GH Update Thursday 11/6/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/6/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Luke and Laura have found shelter in a cabin. Laura made Luke sleep outside the previous night. Laura opens the cabin door but quickly slams it in Luke’s face.

Sonny is sleeping in Carly’s bed. Carly is close by. She remembers the last time they were intimate. Sonny wakes up and thanks Carly without much conviction.

Jason gives Cody part of the explosive he found at Sam’s apartment.

Sam wakes up on the freighter handcuffed to a bed. Jerry is sitting on the bed watching Sam. Jerry says this is Sam’s “last day” of her life.

Back at Carly’s house, Sonny seems to be getting better. Sonny wants to go home. Carly says Sonny needs more time to heal.

Back at the cabin, Luke tries to plead his case through the closed door. Luke and Laura argue. Luke won’t give up and he tries to explain his marriage to Tracy as “a scam.” Luke says he should have been “more honest.” Luke feigns an attack outside. Laura doesn’t buy Luke’s coughing jag at first. She soon comes to the window to check on him.

Spinelli and Maxie are at GH. Spinelli says Maxie is smarter than she realizes. He tells her not to “give up hope” on Robin. Jason arrives. Maxie fills him in on Emma and Robin.

Patrick is in talking to Robin. He tells her his plans of making a home for their family. Patrick says he’s looking forward to living life as a “family man.”

Carly brings Sonny his breakfast. He’s not as receptive as she’d like him to be. Sonny balks at eating Carly’s “processed” breakfast food.

Back at GH, Patrick asks Robin to “hurry up” and recover. He tells Robin about the baby. Patrick says he isn’t doing very well for the baby without Robin. Jason arrives and asks about Robin. Jason says Sam had the same condition and “almost died.” Jason stays positive with Patrick. Jason sits with Robin while Patrick goes off for a few minutes. Jason talks to Robin.

The police find Scotty’s car. Tracy, Luke, Lulu, and Lucky are there. The searchers say the rain washed the footprints away. They say it’s obvious that Luke and Laura walked away from the accident. Tracy thinks Luke and Laura have taken off on a romantic road trip.

At the cabin, Luke tells Laura about his heart problems. Laura helps Luke get up off the ground. Luke runs into the cabin. Laura angrily follows him inside and slams the door. Laura blasts Luke for being dishonest.

Jason is still at GH with Robin. He holds her hand as he talks. Jason talks about “faith.” Anna arrives and promises to tell Robin about Jason’s visit. Jason leaves.

Sonny is still at Carly’s house. Carly comes out of the shower in a towel to retrieve some clothes. Sonny remembers their time together in the limo.

Sam is still on the freighter handcuffed to a bed – she looks at some papers Jerry left behind. Jerry returns, gun in hand. Jerry promises to kill Sam and “dispose” of her body. Sam doesn’t believe that Jerry plans to kill her. Jerry tells Sam she’s not “particularly bright.”

At the cabin, Laura says she “understands the circumstances” of Luke’s marriage to Tracy. Laura says she’s “hurt” but she understands that Luke “moved on.” Laura says she will do the same with her own life. Laura says she’s mad because Luke failed to tell her the truth.

Back with Jerry, Sam insists she can “read” Jerry. Sam says Jerry has no intention of killing her. Sam says Jerry may have genuinely “cared about” Alexis. She says her murder at Jerry’s hands would hurt Alexis and Jax. Jerry says he’s ready for “a clean getaway” from Port Charles. Sam offers to become Jerry’s partner. Jerry leaves. Sam tries to pick the lock on her handcuffs with a paperclip.

Carly tells Sonny everyone thinks she’s out of town on business. Carly says she could “be honest” with Jax if Sonny didn’t object. Carly wonders if Sonny’s “plan” is to kill Karpov. Sonny says Karpov must die but he’s no longer sure Karpov was the shooter at the wedding.

Back at the accident site, the kids doubt Luke and Laura took off on an adventure. Tracy is skeptical. The searchers say they know of some cabins close by. Lulu stays with Tracy while Nik and Lucky head off for more searching.

Back at the cabin, Luke says he was certain Laura’s recovery would never be permanent. He says his decisions were “painful.” Laura seems to understand Luke’s difficulties. Luke says Laura’s last recovery was too precious for him to “waste.” Laura insists she would have understood if Luke told her the truth.

Spinelli and Jason are at GH. Jason wants Spinelli to investigate the explosive and see if it matches the one from the Metro Court.

Anna is with Robin at GH. She compliments Patrick. Anna tries to stay positive when talking to Robin. Patrick brings Emma in for a visit. He asks Anna to feed the baby. Anna says Patrick needs to “figure it out” and feed his daughter. Anna leaves the room. Patrick holds the baby and gives her a bottle. Robin wakes up.

Sonny is still with Carly. Sonny insists he’s “fine.”

Jason and Spinelli go to Sam’s. Jason fills Spinelli in on Sam’s story. Jason looks around. He’s suspicious that something happened to Sam. Someone comes to Sam’s door. The woman says Sam left with a “boyfriend.” The woman says Sam was hanging “all over” the man. After looking at a picture, she identifies Jerry as the man Sam left with.

Sam is able to get free from the handcuffs. Jerry catches her trying to escape. He cuffs her back to the bed. Jerry shows Sam a “present” which turns out to be an explosive device. He reminds Sam of the Metro Court explosion and says it’s the “same stuff.” Jerry then promises that Sam will “go out with a bang.”

Tracy and Lulu wait for the men to return. They discuss Luke and Laura. Tracy says she’s uncertain of her next move.

Luke and Laura are still at the cabin. Laura is frustrated with the whole situation. Luke says he “didn’t want to hurt” Laura. Laura says she would have preferred Luke to be honest. Laura wonders if she and Luke should “be spending any time together,” considering their situation.

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