GH Update Tuesday 11/4/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Kelly delivers Robin’s baby girl. Robin freaks out because the baby isn’t breathing, but Patrick tells Robin that the baby is going to be fine. The baby cries and Robin says that she is beautiful. Patrick says that their baby girl is perfect.

Jerry tells Jason that Sam is in trouble with Karpov.

Sonny says that he doesn’t want anyone to see Carly there. Carly says that she will be get Sonny out of there and he asks if there is any blood on the couch. Carly gets Sonny moving and Jax knocks on the door.

Luke tries to get Laura out of the car, but she tells him not to do it.

Elizabeth announces that Robin and Patrick had a beautiful baby girl and that family can go in and see them. Maxie goes in and tells Matt that he can go too, but he says that he doesn’t want to push it. Anna and Mac admire the baby. Robin introduces everyone to Emma Grace Scorpio Drake! Patrick says that he is ready to hold his little girl. Patrick notices a little nick on Emma’s ear and Robin asks if he thinks that she is going to be exposed to HIV.

Jerry says that his interests might suffer if violence erupts between Jason and Karpov. Jason says that he believes that Jerry is working with Karpov. Jason says that if Karpov drags Jerry into a war with him, he will make sure Mr. Craig dies first. Sam thanks Jason for covering for her and he says that it will only get worse. Sam says that she will handle it and that he doesn’t need trouble because of her.

Jax asks what Carly is doing. Carly says that she was checking on the house and Jax asks if she was considering moving back in. Carly says that she wanted to check on the house, grab some clothes and straighten up. Carly suggests that Jax is checking up on her, but he says that he was driving by and thought about her. Jax admits that he misses Carly.

Laura tells Luke to pull Scott out and that she will crawl out. Luke suggests that he should pull Laura out and throw Scott over the cliff. Laura says that her seatbelt is stuck and screams.

Mac and Anna agree that the baby will be fine. Maxie and Spinelli talk about the possibility that the baby could be HIV-Positive. Maxie tells Spinelli all the things that she wants to do with the baby.

Patrick tells Robin that Emma is getting her AZT shot and that Epiphany will bring her back in a couple of minutes. Robin asks why Patrick is being so calm when Emma could have been exposed. Patrick says that they will know soon either way. Robin says that she knew it could be a risk, but didn’t think it would actually happen. Patrick says that he doesn’t think that Emma is infected, but if she is, they will deal with it as a family. Epiphany brings Emma in to see Patrick and Robin.

Nikolas tries to convince a maid to let him in the room, but she won’t do it. Lulu comes up and asks if she can help. Lulu says that she knows how to scam. Nikolas says that they need to figure out where Scott might have taken Laura.

Luke tells Laura to undo Scott’s seatbelt. Luke tells Laura to try to wiggle out of hers and that he is getting Scott out. Laura screams and calls for Luke.

Carly says that she is glad he came by. Jax admits that he has been miserable since they have been apart. Jax says that the pictures represent their life together and she seems to think that they can get that life back. Carly says that it would make her so happy if they could get back together. Jax says that there is one real obstacle. Jax asks Carly if she would pick him or Sonny if it came down to it.

Epiphany says that Emma had her first shot and has quite a set of lungs. Robin thanks Epiphany for staying with Emma. Epiphany says that it is time for Emma’s first bottle and tells Robin not to be worried if she doesn’t finish it all. Patrick and Robin feed Emma and talk about her being a miracle. Patrick tells Emma about his possible exposure to HIV.

Sam and Jason talk about the detonator that was found in the alley. They discuss the possible involvement of Karpov and Jerry in the ambush. Sam tells Jason about Nadine and Matt remembering Jerry’s shoes before the clinic fire. Jason says that he will have Spinelli take a look at the detonator in the morning, but Sam refuses and says that it is her deal and that she will handle it. Jason says that Sam should stay out of it. Sam says that Jason knows better than to try to stop her.

Carly says that she would choose Jax every time and suggests that they go to dinner the following night. Jax says that there is frozen pizza and champagne in the kitchen. Carly says that it is a great idea, but a bad time. Carly says that she had a big dinner and isn’t hungry right now. Jax suggests that they go to the hotel for a drink and Carly says that she just wants to be by herself right now. Carly says that she is so happy that Jax is rethinking it and he says that he isn’t making any guarantees. Jax leaves and Carly helps Sonny to the couch. Sonny says that she should have went with Jax and Carly says that if Jax finds out that Sonny was there, she will lose Jax forever.

Luke tries to get Laura’s seatbelt off of her.

Anna asks to see Emma. Robin asks if Anna wants to hold her. Robin asks Patrick to get her some water and Patrick asks if Anna wants anything. Patrick leaves and Anna talks to Emma. Robin asks Anna how she stays not scared. Anna says that Robin will always worry about something with Emma.

Carly says that Sonny owes her big time and Sonny says that he didn’t ask Carly to stay. Carly says that she is stuck there taking care of Sonny. Sonny says that he doesn’t want to get in the way of her and Jax. Carly reminds Sonny that she saved his life. Sonny thanks Carly for saving his life and says that he isn’t going to stop her from doing whatever she wants. Carly says that she could drop Sonny off at the hospital on her way, but Sonny says that Karpov has to think that he didn’t survive. Carly offers to call Jason, but Sonny tells her not to.

Lulu and Nikolas search Scott’s room. Nikolas finds Tracy and Luke’s marriage certificate. Lucky says that he needs to do a quick search and says that Nikolas and Lulu are with him. The man says that if they can’t prove that they are police officers they will be charged with breaking and entering.

Luke calls for Laura.

Mac suggests that Maxie should hold Emma next, but Maxie says that she isn’t good with babies and that she doesn’t want to break Emma. Anna gives Emma to Mac. Mac introduces Maxie and Emma. Anna leaves. Maxie and Mac talk to Emma. Maxie tells Emma about her guardian angel, Georgie.

Spinelli gives Anna a handkerchief. Anna says that her crying is embarrassing because she is fearless. Spinelli tells Anna that Emma has less than a 2% chance that she will contract HIV.

An officer tells Lulu what she is guilty of. The officer says that as a professional courtesy to a fellow officer of the law, they won’t be charged. The officer says that Nikolas will be deported and have his green card revoked because he is a resident alien.

Scott calls for Laura.

Luke tells Laura that they are at the bottom of the cliff. Laura climbs out the window and Luke says that his leg is pinned and she will have to go for help. Laura says that she can’t just leave him there.

Mac puts Emma down. Anna comes in and says that someone else wants to see Emma. Spinelli comes in and says that he doesn’t want to intrude. Robin says that she wants him to meet Emma. Robin says that Spinelli should be Emma’s honorary uncle. Kelly comes in to check on Emma. Kelly announces that Emma is HIV negative! Everyone is excited and Robin’s monitors start going off. Kelly says that Robin is crashing.

Sonny says that he told her not to call Jason.

Jason calls Sam. Sam says that she thinks someone might have and Jason calls her name.

Laura gets Luke out of the car. Laura confronts Luke about marrying her while he was already married to Tracy.

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