GH Update Wednesday 11/5/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Sonny asks Carly not to call Jason or anyone else outside the house. Carly says that she is going to do whatever she wants because it is her living room and she saved Sonny’s life.

Jason tells Sam to answer him. Sam makes muffled cries and Jerry says that Jason seems very concerned for a man who drop kicked Sam out of his life.

Kelly tells Patrick to start chest compressions, but he freezes. Kelly calls “Code Blue” and says that they need room for the crash cart. Maxie leaves with Emma. Matt and Kelly try to get Robin’s heart to start beating again.

Nikolas says that he would like to call his lawyers because he is sure that they can work it all out. Nikolas says that he has been in America since he was 16 years old. Lulu and Lucky try to convince the officer to let Nikolas go. The officer says that they have already reported Nikolas to the INS and that Nikolas is going to jail.

Carly checks Sonny’s wound. Sonny says that Carly saved his life. Carly says that Jax can never find out about it. Sonny tells Carly to go after Jax, but she says that she can’t do it. Sonny asks Carly to leave him the phone so that he can call someone and get it worked out. Carly says that if Sonny dies in her house, she will never forgive him and Sonny says that he isn’t going to die. Carly asks how Sonny always manages to ruin her life.

Jerry and Sam talk about Jason. Jerry says that Sam needs to tell Jason that everything is fine. Jason shows up and Sam claims that she hung up on Jason because she didn’t like how he was acting so interested. Sam tells Jason that she will never let another man tear up her life again.

Carly talks to a doctor about Sonny’s condition. The doctor tells Sonny to listen to Carly. The doctor says that Sonny will be okay, but he will need someone with him at all times and tells Sonny that he is sure his wife will take good care of him.

Tracy argues with a clerk. An officer comes up and says that the cab that Luke stole is not damaged, but that Scott’s car went over a cliff with Luke and Laura inside.

Nikolas makes a call and says that his lawyers are straightening it all out.

Robin’s machine keeps beeping. Mac and Anna talk about what is going on. Matt says that they have a heartbeat. Kelly says that Robin is bleeding out and Patrick realizes that Robin is stabilizing. Kelly tells Patrick that he needs to leave and Matt convinces him to leave. Patrick tells Mac and Anna that Robin has internal bleeding. Matt says that Robin has disseminated intravascular coagulation and it is a complication that is unrelated to HIV.

The officer tells Nikolas that he has to report to the INS Office in Port Charles within 3 days.

Scott and Tracy argue about who’s fault it is. Lulu walks up and asks Scott what he did with Laura. Tracy says that Scott’s car went over a cliff and that Luke and Laura are missing.

Carly tries to help Sonny by making him something to eat, but he says that he isn’t hungry. Carly says that Sonny is going to eat, take the pills and then get some rest. Sonny says that Karpov is going to send people to confirm that he is dead and when they don’t find a body, they will go after people that are associated with him. Carly asks Sonny to call Jason, but Sonny asks her not to call Jason. Carly and Sonny talk about how lethal she is with a baseball bat.

Sam tells Jason that he can leave now because everything is fine. Jason leaves and Jerry tells Sam that she did a great job. Sam says that Jason is the worst mistake she ever made. Jerry asks if Sam thinks that Jason will be coming back.

Maxie talks to Robin about what is going on. Maxie says that Robin will get better for Emma, not Patrick, Mac or Maxie.

Patrick talks to Emma. Patrick says that her name was almost Alyssa Rose. Patrick says that he needs Robin and that without Robin he doesn’t think he can pull off being a father to Emma.

Anna talks to Robin. Anna says that Robin looks like a little girl. Anna tells Robin that she needs to stay with them and with Emma.

Spinelli offers Mac something to drink, but Mac says that all he wants is for Robin to live. Spinelli says that Robin is the most iron-willed and tenacious person he has ever encountered and that he believes that Robin will survive. Mac thanks Spinelli.

Matt and Patrick talk about the baby. Patrick asks if Matt wants to go in and see Emma, but Matt says that he was just stopping to check on her. Patrick and Matt talk about the patient the previous summer with similar complications to Robin. Patrick says that he can’t raise Emma alone.

Sam tries to work Jerry, but he doesn’t agree. Sam yells.

An officer takes Scott’s statement. Lucky, Tracy, Nikolas and Lulu include their own questions. Nikolas tells Lulu to stop provoking Scott. Nikolas says that he will pay for and organize a private search, starting the next morning so that they can find Luke.

Patrick tells Matt that without Robin he would be a disaster of a parent. Matt says that Patrick has to be the best at everything he does and reminds Patrick that Robin isn’t dead yet. Matt and Patrick talk about Noah. Patrick admits that he is afraid that he is going to mess up.

Sam and Jerry talk about what his plan for her is.

Jason talks to Bernie about the ambush and says that he will call right back.

Carly offers to give Sonny a sponge bath. Sonny says that it is a hell of a way for her to spend her birthday.

Patrick talks to Robin about Emma. Patrick says that he and Emma both need her and that she has to live.

Jason tells Sam to open the door.

Jerry says that this voyage will be Sam’s last.

Sonny and Carly talk about a birthday that Michael put candles on the cake for her.

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