GH Update Monday 11/10/08

General Hospital Update Monday 11/10/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Jax hands Carly the divorce papers. Carly asks why Jax is giving up on their marriage. Jax says that she spent the night with Sonny. In the meantime, Olivia witnesses Sonny shooting Karpov. Jason tells Spinelli that Sam has been missing for 24 hours. Jason says that they need to find out what the connection is between Samís disappearance and Jerry.

Luke and Laura kiss. Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu find the cabin where Luke and Laura are staying. There is a family reunion. Laura is happy to be with her children again.

Jax asserts that his marriage to Carly is over. Jax canít believe that Carly slept with Sonny. Carly denies that she was with Sonny.

Karpov appears to be dead. Sonny walks away. Olivia begins to call 911 but changes her mind. Jerry tells Sam that she isnít going to survive. Jerry says he is doing her a favor. Sam says that she is nothing like Jerry. While Jerry isnít looking, Sam sends out an S-O-S, alerting the Coast Guard.

Nikolas tells everyone that a chopper is on its way. Luke explains to Laura that Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu didnít know he was still married to Tracy when they (Luke and Laura) renewed their vows. Nikolas tells Laura that a lot has happened since she relapsed the last time. Back at the hotel, Tracy tells Scott that Lauraís children found Luke and Laura. Tracy says that Scott wonít be able to convince Laura to come back to him. Scott finally admits that Luke and Laura will be together in the end.

Anna asks Elizabeth how the babyís vitals are. Patrick explains to Anna that Robinís blood wonít clot. Anna tells Patrick he shouldnít give up on Robin. Anna is adamant that Patrick needs to stand up and be there for Robin and the baby. Patrick pays a visit to Robin. Robin wakes up and asks how Emma is doing.

Carly tells Jax that he shouldnít give up on her. Carly swears that nothing happened between her and Sonny. Jax says that Carly needs to sign the divorce papers. Jax walks away.

Spinelli tells Jason that it is possible that Sam is leading a criminal life again. Jason wonders if this is true. Jason thinks that Sam left a clue (the detonator) for him to find her.

A man from the Coast Guard boards the ship. Jerry explains away the S-O-S. On the waterfront, Harper and Mac find Karpovís body. Mac says that Sonny finally got his revenge.

Olivia talks to Elizabeth at the hospital. Olivia is clearly rattled from witnessing Sonny killing Karpov. In the meantime, Sonny returns to Carlyís home. Sonny warns that the cops will find Karpovís body soon. Carly says that Sonny ruined her life tonight.

Patrick tells Robin that Emma is doing great. Anna checks in on her daughter. Anna urges Patrick to go get Emma. Anna says to Robin that she (Robin) canít say goodbye. Robin says she is so tired. Anna explains that Robin has been through so much already that she canít give up so easily. Anna reinforces that Emma needs her mother.

Scott tells Tracy that she looks nervous. Tracy says she isnít worried. Luke, Laura, Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu arrive back at the hotel. Nikolas offers to provide transportation back to Port Charles. Laura says she wants to say hello to Tracy, Lukeís wife.

Olivia doesnít know if she can turn a blind eye from seeing a murder being committed. Carly is upset that Jax left her. Sonny begs Carly to be his alibi for tonight. Carly says that maybe it is time for Sonny to pay for his crimes. Carly realizes that a future with Jax will never happen now. Carly is heartbroken that she ruined her chance with Jax because of Sonny. Carly canít believe she helped Sonny get revenge. Frustrated, Carly leaves the room.

Anna says that Robin needs to be strong. Patrick brings Emma into the room. Seeing her daughter puts a smile on Robinís face. Anna says she is going to give Robin and Patrick some alone time with their daughter and leaves. Patrick holds Emma. Emma is awake. Robin starts to cry. Robin says she is going to survive. Patrick gives Emma to Robin. Robin holds her daughter. Robin promises Emma that the three of them are going to have the best life.

Jason is adamant that they need to find out what Jerry is planning and how it involves Sam. In the meantime, Sam tells Jerry that she doesnít believe that Jerry will fake his own death. Sam says that Jax would be heartbroken.

Olivia returns to the scene of the crime. Mac wonders why she is there. Olivia says that she was just getting some air. Mac asks if she knows who would kill Karpov.

Carly fixes Sonny a snack. Sonny apologizes for the mess he has got her into. Carly says that it is unbelievable how her life is a mess just because she helped Sonny. Carly realizes that Jax is gone but canít believe that Sonny still has Kate. Carly says it isnít fair that Jax doesnít want to be with her. Harper shows up at Carlyís door. Harper explains that Karpov is dead. Harper asks if Sonny knows anything about it.

Nikolas tells Lucky that Laura doesnít want to be treated like an invalid. Laura thanks Tracy for being kind to Lulu. Tracy says she would do anything she could for Lulu. Laura says that it must have been difficult for Tracy when she (Laura) and Luke renewed their vows. Tracy refuses to give up Luke. Tracy says that Laura should go back to Scott.

On his laptop, Spinelli finds a signal alerting the Coast Guard. Spinelli tells Jason that the freighter appears to belong to Jerry. In the meantime, Jerry tells Sam that she doesnít have much longer to live. Harper asks Sonny where he was this evening. Sonny remains silent. Carly says she doesnít have to answer his questions. Harper gives Carly his card. Harper arrests Sonny for Karpovís murder.

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