GH Update Tuesday 11/18/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax tells Marty that the Bella Rosa Marble is going to put them behind schedule, so Carly will have to look something else. Jax turns around and sees Carly. Carly asks Jax if he actually said that he was going to sleep with Kate.

Olivia says that maybe she should give Sonny some slack for saving her life. Kate walks in and says that Olivia’s injuries weren’t severe enough to keep her from flirting with Sonny.

Jason tells Cody to call him when everything is in place. Cody leaves and Liz shows up. Jason tells Liz that things are only going to get worse.

Spinelli finds Maxie and says “God, please, not again” and tells her that it is okay.

Jax and Carly try to pass messages through Marty. Marty says that he just needs to know what to tell the contractor about the Bella Rosa Marble. Jax says that the marble is doubling the cost of the spa and Carly says that it is worth it. Carly tells Jax that he will never find another woman to replace her and Jax says that is good because he doesn’t want to go through this again. Jax says that they are just going to keep disappointing each other and Carly agrees.

Kate confronts Olivia about flirting with Sonny. Sonny, Kate and Olivia talk about something from their past. Kate says that Olivia is taking advantage of the situation. Sonny reminds Kate that she said she didn’t want to see him anymore and says that he doesn’t know where the jealousy is coming from.

Spinelli calls 911 for Maxie, but all the operators are busy. Spinelli says that he can’t risk the “evil doers” returning and finding her in that vulnerable state.

Jason tells Liz that the situation is out of control. Liz tells Jason about a patient of hers that died today and asks if there is ever a good time for them to be together. Lucky asks Liz what she is thinking.

Lulu apologizes for butting in with Claudia, and Johnny says that he doesn’t want to think about it. Lulu suggests that she should leave, but Johnny says that she is the one good and true thing that has ever happened to him.

Ric shows up to see Sonny and Max says that Sonny isn’t there. Ric says that he will wait. Claudia tells Ric that she is about to become the next Mrs. Corinthos a lot sooner than she expected. Claudia says that she wanted to give Ric fair warning, but Ric says that she wants him to talk her out of it.

Kate says that she isn’t jealous. Sonny says that Kate doesn’t want them to be over. Sonny leaves says that all he wanted was to make sure that Olivia was okay and leaves. Kate says that Olivia should admit that she is falling for Sonny again.

Lucky reminds Liz that they let everyone believe that he was Jake’s father to protect him and Cameron. Liz says that the boys are not in jeopardy, but Lucky says that if the Russian mob finds out that she is involved with Jason, the boys could be. Jason says that Liz should stay away from him and Liz says that she will for now, but when this ends they have a lot to figure out. Lucky says that they need to leave now.

Carly says that she is ready to make the deal happen. Nikolas says that he may have to be a silent partner for now.

Jax asks for some paperwork to be sent down to the lobby from his office.

Carly and Nikolas talk about his possible deportation. Nikolas says that Nadine has offered to marry him so that he can become a U.S. Citizen. Nadine shows up and says that it isn’t a good idea for their marriage for him to spend too much time with Carly.

Spinelli brings Maxie into the hospital and talks to Matt about what happened. Matt tells Spinelli that if he wants to help Maxie he needs to stay out of the way. Leyla convinces Spinelli to let Dr. Hunter take care of Maxie. Spinelli says that he found Maxie lying in the park, exactly where Georgie died and feared the worst.

Claudia says that the rules of the game are about to change, if Ric still wants to keep playing. Ric asks what Claudia wants and she says that her life isn’t about what she wants. Claudia says that she has to marry Sonny for practical reasons, but Ric says that she doesn’t have to. Claudia says that they can continue to see each other because she doesn’t love Sonny, but Ric disagrees. Sonny walks in and asks if he threw a party that he forgot about.

Olivia says that she doesn’t know where Kate gets off being so righteous when she is the one who called off her engagement to Sonny. Olivia says that she was just thanking Sonny for saving her, but Kate says that she knows the difference between flirting and gratitude. Olivia says that she will never tell Sonny that he is Dante’s father. Someone knocks on the door.

Lulu says that how much she loves Johnny used to scare her, but she understands it now. Johnny says that he doesn’t understand how he could have gotten everything wrong. Lulu assures Johnny that it isn’t his fault.

Matt and Spinelli talk about Maxie’s condition. Matt allows Spinelli to visit Maxie by saying that Matt never saw him. Spinelli talks to Maxie and tells her that he was afraid that the world would no longer be manageable without her in it. Spinelli tells Maxie that he loves her.

Lucky, Sam and Liz talk about the fire. Liz asks to speak to Lucky alone and Sam leaves. Liz says that Lucky doesn’t get to police her life. Lucky says that Liz is lying to herself if she is trying to create any kind of lasting relationship with Jason.

Jason meets with Kate and Olivia about the fire. Olivia says that she heard a few voices in Russian. Kate tells Jason that because of his power grabs, Sonny has to marry Claudia.

Sonny asks Max to escort Ric and Claudia out, but Ric says that they will leave on their own. Claudia says that she will stay, but tells Ric to go. Ric tells Claudia to let Jason deal with the Russians. Ric leaves and Claudia says that Ric doesn’t want Sonny to take the offer because he thinks that he has a chance with her, which is naïve and sad.

Lulu says that she likes being up there with Johnny, even after what happened with Logan. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to be guarding from happiness. Lulu says that no one can take it away from them, but Johnny says that she is wrong.

Carly leaves. Nadine says that they should probably address things before they get married. Nikolas says that he is grateful that she offered to marry him, but he wants to do it his way.

Jax tells Nikolas, Carly and Nadine that he just bought the deed to Spoon Island. Jax explains that he owns everything, except for the grounds on which Wyndemere stands and now he is Nikolas’ landlord.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about what happened to her. Maxie says that she was followed by two of the Russian guys. Mac comes in and tells Spinelli to get out or he will call security. Mac says that Spinelli is responsible for Maxie almost dying and tells him to stay away from her.

Sam and Jason talk about the fire at his office. Sam says that Jason is going to need help dealing with the Russians and that she believes that she is in a position to give him the help.

Sonny and Claudia talk about the marriage deal. Claudia warns Sonny not to take too long deciding because he is no good to anyone dead. Sonny tells Claudia to get out of there.

Maxie and Mac talk about Spinelli. Mac says that if Spinelli really cares for Maxie, he will get out of her life because he is a danger to her. Mac says that he isn’t going to lose Maxie like he did Georgie.

Sam says that she can easily go back to work for the Russians and get all the information that Jason needs. Jason says that it is too much to risk and Sam reminds him that he doesn’t have to worry about her because she isn’t Elizabeth.

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