GH Update Thursday 10/30/08

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/30/08


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Everyone is at the church waiting for Patrick to arrive. Coleman speaks with the priest. Jason and Sonny talk at the back of the church. Jason gets nervous about the possibility of dancing with Robin at the reception.

Maxie and Spinelli are with Robin, Robert and Anna. They are discussing Patrick. Mac is upset that Patrick is late. Robin is calm.

Patrick is operating on Anthony at GH. Matt is there as well.

Tracy and Luke arrive at Shady Brook. A doctor tells them that Laura “disappeared” the previous night. Luke is then told that Lulu stole a van and took off. Luke is upset by the news. Luke is told that Lulu is with Nikolas. The doctor tells Luke that according to Lulu, Laura woke up.

Scotty and Laura are in a hotel in Los Angeles. Scotty talks about old times with Laura. Scotty says they can “recapture” their old “dreams.” Laura isn’t so sure.

Back at the church, Robin is the only one who isn’t worried about Patrick. Spinelli checks travel records and finds nothing. Robin calls GH.

At GH, Patrick is still operating on Anthony. Matt and Patrick bicker. Leyla is assisting with the surgery.

At the church, Jax, Bobbie, and Coleman, talk with the priest. Liz and Epiphany are sitting together talking. Jason and Sonny are still in the back of the church. Sonny remembers how Jason was when they first met. Jason compliments Sonny on being a good “teacher.” Sonny wonders how they ended up on “opposite sides.” Sonny says Jason has “grown up.” Jason tells Sonny he’s “grateful” for everything in their past.

John and Claudia are at GH waiting for news on Anthony. John asks if Claudia sent Lulu a “blackmail” note. Claudia denies sending the letter. Claudia says she won’t “forgive” John if she has to marry Sonny.

In the OR, Patrick is able to stabilize Anthony. Matt agrees that Patrick is a good doctor. Anthony’s leg moves.

At the church, Robin is told Patrick left GH a while ago. Robin still keeps the faith that Patrick will turn up on time. She asks everyone to leave so she can get dressed.

The doctor at Shady Brook tells Luke that Laura took off with Scotty. Luke goes off to make a phone call. Tracy yells at the doctor. Luke tells Tracy that Scott took Laura to Los Angeles.

Back in LA, Scotty and Laura are discussing Logan. Scotty says he won’t prosecute Lulu. Scotty talks to Laura about their honeymoon. Laura promises not to “run away” from Scotty. Laura says a trip down memory lane won’t win her heart again. She says Scotty should “move on” as she did. Scotty remembers the first moment he saw Laura. Scotty pulls their old marriage certificate from his pocket. Laura looks at it. Scotty says he fell in love after Laura left him but he’s “never given up” on her.

Luke and Tracy are on a plane headed for LA. Luke assumes that Scotty took Laura to a place of happiness for them. Tracy wants Laura to know she and Luke are now married.

At GH, Patrick finishes Anthony’s surgery.

At the church, the guests wait. Monica and Edward talk with Mike. Robin stands at the back of the church with Mac and Anna. Robin tells her guests the service will be delayed.

Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu arrive at the Spencer house to find Lesley. They wonder if Lesley can help. Lesley tells everyone about Laura and Scotty’s past.

Luke and Tracy are still on the plane. Luke says he has no idea about Laura’s state of mind. Tracy wants the truth to be told to Laura. Luke assures Tracy he loves her. Tracy is skeptical. Luke says Laura is “suffering from a disease.” Tracy says Luke must choose between her and Laura.

Laura and Scotty are still in the hotel room. She wants to see her kids while she still can. Scotty wants Laura to remember what they once meant to each other. Laura says she was “overwhelmed” by Luke but she can’t change the past. Scotty says he just wants “another chance.”

At the church, Robin tells her guests that things will go on as planned. Robin says she has no “doubt” that Patrick will arrive. Edward is skeptical and says he will “escort” Robin out of the church. Patrick runs into the church to Robin’s delight. Patrick apologizes and explains that he had an “emergency surgery.” Maxie breaks up their kiss and says it’s time for Robin to walk down the aisle. Coleman straightens Patrick’s tie. Robin sees Matt at the entranceway to the church. Matt says he drove Patrick to the church. Robin asks Matt to stay for the wedding. Matt goes into the church and sits next to Jax.

Laura’s kids are still meeting with Lesley. Lesley tells the kids about some places Scotty liked to take Laura in the past. Lesley tells the kids about LA.

Back in LA, Scotty and Laura talk about their honeymoon. Scotty suggests they take a trip to the beach. They decide to do some “sight seeing.” Laura reminds Scotty of the circumstances of their trip.

Tracy and Luke are almost to LA. Luke has an idea of which hotel to start at. Luke gets message about the activity on Scotty’s credit card.

Nikolas learns that two people left PC on a private plane headed for LA soon after Scotty and Laura disappeared. Lucky, Lulu, and Nik head off to find their mom.

Luke and Tracy are in LA and in disguise. Speaking with Dutch accents, Luke and Tracy approach the hotel desk and get a room. Behind them, Scotty and Laura walk out of the hotel lobby, unnoticed.

At the church, Anna talks with Robin before Mac walks her down the aisle. Maxie heads off ahead of Robin. Mac is consumed with memories. He walks Robin down the aisle as Patrick and the guests look on. The ceremony begins. Robin tells Patrick her water broke.

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