GH Update Wednesday 11/12/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Carly says that Sonny was with her at her house when Karpov was murdered.

Laura says that she is capable of fighting for what is hers. Tracy says that Luke isn’t Laura’s and she saved Luke’s life.

Jason tells Sam to go and the timer starts beeping. Jerry grunts and laughs and the boat explodes.

Tracy says that Laura would be doing Luke a favor by leaving him alone. Laura says that Luke was her husband and her whole life. Tracy says that what she has with Luke works for her and Luke gets to be himself. Laura says that Luke will always love her and tells Tracy that she won’t bother her again. Tracy cries.

Sam and Jason talk about the explosion and about Jerry being on board.

Carly tells Mac that she and Sonny were having sex and that she thought she had interests to protect.

Mac questions Sonny about his alibi. Diane says that there is no further need to hold Sonny, but Mac says that he isn’t convinced. Diane says that Carly just blew her marriage apart in front of witnesses and asks why she would lie. Mac says that he will start the paperwork. Sonny asks to talk to Carly.

Sam and Jason talk about the explosion. Sam agrees to keep Jason out of it.

Elizabeth leaves a message for Jason. Maxie comes up and asks Liz if there are any messages or cards for Robin. Liz says that someone should warn Spinelli about hanging out with Maxie.

Lulu and Tracy talk about Luke and Laura. Lulu tells Tracy to get out before she gets hurt. Tracy says that she is the right woman for Luke.

Laura asks Lucky to find Lulu and Nikolas for her. Lucky leaves and Laura tells Luke that she went to see Tracy.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about Liz’s plan to come between them. Spinelli says that he already knows Maxie’s past transgressions.

Sonny thanks Carly for giving him an alibi and says that he knows what it cost her. Carly says that Jax is gone and isn’t coming back because she gave Sonny an alibi. Carly says that she told the lie that everyone would believe.

Jax shows up at the docks and Detective Harper tells him that Jerry’s freighter exploded. Jax identifies a necklace that belonged to Jerry.

Laura tells Luke that she isn’t sure they should be together right now because they have both changed. Nikolas, Lulu and Lucky walk in. Laura says that she is going to go to France to work on her recovery. Laura says that she intends to build a new life and that she wishes Luke well in his new marriage. Lucky tells Laura that he is involved with Sam and suggests that he and Sam could go visit Laura in France.

Jason tells Maxie to go. Maxie wonders why Sam and Jason are soaked. Spinelli escorts Maxie out and asks her to be discrete about what she saw. Maxie leaves and Jason tells Sam that Spinelli planted a tracking device on Jerry. Sam thanks Spinelli for saving her life, but Spinelli says that the credit should go to Jason because he put his physical well-being on the line to rescue Sam. Spinelli says that it is kind of like old times.

Nikolas tells Laura that he made all the arrangements for her and that he leased her a house so that she doesn’t have to live at the clinic. Nikolas and Laura talk about Emily.

Sonny says that they aren’t getting back together. Carly says that she doesn’t want him back ever. Carly says that the next time Sonny kills someone and needs an alibi, not to call her. Mac tells Carly that Jerry’s freighter exploded in the harbor and that Jax has been notified.

Laura and Lulu talk about Johnny. Laura say that she really does like him. Luke comes in and asks if Laura is ready to go. Nikolas says that he will arrange a trip for all of them to visit and Laura tells them to bring the children. Laura says that she can’t say goodbye.

Maxie and Epiphany talk about Spinelli. Maxie says that Jason and Sam showed up at the penthouse soaking wet.

Jason says that Spinelli isn’t required to be there. Sam thanks Jason and he tells her that she can grab some coffee. Jason says that everything in the kitchen is the same and that Spinelli probably has extra clothes if she wants to get dry.

Laura tells Luke that she wants him to be happy. Luke says that if Laura needs him to go to France with her, he will.

Mac tells Sonny not to leave town. Diane tells Sonny not to do anything to set Carly off because his freedom is only as good as his alibi.

Sasha congratulates Sonny on his release.

Carly shows up to see Jax and says that she thought she could wait with him. Jax says that there is no way that Jerry could have survived. Jax says that it has been one hell of a day because first he lost her and now his brother. Carly says that he didn’t lose her. Jax gets a phone call, but the person hangs up and he says that he believes it was Jerry.

Sam hangs her clothes up in front of the fire. Liz shows up and asks what Jason is doing with Sam.

Laura says that she needs Luke to be well and is going to try like hell not to need him. Luke asks Laura if she will come back if the treatment works and says “Goodbye, my angel.”

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