GH Update Wednesday 10/29/08

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Olivia says that Sonny has already convinced himself that he has to marry Claudia.

Claudia wonders if Anthony is having a seizure.

Jason tells Liz how beautiful she looks.

Mac tells Robin to take it easy and Robin says that she is fine. Maxie says that Robin really needs to get ready. Mac says that Jason shouldn’t be at the wedding at all, but Robin says that she wants him to be there. Mac says that he will have Jason arrested before he lets him attend the wedding.

Epiphany asks Patrick why he isn’t getting ready for the wedding. Patrick says that he has plenty of time. Epiphany asks why Patrick is tempting fate.

Olivia and Sonny argue about what kind of man he is. Sonny assures Olivia that he has no intention of marrying Claudia. Kate comes in and says that Olivia got fired up for nothing. Olivia and Kate aruge about Sonny.

Claudia realizes that Anthony’s pulse is all over the place. Johnny comes in and Claudia fills him in. Claudia asks Johnny to let Anthony die, but he says that he is calling for help.

Mac says that Jason can’t stay for the wedding. Robin asks for a moment alone with Jason. Robin says that she wants Jason there for the wedding.

Patrick tells Leyla about a patient. Matt asks Leyla to see about a patient’s x-rays. Patrick says that he and Robin would both like Matt to be at the wedding.

Maxie tells Robin that everything is under control. Robin tells Maxie to breathe. Robin thanks Maxie for talking to Jason. Maxie says that Spinelli will make sure that Patrick gets there in one piece. Maxie says that she is going to make 4 quick phone calls and then go change and come back. Robin tells Liz that she can’t wait to marry Patrick.

Matt and Patrick talk about Noah. Leyla tells Patrick that Epiphany has left to get ready for the wedding and he should too. Patrick says that he hopes that Matt accepts his offer.

Maxie and Mac talk about Robin’s childhood. Mac talks about being responsible for raising 3 children. Mac says that raising the three girls was the most important thing he ever did and that is his true success. Mac says that he wishes Georgie could be there with them and Maxie says that she is.

Olivia and Sonny talk about Kate.

Leyla tells Patrick that everyone attending the wedding has left the hospital. Anthony comes in needing surgery and Patrick says that he is off duty. Johnny says that he will pay Patrick anything to save his father.

Olivia and Sonny argue about Claudia.

Robin thanks Liz for doing her hair. Robin admits that she invited Jason to the wedding because she wanted him to be able to look at Liz during the ceremony and maybe get some ideas.

Claudia says that Patrick is too good to do the surgery. Claudia tells Johnny what they have to gain by letting Anthony die. Johnny asks if Patrick can save Anthony.

Robin talks to the baby about Patrick.

Olivia asks Sonny to be honest with her cousin. Sonny says that he will avenge Kate’s shooting and in order to do that, he has to get back in the mob. Olivia says that it is only half about revenge because Sonny wants his power back.

Robin and Anna talk. Anna offers to help Robin into her wedding dress. Anna reads Robin a note from her dad. Robin talks about how when she was younger she didn’t think that her wedding day would be possible.

Johnny and Patrick talk about another doctor. Claudia says that Patrick has to go. Matt says that he can do the surgery, but Patrick refuses. Patrick says that he will operate on Anthony and that Matt will assist.

Mac and Bobbie talk about the wedding. Coleman comes in and flirts with Bobbie. Bobbie says that Lucky and Nikolas won’t be there because there is something going on with Laura. Mac asks where the groom is and Coleman says that he thought the groom was already there. Monica and Edward show up. Coleman explains that Patrick said he would meet him there. Coleman says that Patrick won’t miss it. Nadine shows up and agrees to save Coleman a dance. Mike arrives and so do Kelly, Lainey and Epiphany. Jax shows up and apologizes for being late. Mac says that Jax isn’t late.

Patrick tells everyone to make the surgery short and sweet so that he can still make it to his wedding.

Maxie shows up and realizes that Anna did Robin’s makeup. Anna gives Robin something “old” to use for the ceremony. Maxie says that she has something “blue” and that it was Georgie’s. Anna says that she has something “borrowed” too from Robert. Anna says that the baby is the something “new”.

Sonny arrives at the wedding. Jason and Sonny talk about Robin asking them to come. Sonny says that he is happy that they are there to see Robin on her wedding day after all that they have been through.

Lainey, Kelly, Epiphany and Liz talk about Patrick being late.

Maxie and Anna assure Robin that she looks beautiful.

Patrick operates on Anthony. Matt says that there is a ball game on that he doesn’t want to miss.

Mac asks if Robin is ready yet and Robin says that all she has to do is put her dress on. Robin asks if they are almost set out there and Mac says, “Not quite.”

Matt says that he can keep the patient stable if Patrick needs to make a phone call. Patrick says that they need to focus on the patient for now.

Mac says that there better be a reasonable explanation. Spinelli says that he has to admit hat he failed to get the groom there. Spinelli says that Patrick is missing.

Matt suggests that he should take over the surgery, but Patrick says that he hasn’t even gotten to the hard part yet. Matt says that Patrick isn’t going to make it to the church on time. Patrick says that they need to clamp it or Anthony will die.

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