GH Update Wednesday 11/19/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Luke challenges Johnny.

Sonny calls Dante and says that they need to talk about Olivia.

Sam asks Sasha for a job.

Jason lectures Spinelli about the gun. Spinelli says that no one can dissuade him from exacting revenge on the animals that harmed Maxie.

Patrick says that he is going to call the hospital and Robin tells him to go in for rounds. Robin assures Patrick that she will be fine with Emma.

Luke and Johnny complete the challenge. Johnny assumes that since he won, he gets to hold on to his share of the Haunted Star.

Sonny talks to Dante and Olivia comes in. Olivia tells Dante to stay where he is and disregard anything that Sonny said. Olivia lectures Sonny about calling Dante.

Sasha agrees to give Sam a job if she comes back in half an hour.

Jason and Spinelli talk about Maxie’s attack. Bernie calls Jason and Jason says that they will retaliate immediately.

Tracy shows up for the meeting. Edward says that he wants to get Monica out of the house because she is driving him crazy. Tracy and Edward argue about Luke.

Epiphany and Liz talk about Jason’s business. Patrick shows up.

Robin has some problems and can’t get Emma to quit crying.

Luke and Johnny talk about reopening the Haunted Star. Luke asks what the cleanest way to get rid of the Zaccharas is and Johnny says that if he knew he would have done it a long time ago.

Sonny tells Olivia to be careful. Sonny and Olivia argue. Sonny asks Olivia to let him talk to her son.

Spinelli shows up to talk to Sonny and Max wonders what he is really up to. Max tells Spinelli to get out of there before Sonny gets back.

Sonny teases Olivia. Kate shows up while Olivia and Sonny are arguing. Sonny says that he was hoping to run into Kate. Sonny says that he doesn’t want it to be over and that Kate knows where to go if she needs him. Sonny leaves and Kate says that Sonny should contact Dante. Kate asks why she should be bound to eternally keep a secret that she doesn’t believe in and Olivia reminds Kate that she promised to keep it. Kate says that Sonny deserves to know that Dante is his son and that maybe her telling him would be a perfect final gesture.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about her head. Spinelli brings Maxie a lavender plant. Spinelli says that he must make himself scarce for the foreseeable future because Mac was right.

Sam tells Lucky that she is still working for the Russians.

Cody and Jason talk about the activity at the warehouse. Jason says that he is going to call a meeting with Sasha and that once she is in the meeting place they hit the warehouse. Jason says that he doesn’t want anyone coming out of the warehouse alive.

Elizabeth tells Patrick about patients and Patrick asks parenthood questions. Epiphany tells Patrick to either be a doctor or go home and be a dad. Robin calls Patrick and says that she is making a mess of everything and that she can’t get Emma to stop crying. Patrick asks Epiphany to sign him out and says that Robin and the baby need him.

Luke and Johnny talk about the Zacchara family. Johnny and Luke agree to have the partnership between just them and not the whole Zacchara family. Lulu shows up.

Spinelli says that it is for the best, but Maxie says that she needs him. Spinelli says that when he found Maxie at the same spot that Georgie died, something broke inside of him. Maxie says that they have to be friends still because she can’t imagine her life without him. Maxie asks Spinelli not to abandon her and Spinelli says that she will always own his heart.

Patrick gets home and Robin says that Emma hates her. Patrick gets Emma to stop crying and says that she tired herself out.

Lulu and Luke talk about what happened to Logan and about her stay in Shadybrook. The conversation changes to Laura.

Max and Sonny talk about Spinelli showing up for a visit. Kate shows up and says that she has a secret.

Sam shows up to see Sasha. Sasha tells Sam about a shipment and they discuss the terms. Sam meets Vlad and finds out that they will be working together.

Jason tells Cody that everyone in the warehouse has to be in the syndicate because they aren’t leaving survivors.

Kate says that Sonny needs to know the truth about his son.

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