GH Update Thursday 11/20/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/20/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Lulu is on the Haunted Star with Luke. They discuss Laura. Lulu is surprised Luke didn’t go to France. Luke says he’s moved on and he hopes Laura can do the same.

Olivia decides it’s time to check out of GH.

Kate is at Sonny’s house. She says she has a secret to share about his son. Sonny assumes Kate is talking about Michael.

Spinelli approaches the Russians who attacked Maxie. Spinelli holds his gun, but the Russians mock him. Spinelli can’t shoot the Russians. Johnny arrives unexpectedly, armed and ready.

Lulu is still with Luke. Luke admits he would have gone to France if Laura had asked him to accompany her. Luke says he will “always love” Laura.

Still at home with Kate, Sonny goes on about Michael. Kate tries to tell Sonny she isn’t talking about Michael. Sonny is unclear as to what Kate is talking about. Kate talks about parents and children. Sonny asks which of his kids Kate is talking about. She starts to tell him when Olivia arrives. Milo apologizes for the interruption. Sonny wonders why Olivia is out of the hospital. Olivia says she must talk with Kate.

Lulu and Luke are still on the Haunted Star discussing Laura. Lulu apologizes for assuming the worst when she found her father with Johnny. Lulu leaves. Tracy arrives and wonders what kind of normalcy she’s in for.

Back at Sonny’s, Kate and Olivia bicker and talk in circles. Sonny is confused by their conversation. Kate leaves, but Olivia says she’s staying behind. Sonny asks Olivia what her conversation with Kate was about. Olivia says it was just Kate “making a fool of herself.”

Lulu arrives at GH and finds Maxie hiding from Epiphany. Maxie says she needs a way out of the hospital to check on Spinelli. She asks Lulu to give her a ride. Maxie says she’s “afraid” for Spinelli’s life.

Johnny gets the Russians to back off Spinelli. Spinelli compliments Johnny after the Russians leave. Johnny gives Spinelli an earful for his actions. Spinelli is embarrassed and tells Johnny how he froze up and couldn’t shoot. Johnny is “glad” Spinelli couldn’t kill the Russians. Spinelli says he stole the gun from Sonny’s house.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere with Alfred, discussing Jax. Nadine arrives upset. Nadine rambles on as Nik and Alfred look at her.

Tracey and Luke are on the Haunted Star. Luke discusses the opening of the casino. Luke says he wants to open a nice restaurant, too. Luke says he’s committed to staying in town. Tracy wonders what happened between Luke and Laura. Luke assures her nothing happened. Ric arrives. Ric says Luke may not be getting any Zacchara money. Ric says Anthony isn’t crazy about Johnny partnering with Luke. Luke responds by saying he may choose to blow the Haunted Star up.

Lulu and Maxie head to the penthouse to look for Spinelli. Spinelli arrives with Johnny. Maxie grills Spinelli. Spinelli fills Maxie in. Maxie thanks Johnny for his help.

Lucky goes to Liz’s house, looking for Sam. Liz isn’t expecting Sam. Moments later Jason and Sam arrive. Jason says the violence is getting worse and Liz is safer out of town. Lucky gets a call about the shooting, so he confronts Jason.

One of the Russians arrives at GH. Kate is there, and the man watches her with Epiphany. Kate is told Olivia has already checked out of the hospital.

Olivia is with Sonny at his house. Olivia tells Sonny to stop pretending and just be who he is. Olivia advises Sonny to “stop trying to pretend” he’s someone else. She says “the mob” is Sonny’s “road” in life. Olivia says Sonny won’t “change”, so he may as well admit who and what he is. She says Sonny needs to let go for Kate.

Back on the Haunted Star, Ric asks Luke to rethink his “message.” Tracy says she’ll send the IRS to Anthony if he causes any problems for Luke. Luke brings up the Russians. He says Anthony’s organization will be involved sooner or later. Ric doesn’t comment. Ric leaves. Luke says he and Tracy make a good “team.” Tracy feels she’s Luke’s second choice.

At the penthouse, Maxie is still upset with Spinelli. Spinelli thinks he’s “a hopeless wimp.” Lulu says Spinelli is a “good” person. She says it’s good that Spinelli couldn’t shoot anyone.

At GH, Epiphany tells Kate that Maxie left the hospital. The Russian thug is still watching Kate. Anthony approaches Kate. He brings up Claudia’s possible marriage to Sonny. Kate walks away as Anthony loosely threatens her.

Sonny is still with Olivia. Sonny admits he was “ambitious” and “hungry for power.” He says leaving the mob was a bad move. Sonny tells Olivia he got out because of Michael and Kate. Sonny remembers Olivia leaving him so she wouldn’t end up “a mob widow.” Olivia asks Sonny if he pursued Kate “to get back at” her. Sonny said it was “fun” to see Olivia affected back then. He admits how much he liked Kate, too. Sonny says Kate was full of “determination” and “goals.” Olivia wonders if Sonny could have left the mob for Kate. He says he would have made an honest try. Olivia says Kate’s return into Sonny’s life was “nostalgic.” She says Sonny can’t “recapture” the times of his youth with Kate.

At Liz’s house, Lucky is suspicious about Jason’s connections to the shooting. Jason says “anyone associated” with him and Sonny is in danger. Lucky says Liz and the kids need to be someplace safe. He says he knows a cabin they can use. Liz agrees. Lucky wants Sam to be safe, too. Sam apologizes to Lucky because her “plan backfired.”

At Wyndemere, Nadine is still outwardly upset. After Alfred leaves, Nadine says she got a call from her hometown. Nadine tells Nikolas her aunt is ailing, so she must fill in at a parade. Nadine is torn because she would rather stay and help Nikolas with his citizenship. She promises to marry Nikolas as soon as she returns. Nik says Nadine should head home and help her aunt even though he’ll “miss” her.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy is upset that Luke’s first choice was Laura. Tracy is “not flattered” that she’s Luke’s second choice. Tracy says she heard Luke talking about his feelings for Laura to Lulu. She says the “marriage is over.” Luke insists they can “work it out.” Tracy says her “pride” was injured for the last time. Luke tells Tracy he loves her. Tracy says things will change if Laura returns again. Tracy says the whole thing is “sad.” Tracy leaves.

Spinelli is at the penthouse holding Sonny’s gun. Jason bursts in so Spinelli hides the gun. Jason tells Spinelli about the warehouse.

Liz and Sam get the car packed and get ready to head off. Lucky heads to work. Sam promises to stay at the cabin with Liz. Sam and Liz take off with the boys, unaware they’re being watched by one of the Russians.

Ric is with Anthony at the Zacchara house. Anthony says Sonny will soon take his deal. Ric is skeptical. Sonny arrives and says he accepts the deal. Anthony says Sonny is required to marry Claudia. Sonny agrees.

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