GH Update Friday 11/14/08

General Hospital Update Friday 11/14/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Lulu stands in front of Kelly’s. Johnny arrives, concerned. Lulu is upset that Kelly’s burned in the fire.

Maxie is at the coffeehouse telling Spinelli and Jason about the attack on Kelly’s

Sasha is on the phone with her boss. She tells him the “attack on Jason’s truck yard” took place. Sasha’s men say a young woman saw them destroying Kelly’s. Sasha asks how the woman should be dealt with.

Sonny is with Mike at GH. Mike wakes up confused. Sonny says the retaliation is his fault.

Johnny is with Lulu outside of Kelly’s. Lulu tells Johnny about Laura. Lulu says Laura left for France quickly. She says Laura was confident when she left. Lulu says she misses her mother. Lulu is upset due to the fire at Kelly’s. She says Bobbie called her with the news of the fire. Lulu says she’s living at the mansion again. Lulu says Mike was beaten and taken to GH. Lulu wonders if Anthony is responsible.

Liz is at the hospital with Epiphany. Liz seems stressed and impatient. Epiphany suggests Liz “work it out.” Sam arrives to set Liz’s mind at “ease.” Sam insists on making herself “clear” about Jason. She says the rescue by Jason was “random.” Sam insists that she has no interest in a relationship with Jason.

Maxie is at the coffeehouse with Jason and Spinelli. She tells them more about what she saw at Kelly’s. Jason worries that Maxie was spotted. Maxie says she’s not sure. She says the intruders were speaking a foreign language. Jason blasts Maxie for “not knowing how to be quiet” the night before. Jason dismisses Maxie.

Back at GH, Mike says he remembers a fire the night before. Sonny says he will “rebuild” Kelly’s for Mike. Sonny says he’s “grateful” Mike survived. He says he blames himself for the incident. Mike says it wasn’t Sonny’s fault. Mike says he’s glad his beating wasn’t due to a “gambling debt that fell through the cracks.” Kate arrives. Mike says he’s fine and will be healthy in time for the wedding. Kate says the wedding is off.

Robin and Patrick are at GH with the baby. Patrick worries about Robin’s health. Robin insists she’s fine. Patrick says he was worried and afraid for Robin. He says he isn’t sure of his “single father” capability. Robin says fatherhood will come to Patrick with time and patience.

Back at Kelly’s, Lulu wonders if Anthony is responsible for the fire. Johnny isn’t sure. Lulu says it’s not Johnny’s fault. Lulu can’t understand why Kelly’s was attacked. She wonders why anyone would want to burn it down.

At GH, Sam asks Liz to move forward rather than backward. She says it’s time to “move on.” Sam says she and Lucky are still a couple, if she has any say in the matter. Liz apologizes for her attitude. Sam says she understands. She says Jason “does love” Liz. Liz wonders if love is “enough.” Again, Sam insists she has no interest in Jason. Liz seems to believe Sam. Sam leaves.

Jason tells Maxie she had no business running to Liz with lies about him and Sam.

Jason says Maxie knows too much about his business. Maxie leaves at Jason’s request. Spinelli says Maxie is “very passionate.” Jason says Maxie “has a little bit of Carly in her.” He cautions Spinelli to be careful.

Maxie is followed by one of the Karpov’s men as she leaves the coffeehouse.

At GH, Kate tells Mike she’s finished with Sonny. Sonny says he wants Kate, not Carly. Olivia is outside Mike’s room listening to the conversation. Sonny says everyone “close” to him is now “a target.”

Matt visits Robin at the hospital. Robin insists that Matt spent a few minutes with her. Robin shares pictures of the baby. Matt says he checks in on Emma a couple times a day. Robin thanks Matt for his help on her case. Robin confides in Matt that Patrick is “hovering.” She asks Matt to intervene for her. Matt jokes that it’s “ a little late in the game” for Robin to decide she’s not so crazy about Patrick.

Johnny is at home with Anthony. Anthony seems amused with all the problems that occurred the night before. Johnny wonders if Anthony is responsible for everything. Johnny accuses his dad of wanting to get rid of Jason. Johnny wonders if Anthony burned Kelly’s down to get back at Lulu. Anthony says Karpov’s people “retaliated against Sonny.” He says retaliation will continue.

Jason meets with Bernie. Bernie says they lost men and cargo the night before. Bernie says “the Karpov organization” wants an all out war. He says Jason is “right in the middle.” Jason considers Sonny’s position about Karpov. Bernie says “the men” in Jason’s organization blame Sonny for the violence. He says Sonny never considers the people around him. Jason asks for a meeting with his people.

At GH, Sonny says he plans to protect his loved ones. Kate says she’s “done” no matter what Sonny chooses to do. Olivia still lurks outside of Mike’s door. Kate leaves Mike’s room. Olivia sneaks off without being seen.

Robin visits with Emma. Patrick comes in and wonders why Matt asked him to take a case. Patrick figures Robin is behind it. Epiphany comes and says Robin and Emma can go home.

Johnny tells his dad the “plan for Sonny” is foiled. Anthony says the Russians “retaliation” will continue. He says Jason will most likely want distance from Sonny. That will insure that Sonny will come to Anthony for back up. Johnny is against Sonny and Claudia getting married. Anthony says the family “will be more powerful than ever” after the marriage. Anthony says everything he does is for Johnny.

Sonny is still with Mike at GH. Sonny says he can’t “lose” Kate. Sonny says it’s time to talk with Jason about the situation.

Kate and Olivia are still at the hospital. Olivia says she hired security for Kate. Olivia is afraid of the “mob war,” and she blames Sonny for the problems. Kate says there is no “protection from the mob.” She says everyone knows she was with Sonny so what’s done is done.

Maxie goes to visit Sam. She’s followed by one of the Russians. Maxie tells Sam about her fight with Liz. Maxie admits she acted impulsively. Maxie apologizes for telling Liz what she saw at the penthouse. Sam says everything is fine.

Jason visits Liz at GH. Liz is distant. Jason says he needs to talk so the two plan to meet on the roof.

Olivia goes to the office to see Jason. Olivia says she wants Jason to “protect” Kate. Jason’s employee heads off to call him at Olivia’s request. Olivia waits in Jason’s office. Suspicious looking men are lurking outside. Olivia hears noises and sees that the men are destroying the coffee house. Olivia tries to get out the back door but it’s locked. The men set the coffeehouse on fire with Olivia inside.

Johnny and Lulu meet outside of Kelly’s. Johnny says Anthony had nothing to do with the destruction. Johnny says the “violence” will get “worse.” Lulu says Anthony can’t hurt them unless they “let him.” Johnny wonders why Lulu wants anything to do with him.

Maxie is still with Sam. Sam tells Maxie about the situation with Jerry. Sam says she “loved” the “adventure” of working against Jerry. Sam says the experience made her feel alive. Two men are waiting outside of Sam’s door. One of the men puts his hand on the door.

Liz meets Jason on the hospital roof. They both apologize. Liz says she wants to be “open,” not “angry.” Jason says Liz needs to consider “the facts.” He tells Liz about the “retaliation against Sonny.” Jason says he’s a “target.” He tells Liz about losing men and shipment. Jason can see that the coffeehouse is on fire.

Olivia is trapped inside Jason’s office. The building is on fire. Sonny arrives and stops at the door of the coffeehouse.

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