GH Update Tuesday 10/28/08

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita and Clarissa's General Hospital Screencaps

Mac makes arrangements to have no traffic on the way to Robin’s wedding. Robin tries to get Mac’s mind off of the wedding, but Mac says that he has a lot of calls to make. Anna comes in and asks if she missed the wedding.

Maxie and Spinelli talk. She apologizes for making him carry all the stuff when he doesn’t have a spleen and says that she couldn’t get through the wedding without him.

Ric and Claudia talk. Ric asks why Claudia didn’t show up at Jake’s and Claudia says that she was busy marrying Jason.

Jason tells Sonny that he almost married Claudia to save Sonny the previous night.

Patrick and Olivia talk about his car. Patrick says that he thought he would drive the car one last time before he gets married and puts the car up for sale. Olivia says that if Patrick keeps talking like that, he won’t stay married very long.

Robin and Anna talk about Robert. Robin assures Anna that everything is set for the ceremony. Mac tells Robin not to leave until he gets back because there is a problem with the security detail. Robin says that marrying Patrick is the best decision she has ever made and that she has never been happier in her life.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about the wedding. Spinelli says that Maxie will make a beautiful bride someday and Maxie says that she doubts she will get married.

Ric and Claudia talk about her getting in the middle of Sonny, Jason and Anthony. Claudia says that she wanted to see how far Jason would go to protect Sonny. Claudia says that Jason had no intention of marrying her, which means that sooner or later she will have to marry Sonny.

Jason and Sonny talk about Anthony’s offer. Sonny says that he is starting not to trust Jason. Sonny says that he didn’t make a deal with the Zaccharas.

Claudia and Kate talk about Sonny. Claudia says that she needs some insight before she marries Sonny.

Olivia and Patrick talk about him selling the car. Olivia tries to convince Patrick not to deprive his child of spending time at the track with its father. Olivia convinces Patrick to keep racing.

Robin and Anna talk about the wedding.

Maxie and Spinelli talk about her mother’s wedding to Mac. Maxie says that she hates her mother, but is just like her.

Sonny and Ric talk about Sonny marrying Claudia.

Kate and Claudia talk about Sonny. Olivia walks in and tells Claudia to get away from Kate.

Maxie and Jason talk about Robin’s wedding. Maxie says that Jason should be there when Robin marries Patrick.

Sonny and Ric talk about Anthony’s offer. Sonny asks why Ric doesn’t marry Claudia. Ric asks Sonny to stay away from Claudia because she isn’t as tough as she seems.

Claudia says that Kate and Olivia will have to treat her with more respect when she is Mrs. Sonny Corinthos.

Jason says that he doesn’t want to bring any danger or violence to Robin’s wedding and Maxie says that no one is going to start shooting up Robin’s wedding. Maxie says that this is the one night that Jason can help Robin celebrate the life she made for herself and that he should really be there.

Anna and Robin talk about the wedding and about their past.

Olivia tells Sonny that they took Kate in for tests. Sonny says that he isn’t leaving until he sees Kate. Olivia says that Claudia was there claiming that they were getting married.

Claudia and Anthony talk about Sonny. Claudia says that she will be treated with respect or she will refuse to marry Sonny.

Patrick and Epiphany talk about the wedding. Matt comes up and joins the conversation.

Robin and Anna talk about Patrick. Robin says that she is going to relax and be happy. Maxie tells Robin to get dressed and get to the church. Robin says that she is going to get into her wedding dress at the church and doesn’t see why she has to change her clothes there. Maxie says that Anna’s dress is at Robin’s apartment. Spinelli shows up. Mac tells Anna to have a uniform escort her to the apartment. Anna asks if anyone knows where Patrick is. Robin says that Patrick will be there on time.

Matt and Epiphany talk about a patient. Patrick says that he is picking up his charts because he has plenty of time to do his rounds and get ready for the wedding.

Sonny assures Olivia that he has no intention of marrying Claudia, but Olivia says that he will marry Claudia.

Anthony and Claudia talk about her using the offer to her advantage. Anthony says that Claudia will obey him because she is his daughter. Anthony starts gasping and Claudia tries to help.

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