GH Update Friday 11/7/08

General Hospital Update Friday 11/7/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny is still recovering at Carly’s house. Carly puts a fresh bandage on Sonny’s wound.

Jax is at the hotel. Jason arrives looking for info on Jerry.

Sam and Jerry are still on the ship. Jerry gets the explosives ready for Sam’s departure.

Luke and Laura are still at the cabin. Luke says Laura was “the love” of his life. He says she could never be replaced. Laura says she’s not the “little girl” Luke married. Laura wants Luke to choose between her and Tracy.

Carly tells Sonny she won’t get drawn back into his life. Carly insists she loves Jax. Carly and Sonny argue about Kate. Sonny gets up out of bed.

Olivia visits Kate at GH. Kate says she may be released soon. Claudia arrives. Claudia says she “won’t tolerate” it if Sonny cheats on her with Kate. Claudia insists she will marry Sonny.

At the hotel, Jason briefs Jax on Sam’s suspicions. Jason says the explosives used in the alley matched the ones used at the hotel.

Jerry and Sam are on the ship. Jerry continues to tell Sam about his devious plan.

At the cabin, Luke tells Laura he “was overcome with grief” each time he visited her. Luke says he could never stop loving Laura. Laura says she and Luke “have been robbed” of growing old together. She says they can’t get back what’s “gone.” Luke wonders if they can get back what they lost.

Lulu and Tracy wait at the bottom of the cliff for the others to return. Lulu wonders what the outcome of the story will be. Lucky and Nikolas return. Lulu plans to continue the search with her brothers. Tracy heads back to the hotel. Nik, Lucky, and Lulu wonder who Luke will “choose.”

Laura stands outside the cabin. Luke joins her. He talks about the wedding they almost had. Luke says he messed up when he tried to “protect” Laura when Rick Webber died.

Carly watches, as Sonny gets dressed in her bedroom. She says Sonny will soon “fall over.” Sonny asks if Carly visits Michael. Carly tells Sonny about her visits. Carly believes Michael will get his life back. Sonny says he will “get rid of Karpov.” He tells Carly to return to her husband.

Jason is still at the hotel with Jax. Jax has no interest in helping Jason. Jax says Jerry is always into something. He tells Jason to figure it out on his own, and then walks away.

Jerry and Sam are still are the ship. Jerry gives Sam the impression that he will kill them both. Jerry says he’s at a “dead end” and it’s time to move on. He sarcastically tells Sam not to be afraid. Sam offers Jerry a “safe and beautiful” life with her. Sam tries to talk Jerry out of blowing up the ship but he’s not buying it. Jerry says time is up. Sam screams as Jerry counts down to “1,” while holding the detonator.

Carly comes home to find Sonny ready to head out the door. Carly hands Sonny a gun she retrieved from his house. She wonders how Sonny will be successful at eliminating Karpov.

Olivia escorts Claudia out of Kate’s hospital room. Claudia leaves after a couple snide remarks. Kate insists she loves Sonny. Olivia leaves with Claudia’s coat in hand. She finds a phone in the pocket.

On the ship, Jerry says he has no intention of killing himself. Jerry says he won’t blow up the boat until he gets the shipment and the money. His plan is to “cash in and run.” Jerry says everyone will think he died along with Sam. He says Alexis and Jax will be better off.

Luke and Laura are still at the cabin. Laura wants to know where she stands with Luke. Laura asks Luke if he loves Tracy. Laura says she isn’t “looking for an apology.”

Still at home, Carly says she got the gun out of Sonny’s desk. Sonny insists Karpov should die whether or not he shot Kate. Sonny says Karpov will be dealt with for leaving him to die. Sonny insists, “peace is no option.” Carly worries for Sonny’s safety. Sonny leaves.

Nik, Lucky, and Lulu are still out looking for Luke and Laura. They look at a map and plan their next move. Nik thinks they should “split up.” The three discuss “second chances” in love.

Tracy heads back to the hotel and runs into Scotty. Tracy blames Scotty for everything. Scotty is confident and calm. Scotty says, “experience” with Luke and Laura has taught him to “let destiny take its course.”

At the cabin, Luke tells Laura he has “strong feelings for Tracy.” He says the feelings “crept up” after they were married. Luke talks about his heart problems. Laura is surprised that Luke had heart surgery. Luke says Tracy “convinced” him to have the surgery. Laura assumes Luke and Tracy became “close.” Luke says they finally had a “connection.” Laura says her recovery “could be temporary.” She says she wants “to live.” Luke wonders what Laura’s goal is this time around. Laura wonders if Luke expects her to want their life back.

Spinelli and Jason arrive at the office. They discuss “sweeping” Jerry’s hotel room. They found nothing to “trace.” Spinelli looks into equipment sales that can be traced back to Jerry. Jason is convinced Jerry set the explosion in the alley.

Karpov is on the dock screaming into his phone. He’s on the lookout for the shipment and for Jerry. Olivia arrives. She asks Karpov why he shot Kate. Karpov denies Olivia’s accusation. Olivia warns that Sonny is gunning after Karpov. Olivia suggests that Karpov leave town. Karpov says Sonny is dead. Sonny arrives.

Laura and Luke are still together outside of the cabin. Luke says they both have “changed.” Luke says Laura is still in his heart. He wonders how Scotty has “exaggerated” about the situation. Laura says Scotty told her the “truth.” Laura says she and Luke made Scotty “the villain” in the past.

Carly is at home, frantic and on the phone trying to reach Jason. Jax arrives with divorce papers in hand.

Still outside with Karpov, Sonny tells Olivia to “leave.” After Olivia walks away, Karpov says his murder will only bring “payback.” Sonny shoots Karpov as Olivia hides and looks on.

Spinelli and Jason try to figure out Jerry’s next move. Jason wonders why Jerry “needs” Sam. Spinelli learns that Jerry purchased a large amount of plastic explosives.

Back on the ship, Jerry gets his explosives ready. He says Sam’s questions are “tedious.” Jerry makes Sam play a “game” of catch, promising to answer her questions if she plays along. Jerry says he can’t have a “violent syndicate” like Karpov’s gunning after him. Jerry says the ship will blow up and convince Karpov he’s dead as well. Jerry says Sam’s remains will convince everyone that they both died on board the ship.

Back at the cabin, Laura tells Luke she’s never been “the perfect woman.” Luke says Laura made him “believe in love.” They agree that they shared an “amazing” life together, and then share a kiss.

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