GH Update Friday 10/31/08

General Hospital Update Friday 10/31/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps
Proofread by Anoma

Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas are on a plane headed to Los Angeles.

Luke and Tracy are at the hotel in LA where Scotty has taken Laura. Scotty and Laura leave the hotel without being seen. Both Luke and Tracy are using Dutch accents. Luke is posing as a doctor. Luke is told his credit card number is the same as one of the other hotel guests.

Robin’s water breaks just as she and Patrick are about to get married. Robin has a painful contraction as Dr. Lee comes over to help. Coleman clears the church. Jason leaves telling Spinelli to “be respectful to Robin.” Anna offers to drive Robin to GH.

Claudia goes to visit Anthony at GH. Claudia admits to being “relieved” that her father is ok. Claudia says John is responsible for getting help for Anthony. Claudia wonders if her relationship with Anthony can start over. Anthony wakes up and thinks Claudia is her mother. He calls Claudia a “bitch” for not calling for help during his attack.

Still on the plane, Laura’s kids look at her scrapbook to get clues.

Back at the hotel, the clerk tells Luke his credit card number matches that of another guest. Luke says he and Baldwin are partners. The clerk says Scotty isn’t in his room. Tracy tries her own credit card, which doesn’t match her Dutch alias.

Scotty takes Laura for a drive. Scotty says they can recapture their old feelings.

Lulu, Lucky, and Nik continue to look at Laura’s scrapbook. Lulu says Laura looked happy with Scotty.

Scotty takes Laura to the wishing well they visited on their last trip to LA. Laura seems happy with her memories. Scotty reminds her of the coin she threw in the well and missed. He asks her to try again.

Anna drives like a mad woman to get Robin to GH. Patrick and Dr. Lee are riding in the back with Robin. They arrive at the hospital. Mac arrives and waits with Anna. Maxie arrives, frantic.

Liz and Dr. Lee are with Robin and Patrick at GH. The baby has a drop in her heart rate.

Sam arrives at GH and runs into Nadine. She tells Nadine about being “framed.” Sam asks if Nadine has “any clues” on the fake drugs. Nadine tells Sam to check with Matt. Jerry is lurking nearby.

Claudia is still with Anthony. Johnny arrives. Johnny says Claudia helped to save Anthony. Anthony insists that Claudia did nothing to help him. Sonny arrives. Claudia agrees to marry Sonny.

Still on the plane, Lucky, Lulu, and Nik work on their plan to find Laura. Nik is worried about Laura’s health.

Tracy tries to prove her identity to the hotel clerk. The clerk is suspicious because Tracy used an alias at first. Tracy says she is trying to lay low. The clerk accepts Tracy’s story.

Laura and Scotty are still at the wishing well. Laura says she “will always care about” Scotty but she loves Luke. Laura says she’s married to Luke and she always will be. Scotty says Luke is married to Tracy.

At GH, Dr. Lee says the baby may be in trouble. Jason arrives at the hospital with Spinelli. Maxie says she’s worried about the baby and Robin’s HIV. Anna and Mac talk about the risks of the baby contracting HIV. Matt arrives. Leyla tells him where to find Robin.

Luke plans to “break into” Scotty’s hotel room. Tracy wants no part of the plan. She threatens to go home.

Laura doesn’t believe that Luke married Tracy. Scotty tells her the story of how it happened. Laura still refuses to believe Scotty. Scotty tells Laura to call someone back home and they will verify his story.

At GH, Sonny says the time isn’t right to marry Claudia. Sonny claims he can “step in” for Anthony temporarily. Johnny says he can take care of the business. Anthony says Sonny must marry Claudia. Sonny says “no deal” and leaves. Claudia says she will marry Sonny.

Still at GH, Sonny asks Nadine about Anthony’s condition. Sonny gets on the elevator and is detained by two of Karpov’s men.

Sam approaches Matt. She asks him about the fire at the clinic. Matt tells Sam about the man’s shoes at the clinic. Matt says that, according to Nadine, the shoes may have been Jerry’s.

Jason waits at the hospital with Maxie for news on Robin. When Liz comes along, Maxie asks her about Robin. Liz says there are “some complications.” Sam gets a call from Jerry asking for a meeting, and she agrees. Liz fills Maxie, Anna, and Mac in.

Dr. Lee is still with Robin and a nervous Patrick.

Nik is able to find out where Scotty is staying in LA. Lulu wonders if Laura still has feelings for Scotty. Lulu says Scotty isn’t the only one to blame for what happened in Laura’s past.

Laura calls Edward to confirm Scotty’s story. Scotty apologizes. Laura accuses him of being “thrilled to death.” Laura asks to be taken back to the hotel.

An armed Sam waits for Jerry in an alley.

Sonny is brought to the dock to meet Karpov. Sonny asks Karpov to admit to shooting Kate.

Back at GH, Dr. Lee works to prepare for the birth of Robin’s baby. Robin says her labor has been painful. Patrick is by Robin’s side.

Maxie is in the waiting area with Spinelli. Spinelli gives Maxie a scrapbook for her birthday. The book is full of art and music. Spinelli says Maxie inspires him. Maxie is touched by the gift. Liz comes and tells Mac and Anna the umbilical cord may be around the baby’s neck. Jason hears the news and leaves the hospital. Meanwhile, Robin experiences another painful contraction. Mac and Anna are upset with the news. Maxie wonders if Georgie’s spirit is watching Robin. Patrick tries to talk Robin through the pain. Dr. Lee is concerned that the baby is “in distress.”

A nervous Sam waits for Jerry to arrive at their meeting place. When she hears footsteps, Sam assumes it’s Jerry. As Sam aims the gun, she sees Jason approaching instead. Jason asks Sam to explain, but an explosion interrupts them. Jason and Sam fall to the ground.

Karpov’s men shackle Sonny’s legs together. Again, Sonny asks if Karpov shot Kate. Sonny realizes Karpov wasn’t the shooter. Karpov stabs Sonny with a knife, and his men push Sonny into the water.

Luke begs Tracy not to leave. Tracy says she won’t “bow out gracefully.” She says she refuses to watch her marriage “disintegrate.” Tracy gets into a cab. Laura and Scotty arrive at the hotel. Laura and Luke make eye contact.

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