lulu stands up for Tracy. Monica and Tracy bicker. Edward is annoyed with Luke. Luke is amused with the situation. Tracy tells Luke to “get out.” Alice clears the room so Luke and Tracy can talk. Tracy says she’s “immune” to Luke’s “romantic” gestures.

Claudia says she can handle marriage to Sonny. Anthony is pleased. Johnny is sure Claudia is only looking for “respect and approval.” Johnny leaves. Anthony wonders if Claudia is interested in earning love or respect from Sonny. Claudia says she isn’t. Claudia leaves.

Still at home, Sonny confides in Max that he’s unsure Karpov shot Kate. Sonny says someone from the Zacchara organization may have shot Kate.

Olivia is still at Jason’s. Jason refuses to talk “business” with Olivia. He says, “working with Sonny again is not an option.” Olivia says things will go from bad to worse soon. She asks Jason to “go make peace with Sonny.”

Sam and Liz arrive at the cabin. Liz gets the kids situated while Sam unpacks the car. Sam is being watched.

At the Q mansion, Tracy tells Luke she wants a divorce. Luke says he loves Tracy. He says he stayed in Port Charles for a “future” with Tracy. Luke says he and Tracy “are a match.” Tracy says she was “a fool” for believing in Luke.

At Wyndemere, Carly confides in Nikolas. Nikolas blames Jax for the way he’s treating Carly. Carly says she made some big mistakes with Jax. Carly says Jax is overwhelmed.

Olivia says Kate is better off without Sonny. Jason says Sonny can join up with the Zaccharas if he chooses to. Jason tells Olivia to take her issues to Sonny. Ric arrives at the penthouse to see Jason. Ric announces Sonny’s plan to Jason.

Johnny is at Jakes. Coleman is there. Johnny tells Coleman things are about to change with Sonny. Lulu arrives. Johnny is distracted. He tells Lulu about the upcoming wedding.

Claudia goes to see Sonny. Claudia says Sonny hasn’t proposed yet.

Carly is still with Nikolas. She advises him not to “fight” with Jax. Jax returns and says the surveyors will arrive the next morning. Carly asks Nik to sell his hotel shares back to her. She suggests that Jax sell the island to Nikolas. Jax says he’s not interested in a “compromise.”

At Jakes, Lulu and Johnny discuss the wedding. Lulu says it’s Claudia’s choice. She tells Johnny to stop “feeling guilty” about things. John wonders if “it’s time to quit” being a Zacchara.

Sonny throws a proposal and a ring at Claudia. Olivia watches outside Sonny’s door.

Liz calls Jason from the cabin and says they’re fine. Jason is upset that Lucky didn’t accompany them to the cabin. Jason thinks he may move them to “a safe house.” Harper arrives at the penthouse and arrests Jason for arson and murder.

Back at the cabin, Sam heads outside for some wood. She hears a noise. Realizing she’s being watched, Sam goes in and tells Liz the Russians are outside. Liz tries the phone but there’s no dial tone.

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