GH Update Monday 11/17/08

General Hospital Update Monday 11/17/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

At the Metro Court, Carly meets with Jax. Carly rips up the divorce papers in front of him. Outside of the boarded-up Kelly’s, Johnny and Lulu are kissing when Claudia shows up. In the meantime, Sam tells Maxie she is glad that Jason showed up when he did when he saved her from the freighter explosion. Maxie thinks that Sam likes Jason, but Sam tells her she is reading too much into it. Outside of Sam’s apartment, there are two men with guns.

The coffee house is on fire and Olivia is trapped in Jason’s office. Sonny shows up and wonders if anyone is still in there. Robin and Emma are released from the hospital.

Jax says that him and Carly are through. Jax says that Carly made the choice to help Sonny, so it proves that Sonny will always be more important to her than him (Jax). Carly says she is sorry that she didn’t tell Jax the truth about Sonny recovering from his stab wound at their house. Diane shows up. Carly wants her to ask Jax why he still wants to go through with the divorce. Jax explains that Carly is still loyal to Sonny and that Sonny will always come first.

Sam says to Maxie that there is nothing going on between her and Jason. Sam explains that their ‘adventure’ was a rush, but that her and Jason are not getting back together. Maxie says that Sam should be honest with her feelings. Lucky shows up. Lucky tells Maxie that him and Sam have been together this whole time.

Claudia is mad that Johnny is still seeing Lulu. Claudia says that she saved Johnny on the witness stand after Lulu blurted out a confession. Claudia says that she will be marrying Sonny. Lulu thinks that Claudia is crazy to think that Sonny would wed her.

Smoke is entering Jason’s office and Olivia is coughing. Sonny manages to get her out of the coffee house. Jason shows up and asks if everyone got out safely. In the meantime, Nikolas bumps into Nadine. Nadine explains she was on her way to Wyndemere. Nadine says that Nikolas shouldn’t be deported. Nikolas looks confused. Nadine blurts out that she should marry him.

Diane says that Jax has been absent in Carly’s life lately. Diane says that one minute Jax wants a divorce and the next he wants to stay in the marriage. Diane says that any other woman would go to court and take everything from him, but that Carly is different. Diane explains that Carly wants things to work out with Jax.

Johnny tells Claudia to stay out of his and Lulu’s relationship. Lulu refuses to listen to Claudia’s hurtful words, so she walks away. Johnny tells Claudia to stay away from Lulu.

Maxie apologizes to Lucky about the times she supplied him with drugs. Maxie leaves. Lucky asks Sam what is the deal with Maxie and Sam changes the subject. Lucky leaves, while two men are still watching Sam’s door.

Patrick is driving Robin and Emma home. Robin says that Patrick is driving way too slow. Patrick says that he is looking out for Robin and their daughter. Robin thinks that Patrick is being overprotective.

Nikolas explains that he has a lawyer working on his case and that getting married is the last thing they would have to do. Nadine disregards his explanation and says that their marriage of convenience needs to be done right.

Carly says that Jax is putting their lives through chaos. Jax admits that he hasn’t made things easy for Carly. Carly says that her and Jax both love each other, so they need to work things out. Carly thinks that Jax doesn’t want a divorce. Kate walks up to them. Kate announces that her and Sonny have broken up and that Carly can go back to Sonny now.

Olivia is brought to the hospital. Olivia tells Elizabeth about the fire at the coffee house. Sonny can’t believe that Jason doesn’t want help in retaliating against Karpov’s associates. Spinelli arrives at the coffee house. Jason says he will do anything he can to protect his loved ones, but that means he is cutting off all contact with Sonny.

Patrick is unable to get into Robin’s apartment. Robin eventually finds the key. Robin says she needs to rest. Robin says she is still sore from the C-section, so Patrick will have to do all the heavy lifting for a while.

Kate says that Carly was determined to destroy her relationship with Sonny. Kate says that Carly succeeded in breaking them up. Carly says that Kate is pathetic. Kate gets a phone call from Epiphany, who states that Olivia is in the hospital. Kate tells Jax and Carly that her cousin is in the hospital. Kate walks away. Carly wonders why Jax didn’t stick up for her in front of Kate.

Jason explains that he has to clean up the mess and warns Sonny to stay out of his way. Lucky shows up and Jason tells him to talk to his lawyer. Sonny explains to Lucky that the coffee house was on fire and that Olivia was trapped in Jason’s office. Sonny says that it appears that someone is after Jason.

Patrick tells Robin that Emma is sleeping. Robin says that it isn’t going to be easy getting used to a new schedule. Patrick and Robin hear Emma crying in the other room.

Jax says that it is clear that Carly and Sonny will eventually get back together. Carly says he is wrong, but Jax is adamant that their marriage is over. In the meantime, Elizabeth asks Matt if Olivia explained how she ended up in the coffee house fire. Matt updates Sonny about Olivia’s condition. Matt says that Olivia should be released tomorrow.

Olivia calls her son. Sonny pays a visit to Olivia in her hospital room. Sonny asks her why she was at the coffee house. Olivia says that she was looking for protection for Kate. Jason tells Spinelli to go home and found out any information on who caused the fire at the coffee house. Two men grab Maxie.

Johnny apologizes to Lulu for his sister’s behavior. Johnny offers her money to help rebuild Kelly’s. Lulu refuses to take any money from the Zacchara family since she dislikes Anthony.

Sonny tells Olivia to stay out of trouble. Olivia is irritated since Sonny is the reason that people are retaliating against him. Jason tells Cody that they need to retaliate and afterwards, no one will dare come after him (Jason) again. Elizabeth shows up at the coffee house looking for Jason. Spinelli finds Maxie passed out and wonders if she is okay.

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