GH Update Tuesday 11/11/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Jax tells Carly that Andrei Karpov was murdered and Sonny is being held as a suspect which means that she was telling the truth about Sonny not being at her house for romantic reasons.

Spinelli tells Jason that he is seasick. Jason suggests that Spinelli should go back to the penthouse, but Spinelli says that he is staying by Jason’s side.

Jerry tells Sam that she can have a cup of coffee after it cools down and that he is going to shore to get another shipment of drugs.

Laura tells Lesley that Scott would never hurt her and Luke reminds her that Scott drove them off a cliff. Lulu says that Scott has disappeared. Laura suggests that they talk about Luke’s marriage to Tracy. Lucky suggests that they celebrate Laura’s recovery. Laura says that no one is to protect her from the truth anymore. Laura says that she just wants to relax. Someone knocks on the door and Lulu answers it. The man explains that he is Dr. Hache and he works at the Trou D’intrique and that they need Laura to return to France immediately for tests and further therapy.

Jason and Spinelli talk about the whereabouts of the freighter “Gibraltar”. Liz calls Jason and tells him that Robin has stabilized. Jason thanks Liz and Liz asks if Jason wants to meet her at her studio. Spinelli talks about Liz and Jason changes the subject by saying that he is going to keep looking for the freighter.

Jerry says that he will miss Sam when she is food for the fishes. Jerry says that Sam has to die for his plan to work. Sam brings up his “plan” for the Metro Court. Sam asks if she can have her coffee now and Jerry agrees. Jerry says that if he had pursued Sam more attentively then maybe she would be joining him in his getaway instead of dying to cover his escape.

Sonny asks Olivia if she is there to help him or hurt him and Olivia says that she isn’t sure. Sonny says that Karpov has a lot of enemies and is in a rough business. Sonny says that he did not kill Karpov.

Sasha tells someone that Sonny was arrested for Karpov’s murder. The man says that they can’t get to Sonny if he is in custody and Sasha says that she will see what she can do.

Carly says that their marriage is an obstacle course. Jax reminds her that she didn’t tell him that Sonny was at her house while he was visiting. Carly explains that Sonny didn’t want anyone to know that he was there. Jax says that he needs Carly to be faithful in her heart because he won’t share her with anyone. Jax admits that he thinks they have a chance and that he wants them together, but won’t come second to Sonny. Carly says that if Sonny is in trouble she will help him.

Olivia says that she didn’t say anything to the police. Sonny says that he would appreciate it if Olivia didn’t volunteer information. Olivia leaves and Diane comes in. Diane asks Sonny if he has an alibi and he says that Carly is his alibi.

Lucky says that Laura shouldn’t go back to France, but she says that the doctors seem pretty insistent. Laura says that she wants some time to think about it.

Diane shows up to ask Carly about Sonny’s alibi. Diane sees Olivia and asks her if she saw Sonny the previous night. Diane’s phone rings. Olivia and Carly talk about seeing Sonny the previous night.

Sasha meets with Sonny. Sonny says that he didn’t kill Karpov. Sasha says that she has been instructed to help get Sonny released.

Lulu reunites with Johnny. Johnny apologizes for letting the doctors at Shadybrook keep him away from her. Lulu says that she wants Johnny to meet Laura. Laura says that she is very glad that Lulu fell in love with such a fine young man.

Spinelli questions Jerry about Sam’s whereabouts.

Luke, Alice and Edward talk about the tumble off the cliff. Luke asks for a word with Tracy. Edward and Alice leave the room and Luke apologizes for putting Tracy through it. Luke says that Laura is going to France and he is staying there with Tracy. Tracy asks when she gets to come first.

Nadine meets Laura and they talk about Nikolas. Nikolas tells them that they are supposed to be getting to know each other instead of talking about him. Nadine says that they like talking about him. Laura asks Nikolas to grab them some cups and the kettle and he agrees. Nadine says that Nikolas isn’t serious about her and Laura says that she hopes Nadine is wrong about that. Laura says that Nadine is perfect for Nikolas. Nikolas comes back.

Jason and Spinelli talk about Jerry. Spinelli explains that he put a tracking device in Jerry’s pocket.

Sam asks Jerry to take her with him. Jerry says that it is tempting, but self-preservation is a priority. Jerry explains to Sam that he is making it seem like they were making their getaway when the ship exploded.

Diane tells Sonny that Carly wouldn’t confirm or deny that Sonny was with her when Karpov was murdered. Sonny says that Carly is just being stubborn, but that she will back him up.

Carly shows up at the PCPD to give her statement.

Laura meets with Elizabeth. Lucky says that there is something that he and Liz want to tell Laura. Elizabeth explains that Jason Morgan is Jake’s biological father. Laura says that after what happened with Nikolas, she has no right to judge anyone. Laura gets a call from the institute in Paris.

Sam tells Jason that they have to get out of there. Jerry comes out and says that he didn’t think that Jason would go through all that trouble for Sam.

Carly runs into Jax at the PCPD. Jax tells Carly that if she tells Mac the truth, it would prove to him that their marriage comes first. Mac tells Carly that they are ready for her. Diane comes out and says that Sonny would like to talk to Carly. Mac asks if Carly can alibi Sonny.

Sasha tells the man that Sonny could be released that night and asks if he will be eliminated. The man says that everyone connected to Sonny will pay.

Tracy says that she will not be filing for divorce. Laura shows up and confronts Tracy about sending the doctor to her house to send her back to France. Tracy says that it is clear that Laura needs to go back to France to talk to the doctors.

The timer beeps and Jason says “Go.” The freighter explodes.

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