GH Update Thursday 11/13/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/13/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Elizabeth arrives at Jason’s penthouse and demands to know why Sam is there. Sam tries to explain, but Liz dismisses her. Liz asks why it’s ok for Sam to be around Jason but it isn’t ok for her (Liz) to be with him.

Carly and Jax are at the waterfront. Jax thinks the call he received was from Jerry.

Maxie escorts Kate home from the hospital. The house is a bit of a mess. Maxie tries to settle Kate in. Kate remembers “the last time” she “was home.”

Sonny is at the PCPD with Sasha. She warns Sonny that payback is coming.

Morgan is at Kelly’s with his nanny and Mike. Mike talks with Mercedes about Sonny possibly visiting with Morgan. Mercedes sides with Carly as far as Sonny’s visitations. Morgan and Mercedes leave Kelly’s.

Lucky and Nikolas arrive at Kelly’s. They discuss Laura. Lucky tells Nik about Jake’s paternity. Nik learns the details of the secret. He’s sympathetic toward Lucky.

Back at the penthouse, Jason and Sam try to explain. Sam tells Liz about her “adventure” with Jerry.

Carly is still outside with Jax. Jax is upset about Jerry’s life and his apparent death. Jax feels cheated that Jerry lied to him about straightening out his life. Carly says she lied about having sex with Sonny. Jax believes her but says Carly will “always be there” for Sonny.

At the PCPD, Sonny tells Sasha how he was stabbed and left for dead. Sasha insists that Karpov didn’t shoot Kate. She says retaliation will be when Sonny “least expects it.” Sasha leaves Sonny standing in front of the PCPD.

Carly insists Jax can “trust” her. Jax says he can’t “count on” Carly because of Sonny. Carly says she did what she had to do. Jax says he can’t stay around and wait for Carly to return to Sonny. Carly leaves.

Sonny goes to Kelly’s to see Mike. Mike tells Sonny he “just missed” Morgan. Sonny tells Mike about his near miss with death. Sonny admits to killing Karpov. They discuss Carly giving Sonny an alibi.

At the penthouse, Liz tries to understand what she’s hearing. Sam says she only went to Jason’s to dry off. Sam heads out. Jason says Liz must keep all she was told “quiet.” Liz wonders if Jason would have told her everything had she not arrived when she did. Liz is bothered that Jason doesn’t “trust” her.

Nik goes to GH to see Nadine. Nik says Laura liked Nadine. He tells Nadine about the trip to France. Nik says he’s looking for Liz. Nik gets a call regarding his immigration. He tells Nadine about the possible deportation.

Sam arrives home to find Lucky there. Lucky is agitated that Sam hasn’t returned his calls.

Back at the penthouse, Jason says his “work” is too “dangerous” to expose Liz to. Jason says he must protect Liz. He says he “reacted” to “save” Sam. He says he would have done it for anyone. Liz tells Jason the Spencers know about Jake’s paternity. Liz says she “wants to live honestly no matter what.” She says she loves Jason and she wants to “express” her love in public.

Maxie is still at Kate’s. Maxie looks at a picture of Kate and Olivia. She asks Kate about her younger years with Sonny. Jax arrives. Maxie leaves. Jax tells Kate about Sonny’s alibi. Kate says the story isn’t true. Jax says Sonny and Carly are permanently “bonded.” Jax says his marriage to Carly is over. Jax leaves.

Sonny is still at Kelly’s with Mike. Carly arrives looking for Morgan. Sonny stops Carly as she goes out the door. He thanks Carly for her help and advises her to “stay away from” him. Carly says she was “forced” into giving an alibi. Carly says she has no interest in a relationship with Sonny. She blames Sonny for ending her marriage to Jax. Carly says she “would rather crawl on broken glass” than be with Sonny again. Carly says she won’t ever help Sonny out of a jam again. Carly storms off.

At GH, Nik tells Nadine about his citizenship problem. Nik tells Nadine what happened in Los Angeles. Nadine promises to help.

Lucky is still at Sam’s. He says Jerry’s ship exploded and he’s presumed dead. Lucky is upset about what happened to Sam.

Liz is still with Jason. She’s tired of keeping their “relationship” a secret. Jason says Jake must be protected. Liz says it’s wrong for their son to “live a lie.” She says it’s time to “tell and live the truth.” Jason says Liz and the kids will “become targets.” Liz asks Jason if he “wants” her “or not.” Jason says “yes,” and they kiss.

Sonny arrives at Kate’s. He gets a cold greeting. Kate says she knows about the alibi. Sonny wants to “explain”, but Kate isn’t interested. She says she and Sonny are “through.”

Nadine and Leyla are at GH. Nadine asks Leyla about her citizenship. Leyla brings up marriage to a citizen. Nadine assumes that Nik wants to marry her so he can stay in the country. She says Nik is “too polite” to ask for such help.

Lucky is still at Sam’s. Sam insists she “hated” Jerry. Sam says she was “playing a game of cat and mouse” with Jerry. Lucky wonders if he’s “too tame” for Sam. Sam says she loves Lucky. Lucky admits he loves Sam.

Jason and Liz are still at the penthouse. He agrees to go public about their relationship. Jason says they need to go slow and life as Liz knows it will change. Liz says she understands and “can be patient.” Liz says she must leave to get the kids. Jason promises to meet Liz at her house later. Liz leaves.

Carly goes to the pier to find Jax. She gets a call from Morgan. Jax arrives unnoticed and listens in on the conversation. Instead of approaching Carly, Jax turns and leaves.

Kate tells Sonny they are “over.” Sonny disagrees and insists he “respects” Kate. Kate says Sonny goes to Carly for support. Sonny tells Kate that he was stabbed and left for dead by Karpov. Kate is still upset with Sonny’s alibi. Kate says Sonny and Carly “are perfect for each other.” Sonny insists he doesn’t love Carly. Kate says she won’t come “second” to everything else. Kate screams for Sonny to leave her house, so he does.

Jason gets ready to head out to Liz’s house when Cody arrives. Cody says, “Retaliation is starting.” Cody tells Jason about Karpov’s murder. He says Jason is a “target” for the “payback.”

Liz is at home when Jason calls to cancel. He says, “There’s a situation” brewing and he can’t “risk” it. Liz hangs up before Jason can finish. She throws the phone across the room.

A group of men arrive at Kelly’s and start to destroy it. Mike is there alone. Maxie arrives and she sees all through the window. Mike is attacked. Maxie runs and calls for help.

Sonny is on the pier. Sasha calls him from outside of Kelly’s and says, “The end has begun.”

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