GH Update Monday 11/3/08

General Hospital Update Monday 11/3/08


Written By Carrie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

In Los Angeles, Luke and Tracy argue in front of the hotel. Tracy tells him that they aren’t going to work out. Tracy says she is going back to Port Charles. Scott and Laura pull up at the hotel, where Laura spots Luke. Luke notices Laura, too. Scott speeds away and Luke borrows a cab to follow them.

Robin is in labor and the baby is in distress. Robin tells Kelly to do whatever it takes for the baby to be alright. There is an explosion where Sam is supposed to meet Jerry. Sam and Jason end up being thrown backwards from the impact and Sam goes unconscious.

Karpov and his men throw Sonny into the river and tie him down with chains and a weight. Sonny starts having flashbacks and memories of his life. Carly appears and starts unloosening the chains around Sonny’s feet.

Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu show up at the Los Angeles hotel where Scott took Laura. Tracy explains that Luke is following Scott and Laura.

Anna starts to cry and wonders if something is wrong with the baby. Mac reassures her that Robin and the baby are going to be okay. Kelly informs Anna and Mac that the baby is in mild distress and that they are keeping an eye on the situation.

Robin’s contractions are getting worse and Robin is worried about the baby. Robin is crying as Patrick tells her to relax.

Sam wakes up and Jason asks her about the explosion. Sam explains that she was supposed to meet Jerry and that the whole thing was a set-up. Jason finds a part of a detonator. Jason tells Sam that they need to leave before the cops show up.

Carly is able to free Sonny from the chains. Carly gets him to the surface. Sonny is still unconscious.

Tracy explains how her and Luke ended up in Los Angeles looking for Laura. Nikolas and Lucky are mad that no one told them that Luke was trying to find their mother. Laura tells Scott that they need to go back to the hotel. Laura wonders if this whole charade is about Scott wanting to get back at Luke.

Anna visits with Robin. Anna reassures her daughter that Kelly is doing everything she can to help Robin and the baby. Robin tells Anna she loves her. Robin is worried and asks Patrick to save their child if something happens to her (Robin).

Anna tells Mac that it is too risky for Robin to have a C-section. Maxie is upset and Spinelli tries to comfort her. Maxie wonders if Robin’s baby is going to survive.

Carly tries to resuscitate Sonny. Carly tells Sonny to breathe. Sonny wakes up. Carly explains that she saw Karpov throw Sonny in the water.

Laura pleads with Scott to let her tell Luke that she is okay. Luke calls Scott’s cell, but he isn’t picking up. Laura tells Scott that he can’t erase the past. Scott brings up that Luke married Tracy. Laura says that she didn’t expect Luke to just give up on living. She understands that Luke needed to move on.

Jason brings Sam to his apartment. Sam explains that she was trying to get proof of Jerry’s guilt. Jason asks her what she is going to do about Jerry. Sam says she doesn’t know what to think.

Sonny tells Carly not to involve the cops. Carly helps Sonny up. At the hospital, Anna shows Mac the necklace that Robin was wearing at the wedding. Mac says that it belongs to Georgie. Maxie wonders why Matt keeps eavesdropping. Matt checks in on Robin.

Tracy says she is worried about Luke. Scott says to Laura that he could fall in love with her again. Laura tells him that they are different people now and that she could relapse at any time.

Sam tells Jason that Jerry set her up and put drugs in her apartment. Sam says she needs to prove she is innocent. Sam says that Jerry won’t leave her alone. Jason thinks that Jerry is on to her and that the detonator they found might offer a clue.

Carly brings Sonny to her home. Sonny says he is freezing. Carly checks Sonny’s stab wound. Sonny says that he wants Karpov to think he didn’t survive. Carly argues with Sonny. Carly says that Sonny wants to continue a mob war with Karpov.

Carly puts a bandage on Sonny’s wound. Carly says that she planned on working Karpov to see if he was behind Kate’s shooting. Carly says that if she could prove Karpov wasn’t behind the shooting that Sonny didn’t have to go after Karpov. Carly says if she hadn’t been there tonight, Sonny would have died.

Jason tells Sam that Robin went into labor at the wedding. Jason says Robin is going to have a girl and that there are some complications with the labor. Someone knocks on Jason’s door. Sam hides. Jerry says he needs to speak to Jason.

Robin’s C-section begins. Kelly says they need to get the baby out ASAP. Maxie flips out and asks Epiphany why they are performing a risky C-section. Matt tells Maxie that she is upset and is trying to put the blame on someone. Maxie apologizes to Epiphany and Matt says that the baby will be fine. Robin passes out.

Luke continues to follow Scott and Laura. Scott crashes his car. In the meantime, everyone is waiting to hear about Robin and the baby. Robin awakes and asks Patrick about the baby. Elizabeth tells Robin she is doing a great job. Robin asks what is wrong. Robin wonders why she can’t hear the baby breathing. Robin starts to cry.

Jerry tells Jason that Sam is working with Karpov. Jason asks Jerry why he is telling him this information. Jerry says he is looking out for Jason and Jason’s territory.

Sonny tells Carly that she needs to stay out of a mob war. Sonny says that Carly shouldn’t get involved with a mob war because of Morgan. Lucky decides to check out Scott and Laura’s room. A hotel employee stops Lucky from entering their room. Lulu wonders how they are going to find out where Scott and Laura went.

Scott’s car crashes. Scott is unconscious, but Laura is coherent. Luke asks Laura if she is alright. Luke goes to free Laura from the car, but the car is not secure and it starts to wobble back and forth. Laura screams out and wonders if Luke is okay.

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